DMG Federal and Kognitio Easy Real-Time BI from a FISMA Secure Cloud


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  • Thank you for joining our webinar on Easy, Real-Time BI in the Cloud for Government Agencies. My name is Jennifer Summers, I am the director of marketing for dmg federal and todays host. Before we get started with the presentation et me take care of a bit of houskeeping. We encourage you to ask questions throughout the presentation. Questions can be submitted via the Webex console in the panel to the right side of your screen. This session is being recorded and the slide deck is available at Also, please take the time to follow our conversations on twitter dmgfederal and @kognitioOk, now that all the housekeeping is taken care of, lets get started. Todays session will be 45 minutes where I will provide an overview of what traditional business intelligence (or bi) typically looks like in the government, and then how you can move to a more modern bi model with federal iq. My technical resources will then take you through a live demonstration so you can see the benefits of federal I and Kognitio together followed by a Q&A session which will complete todays event
  • Government & public sector organizations have always had the challenge of Big Data, collecting everything possible, trying to analyze and understand it to mitigate potential threats, risks or just find that needle in the haystack to any mission-critical initiative. There is a wealth of information and data held within public sector bodies but who needs to know what? What information is appropriate for which department? With the emphasis on the public sector to make efficiency savings it is important that information can be found effectively. Regardless of the disparate systems agency-wide.
  • The need for Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics in the Government sector is significant, urgent, and has the potential to dramatically impact service-delivery and nation's security. Government agencies need to more effectively share and analyze data across departments, regardless of their legacy systems, to deliver improved services and meet mission initiatives.The typical infrastructures these agencies have is already complex and not designed for combining all the disparate data in one place and running real-time advanced analytics. The challenge government & public sector organizations face is moving from taking a reactive to a proactive approach – and finding that needle in the haystack before a threat or risk occurrence actually happens. So how do we address this?
  • What about cloud?  But can you move to the cloud to collect and combine your data in one place to run proactive, real-time analytics? Historically even though the capability was there, public sector agencies like yours could not take advantage of it due to security regulations…. But now you can…..
  • Federal IQ is DMG Federal’s FISMA secured Cloud Business Intelligence framework, which enables users to connect and access information via any standard Internet connection or mobile device. Federal IQ delivers the benefits of cloud computing to the public sector with confidence with managed services for an end to end BI experience. The Frameworkis already certified, cleared and ready to work in the public sector. The security qualifications include: FISMA, DIACAP, FPIS, NIST and 13 ATO’s. We have teamed with Kognitio to deliver big data analytics and accelerate the performance of reports and dashboards.
  • So how does it work? Federal IQ delivers  secure access to real-time data whenever and wherever you need it with cloud-based BI and data management in a secure framework. It includes multiple applications to support your data visualization, big data analytics and predictive analysis requirements and is accessible through any internet connection. The framework is customizable on many levels. Depending on your infrastructure and security requirements you can choose the best delivery option for you. These options include the traditional cloud model where both data and applications are in the cloud, a hybrid model where applications are in the cloud but data remains on-premise and the traditional license model where both data and applications remain on-premise.
  • So what does this really mean to you. WE had a Scenario: with a government entity that had multiple disparate data sources with multiple tables and multiple viewsTheir Challenge: was to Track greenhouse emissions data by state, considering weather conditions and type of emissions and amount emitted by factories/businesses, homes and driversThe challenge couldn’t be met due to their current infrastructure so as depicted in the graphic , the government moved to a cloud model to streamline how their data was collected stored and analysed. Now everyone within the agency from it administrators to the front end users has secure access to the emissions data to run real time ad hoc reports to discover trendsSo lets take a deeper dive into what the underlying technology actually looks like. Carl, do you mind giving us more technical detail on the infrastructure?
  • describe the traditional technology; how moving directly from the persistence layer to the BI visualization layer creates a bottleneck to the real-time speed needed for proactive information discovery.Kognitio deployment options analytics can be developed in low-cost “temporary” cloud instancesownership can be passed to IT and implementation is in a familiar frameworkCarl to do
  • describe how this technology, Federal IQ with Kognitio, an in-memory analytical platform, enables users to keep the data where it currently sits, securely pin it in Kognitio and use a host of BI tools for dazzling visualizations, all within the secure FedIQ cloud.Carl do
  • Thank you Carl, so it is all about moving from the chaos caused by more traditional BI to a more structured Cloud framework like federal IQ where all your data can be stored, and analyzed so you can take a more proactive approach versus being reactive, -- empowering users to make more informed decisions on your data, no matter what your back-end looks like. So to provide a bit of clarification, Any Business Intelligence application can be housed or connected to Federal IQ, this specific diagram shows the users with a Tableau front-end which is what we will be leveraging for today’s demo purposes.
  •  For those of you who are not familiar with Tableau, Tableau is A BI application that provides browser-based analytics anyone can learn and use. We chose tableau for its ability to access customized queries and get more specific data or ad hoc reporting in seconds
  • So now that we have told you the benefits of Kognitio with Federal IQ lets show you the real power it delivers. With that I am going to pass control over to my technical resource, Derrick, so that he can provide an overview of how it works, thank you Derrick…
  • Thank you Carl, it is great to see how easy it is to give users the ability to run in-memory analytics but we always go back to the question about Security. DMG Federal developed the Federal IQ freamework to provide U.S. Federal government enterprises with a secure and robust infrastructure to build and deploy mission critical solutions for their constituents. The Framework is already certified, cleared and ready to work in the public sector. WE are compliant with The Federal Information Security Management Act as well as with the DoDs Information Assurance Certification. Our experienced security professionals are proficient in steps of the NIST 800-37 Risk Management Framework and have successfully completed many security audits through Authorization to Operate (ATO) against U.S. federal government security guidelines.
  • Thank you again Carl. SO for those of you that want to test Kognitio for yourself, you can Download it for free today by going to is also available through Informatica and AWS as well. We will also be e-mailing you this link as part of our follow-up to todays event.
  • So with that, this concludes the presentation portion of todays event. As a reminder, We will be taking questions through the question feature in the webex console on the right side of your screen. We currently have XX questions in the que that I will go through…….Once again, thank you for attending our web event. We will be reaching out to you individually to ensure all questions were answered as well as to get any feedback you may have for us. Thank you.
  • DMG Federal and Kognitio Easy Real-Time BI from a FISMA Secure Cloud

    1. 1. Easy, Real-Time BI in the Cloud for Government Agencies Web Briefing August 15, 2013 Teleconference: Use your computer, or call: 855-299-5224 Passcode: 843 375 218
    2. 2. Web Briefing: Easy, Real-Time BI in the Cloud for Government Agencies • Thank you for joining today’s session! • We will use the WebEx Q&A feature on the right! Today’s Slides are available at @DMGFederal @Kognitio Follow the conversation on Twitter: 45 minute session • Traditional BI in Government Space • Modern BI with Federal IQ • Live Demonstration of Federal IQ • Q&A • Adjourn Agenda Jennifer Summers Director Of Marketing DMG Federal
    3. 3. Government and Big Data
    4. 4. Data Infrastructure is already complex
    5. 5. What about the Cloud?
    6. 6. Introducing Federal IQ • Federal IQ is a FISMA and DIACAP secured SaaS Cloud Business Intelligence Framework • Managed Services for end-to-end Business Intelligence – Administration/Security – Maintenance and Support – Professional Services
    7. 7. How Does Federal IQ Work? • Federal IQ is a Business Intelligence framework • Data Visualization / Analysis • Big Data (Hadoop) BI Appliance • Business Intelligence Integration Services • A Cloud BI single tenant model with flexible license terms: • Traditional model (Application and Data in Cloud) • Hybrid model (Application in Cloud, Data on Premise) • Traditional Perpetual license model • A SaaS term license model (2, 3 or 5) year term
    8. 8. An Ideal Deployment Scenario Cloud model streamlines data to deliver real- time intelligence for a proactive approach • Seamlessly connect to existing systems • No disruption to current reporting • Operational expense model • Fast time to implementation YTD Total 2011 2010 Retail & food 3,443,873 8.1 Motor veh. parts 617,194 10.4 Furniture & home 65,237 1.0 Electronics stores 70,324 0.0 Building material 226,261 5.8 Food & beverage 455,276 5.6 Gen. merch. 446,918 3.5 Misc. retailers 88,590 8.7 Nonstore retailers 279,985 13.2 Food service 368,372 5.5 GM Profit Business Unit Region 2011 2010 3,443,873 8.1 617,194 10.4 65,237 1.0 70,324 0.0 226,261 5.8 455,276 5.6 446,918 3.5 88,590 8.7 279,985 13.2 368,372 5.5 9 Month Total Data Analyst User/ Project Manager IT Admin Data Architect Scenario: government entity with multiple disparate data sources with multiple tables and multiple views Challenge: Track greenhouse emissions data by state, considering weather conditions and amount emitted by factories/businesses, homes and drivers 2011 2010 Sep. 3 Aug. Jul. Sep. Aug. 3,443,873 8.1 382,009 401,951 391,878 351,696 369,199 617,194 10.4 67,055 71,725 69,801 61,676 66,085 65,237 1.0 7,671 7,892 7,422 7,357 7,611 70,324 0.0 7,737 8,240 7,888 7,685 8,082 226,261 5.8 24,764 26,196 25,973 23,288 23,722 455,276 5.6 50,418 52,164 53,062 47,710 48,597 446,918 3.5 48,368 51,797 51,160 46,166 49,848 88,590 8.7 10,510 10,681 10,258 9,591 9,514 279,985 13.2 31,390 31,889 28,478 28,266 28,282 368,372 5.5 41,188 42,244 43,097 37,992 40,228 Not Adjusted 9 Month Total 2011 2010 *
    9. 9. ExcelAll OLAP ClientsAll BI Tools Traditional technology Persistence Layer Hadoop Clusters Enterprise Data Warehouses Legacy Systems Reporting Application & Client Layer
    10. 10. An Analytical Platform in the Cloud for Government Agencies
    11. 11. Move from a Traditional to a Modern BI infrastructure
    12. 12. Tableau Cloud Browser-based analytics anyone can learn and use Why Tableau? • Access massive volumes of data • Secure sharing of reports, visualizations across the enterprise • Access via web browser or mobile devices • A flexible, intuitive and powerful design interface
    13. 13. Demonstration
    14. 14. • Federal Agencies want the BENEFITS of cloud computing that commercial organizations enjoy • A critical concern for Federal Agencies moving to the Cloud is SECURITY • Federal IQ is a SECURED managed services environment with:  FISMA and DIACAP Certifications  Certified/cleared resources  13 ATO’s already in place  NIST AP Risk Management Framework  Monitoring, alerting, and response 24/7  Customer and Administration support How SECURED will my data be?
    15. 15. DMG Federal Corporate Overview Founded 1995 – Information Technology Consultancy Competitive Discriminators CORPORATE COMMITMENT • Community Service • Employee-Owned • Green IT EXPERIENCED • Federal Government Expertise • Rock Solid Performance Ratings CUSTOMER-CENTRIC • Certified Technical Professionals • Project Management Office (PMO) • CMMI Level II Locations: Washington, DC - Newport News, VA Industry Awards
    16. 16. Kognitio Kognitio is global company, focused on providing the premier high- performance analytical platform to power business insight around the world • Kognitio invented the in-memory analytical platform, first taking it to market in 1989 • Privately held • Labs in the UK - HQ in New York, NY
    17. 17. Get started now for FREE Try it now:
    18. 18. Question & Answer session will be conducted electronically, using the panel to the right of your screen Today’s Slides available at: Q&A Request a Meeting Download Kognitio – FREE! Learn more platform/ Thank you for attending!