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Deliver More Information to your SharePoint Solution: Kofax Express and SharePoint


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Did you know that knowledge workers spend an average of 7 hours a week searching for but not finding information? That equates to about $12,000 per employee in lost time and productivity! Learn how to leverage Kofax Express and SharePoint to manage documents and create actionable information - and see real-world customer use cases of success.

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Deliver More Information to your SharePoint Solution: Kofax Express and SharePoint

  1. 1. Kofax Express and Microsoft SharePointDeliver More Information to Your SharePoint Solution
  2. 2. Agenda Capture Market Opportunity Benefits of Scanning and Capture Overview of Kofax Express Use of Microsoft SharePoint Customer Case Studies
  3. 3. Capture Market OpportunityCIOs top 3 priorities*: Improving business processes Reducing costs Increasing use of informationand analyticsScanning and Capture yieldtwo of the three fastest ROIs**Scanning and Capture usersreport ROI in:** 12 months or less = 39% 18 months or less = 57%49%37%30%28%20%17%12%11%10%5%14%ScanningDMCaptureWorkflowERMCollaborationEnt SearchFormsBPME-discoveryNoneWhich three applicationsproduce the fastest ROI?* Gartner, June 2010** AIIM, November 2010
  4. 4. Amount of important documentsstill archived in paper form*Capture Market Opportunity* CNN Tech – March 2010** AIIM, November 2010*** The Independent – October 201062%Organizations that havedeployed content capture**16%Pages printed from mobiledevices in 2010***12billion
  5. 5. Benefits of Scanning Documents have measureable business value Initiate Business Processes Improve Customer Service Complete a Transaction
  6. 6. Scanning and Capture DeliverSpeedCostVisibilityControlQualityFasterProcessesReducedCostsTransparencyEnvironmentalControlImprovedData QualityBetterData
  7. 7. Replaces manual, error-prone and costlyprocesses Production scanning application For small to medium businesses,or departments in larger enterprises Tightly integrated with Kofax patented VRS technologyBenefits Reduces costs Enables records management compliance Easy to deploy and use Low training and startup costsKofax Express
  8. 8. Why Kofax Express Ease of Use Fully Capable Proven by the Market LeaderSource: The 2011-12 Worldw ide Market for Document Capture Softw areHarvey Spencer and Associates (July 2011)
  9. 9. Kofax Express and Microsoft SharePoint
  10. 10. FoundationalECMSupplemental ECMEmbrace and Extend Workloads with PartnersKofax Solutions for SharePoint
  11. 11. Knowledge workers spent on average a combined7.4 hours a week "searching but not findinginformation" and "reformatting data from multiplesources."The lost time spent carrying out these inefficientpractices equates to nearly $12,000 per employeeper year based on average salaries.Managing Documents for Success in the New BusinessInformation Paradigm - October, 2010What’s the Problem?
  12. 12. Your SharePoint Environment
  13. 13. How Can You Be Certain? Information is captured securely and accurately Converted to the right format for storage Sent to the correct SharePoint library Accurate and consistent column data is applied The correct business process is initiated
  14. 14. The Opportunity Capture is critical to populate SharePointwith intelligent, actionable information to drive: Effective governance Effective collaboration Efficient process automation Business process management (BPM) Enhanced search & business intelligence
  15. 15. Capture Enabled BPM ROIWhat payback period would you say you have achieved or are likely toachieve from your investments in scanning and capture?40% achieveROI in 12months or less74% within 2 yearsCapture and BPM deliver rapid ROI!AIIM: Using SharePoint for ECMJune, 2011
  16. 16. Classification and Extraction1. Document scanned by KofaxExpress2. Correct data is automaticallyextracted using zonalOCR3. Results are validated4. Converted to PDF withall the text (searchable)5. Exported to SharePoint6. Column data populatedautomatically
  17. 17. Demo of Kofax Express with SharePoint
  18. 18. Process Automation in SharePoint Content Organizer Rules Set rules that act on content placed inthe drop-off library Rules are triggered based on columndata populated by Kofax SharePoint Workflow Automatically trigger workflows uponcreation of new document types Make decisions based on column datapopulated by Kofax Express
  19. 19. TotalAgility BPM & Case ManagementBusiness ProcessManagementCase Management“Particularly relevant forMicrosoft shops, theTotalAgility productleverages MicrosoftOffice, SharePoint,Dynamics/CRM, andOCS/Lync.”Forrester – Dynamic CaseManagement Wave (January 2011)
  20. 20. Customer SharePoint Success Around the Globe• Increased productivity and efficiencyby 20%-90%• Saved over £9 million annually• Improved compliance• Improved customerservice• Faster and better business decisions• ROI within 3-12 months
  21. 21. Customer Case Studies
  22. 22. Exmoor National Park
  23. 23.  Created in 1954 Mission “to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and culturalheritage of the Park” All building and planning applications within the Park need approval Capture and routing of incoming mail and architecture drawings viaSharePointExmoor National Park
  24. 24.  Replace a manual, error prone, and time intensive process “…frustrating to the staff.” Improve visibility for the staff “…remove the human element for staff to chase people down foranswers.” Get the documents, drawings and data to SharePointSolution Goals
  25. 25.  Fujitsu fi-6130 Scanners with VRS – Scanning incoming mail A0 Scanners for Architecture Drawings SharePoint with Workflow tracking and routingSolution
  26. 26. Results Effective process and solution Happier (more efficient) staff Completely automated system with SLA’s and escalations
  27. 27. University of Bristol
  28. 28.  UK Borders Agency Immigration System Need to capture Passport/Visa details “Licence” can be revoked if data not held >2,000 students annually Requirement to integrate with SharePointUniversity of Bristol
  29. 29.  Replace a manual process based upon paper and filing cabinets “…obviously this wasn’t sustainable.” Find a solution to scan and index documents Integration to SharePointSolution Goals
  30. 30.  Integration with SharePoint and Student Records systems High speed capture, index and export of student data Accelerated indexing process – fast and accurateSolution
  31. 31.  Office look and feel “familiar” to most users Easy to support – no costly training of IT personnel required Easy to configure and deploy Accelerated indexing process – fast and accurate Achieved legal requirements – capture and retention of students passportand visa documentationResults
  32. 32. For further information, please contact:Bruce OrcuttDirector of Product MarketingPhone: +01-949-783-1370Email: bruce.orcutt@Kofax.comDean MisenhimerSenior Director of Product MarketingPhone: +01-949-783-1428Email: