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10 Community Building Tips - share alike


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Presentation I gave at the Kluwer Somex Day. It sums up 10 tips and examples that will help you build a community in or around your company, brand or product. Inspired by Brains on Fire, Martin Lindstrom and my experience at Flanders DC.

Feel free to share and comment. Love to discuss with you guys.

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10 Community Building Tips - share alike

  1. 1. BuildingEngagement
  2. 2. Zonder drempel = meer posts maar minder interactieTip: bouw drempel in (hier: Kandidaat stellen om lid te worden)Tip: modereer (zelfpromo posts deleten, zelf reageren, andere leden vragen om te reageren)
  3. 3. Content distributie & sharing onlineImage courtesy of @bnox at
  4. 4. Tip 1:Probeer geen passiete creëren maar zoekmensen die algepassioneerd zijn.
  5. 5. Leestip! Of kijk naar:
  6. 6. Tip 2 : Zoek naar de fans die veel lawaai maken
  7. 7. Tip 3: Hetbegint metde eersteconversatie
  8. 8. De kenmerken van een goede relatie
  9. 9. Tip 4: Bouw drempels
  10. 10. Online zoeken, offline beleven
  11. 11. Samen je passie beleven
  12. 12. Tip 5: Live it. On&OfflineFoto:
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Doel = word of mouth. Maar werkt dat ook? Experiment... © Martin Lindstrom
  15. 15. © Martin Lindstrom
  16. 16. © Martin Lindstrom
  17. 17. Verkoop van wijn na aanprijzen door vrienden © Martin Lindstrom Tip 6: Boek resultaat. • Kleine mijlpalen. Meet ze. Communiceer ze.
  18. 18. © Martin LindstromDe ideale ambassadeurs voor word of mouth volgens Martin Lindstrom
  19. 19. Nike Maxims1. It is our nature to innovate.2. Nike is a company.3. Nike is a brand.4. Simplify and go.5. The consumer decides.6. Be a sponge.7. Evolve immediately.8. Do the right thing.9. Master the fundamentals.10. We are on the offense. Always.11. Remember the man. Tip 7: Inspireer. Maak de leiders van je community sterker met kennis en know-how
  20. 20. Tip 8: zorg voor een sterke, herkenbare visuele identiteit
  21. 21. Tip 8b: Beloon kennisinspanningen met badges.Hier: pin voor Fiskateers die opleiding volgden om groepssessies tegeven in winkels
  22. 22. Tip 9: Behandel de ledenvan je community als rocksterren.Word fan van je fans.
  23. 23. 114
  24. 24. The Art of Evangelism (Guy Kawasaki)1. Create a cause. As the previous blog called “Guys Golden Touch” 6. Learn to give a demo. An “evangelist who cannot give a great demo” explained, the starting point of evangelism is having a great thing to is an oxymoron. A person simply cannot be an evangelist if she cannot evangelize. A cause seizes the moral high ground. It is a product or demo the product. If a person cannot give a demo that quickens the service that improves the lives of people, ends bad things, or pulse of everyone in the audience, he should stay in sales or in perpetuates good things. It is not simply an exchange of things/services marketing. for money. 7. Provide a safe first step. The path to adopting a cause should have a2. Love the cause. “Evangelist” isnt simply a job title. Its a way of life. It slippery slope. There shouldnt be large barriers like revamping the means that the evangelist totally loves the product and sees it as a way entire IT infrastructure. For example, the safe first step to recruit an to bring the “good news.” A love of the cause is the second most evangelist for the environment is not requiring that she chain herself important determinant of the success of an evangelist--second only to to a tree; its to ask her to start recycling and taking shorter showers. the quality of the cause itself. No matter how great the person, if he 8. Ignore pedigrees. Good evangelists arent proud. They dont focus on doesnt love the cause, he cannot be a good evangelist for it. the people with big titles and big reputations. Frankly, theyll meet3. Look for agnostics, ignore atheists. A good evangelist can usually tell if with, and help, anyone who “gets it” and is willing to help them. This is people understand and like a product in five minutes. If they dont, cut much more likely to be the database administrator or secretary than your losses and avoid them. It is very hard to convert someone to a new the CIO. religion (ie, product) when he believes in another god (ie, another 9. Never tell a lie. Very simply, lying is morally and ethically wrong. It product). Its much easier to convert a person who has no proof about also takes more energy because if one lies, then it is necessary to keep the goodness or badness of the evangelists product. track of the lies. If one always tells the truth, then theres nothing to4. Localize the pain. No matter how revolutionary your product, dont keep track of. Evangelists know their stuff, so they never have to tell a describe it using lofty, flowery terms like “revolutionary,” “paradigm lie to cover their ignorance. shifting,” and “curve jumping.” Macintosh wasnt positioned as the third 10. Remember your friends. Be nice to the people on the way up because paradigm in personal computing; instead, it increased the productivity one is likely to see them again on the way down. Once an evangelist and creativity of one person with one computer. People dont buy has achieved success, he shouldnt think that hell never need those “revolutions.” They buy “aspirins” to fix the pain or “vitamins” to folks again. One of the most likely people to buy a Macintosh was an supplement their lives. Apple II owner. One of the most likely people to buy an iPod was a5. Let people test drive the cause. Essentially, say to people, “We think Macintosh owner. One of the most likely people to buy whatever you are smart. Therefore, we arent going to bludgeon you into Apple puts out next is an iPod owner. And so it goes. becoming our customer. Try our product, take it home, download it, Live long and kick butt. and then decide if its right for you.” A test drive is much more powerful Written at: Marriott Hotel, San Francisco, California than an ad.
  25. 25. © Martin LindstromTip 10: Het effect van co-creatie en seeding.Langer onder de publieke radar = snellere adoptie wanneer je publiek gaat
  26. 26. ContactKoen Peeterskoen_peeters@telenet.be