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01.intro to ol business


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01.intro to ol business

  1. 1. Online Businessan introduction
  2. 2. Business• Entrepreneurial attributes– Totally committed– Hard working– Accepting an uncertainty– Healthy– Self-disciplined– Innovative– Well-rounded– Driven to succeed
  3. 3. Score yourself1. I know my personal and business objectives.2. I get tasks accomplished quickly.3. I can change direction quickly if market conditions alter.4. I enjoy being responsible for getting things done.5. I like working alone and making my own decisions.6. Risky situations dont alarm me.7. I can face uncertainty easily.8. I can sell my business ideas and myself.9. I havent had a day off sick for years.10. I can set my own goals and targets and then get on with achieving them.11. My family is right behind me in this venture - and they know it will mean longhours and hard work.12. I welcome criticism - there is always something useful to learn from others.13. I can pick the right people to work for me.14. I am energetic and enthusiastic.15. I dont waste time.
  4. 4. If…• Your score is >= 30, you’re ready to go.• Your score is between 20-30, you need to setthings first.• Your score is <20, think again.
  5. 5. Why Online??( status on the web:• 4th place of internet users across Asia• 2nd place of Facebook users across AsiaIt’s a wide open chance to make out yourbusiness in the internet.
  6. 6. Other whys?• You can gain financial freedom• You have unlimited customer reach• It’s affordable• Your schedule is flexible• Novices are welcome• You can start quickly• You can expand an existing business• No age barriers exist• A variety of ideas qualify• Everyone else is doing it
  7. 7. Type of online business• B2C (Business to Customers)• B2B (Business to Business)Both can be divided into:• E-tail• Storefront• Service business• Content site• E-commerce application
  8. 8. Lets start• Set clear goals• Create an action timeline• Identify your business• Develop your business idea
  9. 9. Assignment for todayAssemble your plan into these categories:– Type of OL business : B2C/B2B  E-tail/??– Goals: set your goals here…– Action timeline  from now to the end of thesemester.