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Vibration Report


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Vibration Report

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Vibration Report

  1. 1. Report on Vibration monitoring at: AIRPOWER PRODUCTSReport by: Phillip S. Price. MSc, MCMI, MIIRSM, CMIOSH.Date: 6th May 2011
  2. 2. Contents:OBJECTIVES: page 3RESULTS page 4CONCLUSIONS page 6RECOMMENDATIONS page 6The tests were carried out on site in accordance with ISO 5349(1989) and BS 6842and are similar to the process outlined in Control of Vibration at Work regulations2005.The machines were tested using Bruel & Kjaer Vibration Monitor Type 2537 Serial Number20022587Air pressure set at 80 PSICalibrated on the 2nd June 2010.The tests were witnessed by:Bernard Froggatt and Robert Colley of Airpower Products.Junious Balot operated the pneumatic tools.The compressor being used was a diesel driven 120cfm 100psi unit.The air pressure was regulated to 80 psi by means of a filter regulator lubricator on astand.The machines tested were: 1. Kodi Klip KTA525 Serial number 09000109 2. Kodi Klip KTA424 Serial number 09000183 3. Kodi Klip KTA323 Serial number 10000056 2
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES:The objective was to measure the vibration levels of different tools in operations onthe site so that the company can decide which type of tool to employ so as not toexceed current guidelines in relation to HAVS.Each tool was measured for ten/twenty seconds in each axis (x, y & z) and the resultslogged and calculated.Method of Measurement.To calculate the vector sums the following formula is used:ah,w = a2 x,h,w + a2 y,h,w + a2 z,h,wWhere X, Y, and Z are the vectors and ah,w is the frequency weighted vibration levelemitted by the tool.RESULTS:The results were as follows.TOOL SERIAL X Y Z ah,w Time to reach No. ELV of 2.5 m/s2 1.09 0.50 0.41 1.27 >24 hours Kodi Klip 09000109 KTA525 0.77 0.43 0.38 0.96 >24 hours Kodi Klip 09000183 KTA424 1.18 0.46 0.43 1.34 >24 hours Kodi Klip 10000056 KTA323 3
  4. 4. CONCLUSIONS: The recorded times show that the exposure time to reach the ELV of 2.5 m/s2 is in excess of 24 hours for an A(8)HAND-ARM VIBRATION EXPOSURECALCULATOR Time to reachVibration Exposure EAV Time to reach ELV Exposure Partial Partial 2 2magnitude points 2.5 m/s A(8) 5 m/s A(8) duration exposure exposurem/s² r.m.s. per hour hours Hours minutes hours minutes m/s² A(8) points 1.27 3 >24 >24 8 1.3 26 0.96 2 >24 >24 8 1.0 15 1.34 4 >24 >24 8 1.3 29 Daily Total exposure exposure m/s² A(8) points 2.1 69 RECOMMENDATIONS: The results were very low for these machines and will not expose any operator to vibrations levels that will lead to HAVS. P. S. Price 4