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Our Visual Studio Productivity Tools have always been about making your job easier, and this release is no exception. Tired of catering to Visual Studio’s multiple personalities between home and office? Take your settings to the cloud with JustCode! Having trouble sifting through tons of data to resolve a performance issue? JustTrace makes it easier with data visualizations and filters! Have a buggy assembly and no source code? Simply open the assembly and fix the problem directly inside JustDecompile!

Re-read that last sentence… fiddling around with a Visual Studio project is not required.

This is but a sample of how we’re making your life easier in Q2 2012. This presentation is not only free, but if time is money, it will pay you dividends.

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  • Easier means simpler, better discoverability, improved user experience, and faster.
  • Telerik’s Visual Studio productivity tools cover four different projects. This webinar covers making it easier to do your day to day job in Visual Studio, making it easier to find performance and memory issues in your applications, making it easier to mock core .NET framework classes, and making it easier to fix bugs in an assembly without recompiling the code.
  • First, let’s start with making your day to day job easier in Visual Studio with the tool that enables you to code faster and smarter; JustCode.
  • Upon opening JustCode for the first time, you will be introduced to the Getting Started Wizard. The wizard is there to teach you some of the most important and useful JustCode features so that you can quickly start working with them. Each feature is accompanied by an explanation and short video.
  • We’ve added two new important features to the JustCode Options. 1) If you have edited and use the Visual Studio formatting options, we help you continue do so with the option to import them “Import VS formatting options” in JustCode Options -> General). 2) If you find that your JustCode settings need to be reverted but you will need a lot of time to do so, we’ve added a new handy button – “Reset settings” – which will do this for you in single click saving time in the process. Note this can be found in the General section of JustCode options.
  • With this release, JustCode reaches a new level of convenience. Now you can save and access your JustCode settings by using the new CloudSync feature. Simply chose whether you want to update the settings manually or automatically in JustCode Options, and leave the rest to us!
  • We’ve had Code Cleaning in JustCode for some time, but with this Q, it’s been vastly improved. Now, you can split several classes inside a single file into several files and each individual files will be cleaned as well. We added steps for cleaning HTML, XAML, XML and Razor.
  • JustCode will work for you in Visual Studio 2012 RC and Windows 8 RC to analyze Metro applications for errors and warnings. Also, you can develop Metro applications in C#, VB.NET, JavaScript + HTML using all of JustCode’s available features.
  • JustCode’s quick navigation recently got even better. We completely reworked the Camel Case Searcher. Its goal is to help you quickly find entities by typing their acronyms or parts of the words that are contained in it. When you have capital letters or separating symbols JustCode will try to match them with beginnings of words, splitting your search text with space will match each part consecutively. That’s way for example you can quickly find a type named “CamelCaseSearcher” by searching for its acronym “CCS” or “CamCaSea”. The result can be seen in our Goto Type/Symbol/Member/File commands.We’ve also improved navigation and refactoring within XAML files using JustCode’s Go To Definition, Rename and Find Usages.
  • JustCode helps you develop XAML apps quicker and more efficientlyby annotating XAML resource declarations and usages.
  • Profiling applications for performance or memory issues can be difficult, and we’ve worked to improve the experience for all developers. We’ve added visualizations to aid in identifying issues by sight. We’ve made it easier to understand what you’re looking at by adding contextual help. We’ve vastly improved the snapshot experience, and we’ve integrated the decompilation engine used by JustCode and JustDecompile to help find issues caused by external assemblies.
  • JustMock is pretty much complete; it enables you to mock nearly anything, making it easier to test any .NET code you encounter.
  • We decided to focus on improving the experience by identifying trouble spots for developers. MsCorLib mocking needed the most attention as it required using an attribute on the code you were testing. We made it easier than ever by allowing you to specify what you were replacing in a specified method call, eliminating the need for the attribute.
  • Reflexil is a popular assembly editor which enables you to manipulate IL code and save the modified assembly to disk. By popular demand, we made this our first plugin.
  • JustDecompile adds better resource handling with many of the common file types stored by Metro and Web applications. We also produce the resx file when creating a project from an assembly with resources.
  • We’ve updated JustDecompile to better support the many features available in C# including generic covariance and contravariance, optional and named parameters, and the dynamic keyword. We also improved support for attributes by showing the assembly attributes when the assembly is selected and sorting attributes by their name.
  • Easier with visual studio productivity tools

    1. 1. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWEasierWith Visual Studio Productivity Tools facebook.com/telerik @telerik
    2. 2. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWPresenting…Chris EargleTelerik Evangelistkodefuguru.com@kodefuguruchris.eargle@telerik.com
    3. 3. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWTwitter Contest – “I love Telerik”• Tweet your favorite thing about Telerik by June 25th• Use “I love #Telerik” in your tweet• Follow @Telerik on Twitter• Winner announced via Twitter and Facebook and emailed on June 25th• Be sure to mention your host, @kodefuguru
    4. 4. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWSchedule You are hereJune 18th – Monday10:00am EDT What’s New & Awesome in ASP.NET AJAX and MVCJune 19th – Tuesday10:00am EDT Whats New & Awesome in XAMLJune 20th – Wednesday10:00am EDT Whats New & Awesome in Test Studio 2012 R1 SP1June 21th – Thursday10:00am EDT Easier with Visual Studio Productivity ToolsJune 22th – Friday10:00am EDT What’s New in TeamPulse R3 2012Just 26th – Tuesday Great Apps Begin with Great Tools10:00am EDT
    5. 5. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWThe TopicsEasier with JustCodeEasier with JustTraceEasier with JustMockEasier with JustDecompile
    6. 6. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWJustCodeCode Faster, Code Smarter, JustCode
    7. 7. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWEasier in JustCodeGetting Started WizardUsing Visual Studio settings with JustCodeStoring your settings in the cloudCleaning up your prototype code
    8. 8. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWGetting Started WizardEasier to get up and runningAll the resources you need, in one placeUnobtrusive: the sorcerer will vanish until summoned again
    9. 9. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEW
    10. 10. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEW
    11. 11. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWSummon the Wizard
    12. 12. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWImport/Reset OptionsReuse the options you’ve set up in Visual StudioReset options if settings were modified
    13. 13. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWSettings in the CloudNo more annoying behavior changes when switching from workto homeLike solution settings, but for youSet up in Getting Started Wizard or Options
    14. 14. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEW
    15. 15. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEW
    16. 16. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWPrototype and Clean CodeStep 1: Code what’s on your mindStep 2: Run the Clean Code commandStep 3: Code is reorganized to your standards
    17. 17. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWWinRT SupportVisual Studio 2012 RC is availableNo need to go without toolingJustCode works with your WinRT solutions
    18. 18. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWEasier NavigationCompletely New Camel Case Searcher – Uses Capital Letters or Separating symbols – Matches with beginnings of works – Search for “CamelCaseSearcher” with “CCS” or “CamCaSea” – In Go to Type/Symbol/Member/File commandsImproved Navigation for XAML Files
    19. 19. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWCode Analysis ImprovementsBetter Support: CSS, MVC, Kendo UIIdentify unused resources in XAML Projects
    20. 20. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWDemo
    21. 21. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWJustTraceStop memory leaks and performance issues, in their tracks
    22. 22. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWEasier with JustTraceData VisualizationsContextual HelpImproved SnapshotsIntegration with JustDecompile
    23. 23. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWData VisualizationQuickly identify potential issues at a glance
    24. 24. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWContextual HelpProvides onscreen guidanceMake JustTrace easier to use; no getting lost
    25. 25. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWSnapshotsImproved DesignMultiple Selection for Assembly ListsEasier Navigation between views
    26. 26. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWSnapshotsQuick Tasks Pane
    27. 27. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWSnapshotsPerformance MemoryFiltering of non-user code Filtering non-user typesMerge all threads Overview viewOpen merged calls and caller Type instancestrees Paths to GC Root
    28. 28. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWIntegration with JustDecompileInstantly view suspect-code
    29. 29. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWDemo
    30. 30. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWJustMockTo The Core
    31. 31. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWMscorlib MockingNo more MockClassAttributeSpecify what to replace and where to replace it No more of this [TestClass, MockClass] public class MsCorlibTestClass
    32. 32. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWDemo
    33. 33. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWJustDecompileNo Code Left Behind
    34. 34. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWEasier with JustDecompileMore functionality with pluginsReflexil pluginEasier viewing and saving resourcesImproved decompilation
    35. 35. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWPlugins!API AvailableOne of the most requested features to extend the capabilities ofyour favorite decompilerOne plugin available – others coming with tutorials
    36. 36. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWReflexilFirst plugin created for JustDecompileEdit your assemblies without Visual Studio
    37. 37. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWResourcesDecompile assembly *.resx when using Create ProjectXML/HTML/ASPX/ASCX/HTM/JS/TXT resource viewer
    38. 38. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWDecompilation SupportGeneric covariance and contravarianceOptional and named parametersDynamic keywordAssembly attributesSorted attribute ordering
    39. 39. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWDemo
    40. 40. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWReviewEasier with JustCode Easier with JustTraceGetting Started Wizard Data VisualizationsSettings in the Cloud Contextual HelpPrototype and Clean Integration withWinRT, XAML, CSS, MVC JustDecompile
    41. 41. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWReviewEasier with JustMock Easier with JustDecompileMscorlib Mocking Pluginsw/o MockClassAttribute Reflexil
    42. 42. Q2 2012 WHAT’S NEWQ&AEasier Answers