Exploring The Modern Business App, Microsoft


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Exploring the Modern Business App

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Exploring The Modern Business App, Microsoft

  1. 1. Exploring the Modern Business App Dr Steve Fox Director, Cloud & Mobile Practice 9/23/2013Windows | Web | Cloud
  2. 2. We are a Cloud and Mobile practice that brings Cloud, Devices, & Web to the Enterprise. “ ” What Do We Do? Windows | Web | Cloud
  3. 3. Outline Microsoft, v 3.0 Devices & Services Modern Business Apps What Now?
  4. 4. Microsoft, v 3.0
  5. 5. Where to Next: Devices & Services Always On, Always Connected Multiple Devices, One Experience Empower Individuals & Businesses Enterprise Extensibility & Needs Social & Serious Fun
  6. 6. Devices & Services
  7. 7. Devices & Services
  8. 8. Transforming Business in a Connected World
  9. 9. Many Types of Devices “Through 2014, software spending resulting from the deployment of smart operational technology will increase by 25%.”
  10. 10. Types of Data
  11. 11. Modern Business Apps
  12. 12. Key Technologies for Modern Business Apps
  13. 13. Demo
  14. 14. Customer Examples http://microsoft.com/casestudies http://www.allblacks.com/ More Information • Yahoo – To provide more relevant ads to consumers, Yahoo adopted Hadoop & SQL Server to manage one of their largest databases (1.2 TB of data per day) in the world and improve their ROI. • Heraeus – Heraeus Holding had diversified into so many areas that its BI systems were too complex and slow. They combined their data into a single companywide system based on Microsoft SQL Server. Reports in the new system run 10 times faster, and improvements to data analysis capabilities are leading to better business decisions. • BNZ – BNZ needed faster, more flexible access to customer and transaction data so that it can respond more quickly to market conditions. The bank’s BI specialists needed up to a week to satisfy a data request—far too slow. BNZ turned to Microsoft for BI tools that will let the analysts run reports themselves, giving them the fast data results they need. • All-Blacks – To improve the ability to scale their web site during high-peak traffic times, the All-Blacks worked with Provoke Solutions and Azure to implement a scalable and responsive Web site.
  15. 15. What Now?
  16. 16. Key Trends to Think About Cloud Dev: Increase by 8% since 2010 Mobile Dev: Increase by 32% since 2010 Big Data’s growth will be under-served Market shifts impact hiring, data, and solutions Top CIO concerns are Privacy/Security, BYOD & Cloud Sources
  17. 17. Mobile Workforce Digital Marketing Our Practice: Samplings of What We Offer Modern Web App/Sites Modern Dev & Test Custom ApplicationsSharePoint and Cloud stefox@microsoft.com
  18. 18. Our Next Destination: Join Us