Kodak Alaris' AIIM 14 Conference Presentation - Process Track - Rod Hughes


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Kodak Alaris' complete AIIM 2014 presentation slides

Insure a Positive Experience in your Claims Process
The automation of claims related workflows presents a significant opportunity to streamline processes and enhance the customer experience. Technology can address the growing volumes, velocity and variety of content, communication channels and customer expectations, especially in the claims process. We will explore solutions that turn these labor intensive processes and time consuming customer interactions into real savings and new business opportunities. Presented by Rod Hughes from Kodak Alaris Inc. at AIIM 2014 Conference.

See Rod Hughes present on April 2 from 2:00 - 2:30 p.m. Eastern in the Process Track.

Rod Hughes (rod.hughes@kodakalaris.com)
General Manager, Software & Solutions
Kodak Alaris

AIIM 2014 Conference
Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress
April 1-3, 2014 Kodak Alaris Booth 29
1 Grand Cypress Blvd, Orlando, FL 32836-6799

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Kodak Alaris' AIIM 14 Conference Presentation - Process Track - Rod Hughes

  1. 1. #AIIM14#AIIM14 #AIIM14 Insure a positive experience in your claims process Rod Hughes General Manager, Software & Solutions Kodak Alaris @KodakDI
  2. 2. #AIIM14 Are These Your Challenges?
  3. 3. #AIIM14 Are These Your Goals? Business Growth Balance Workforce Expertise Reduce Fraud Responsive to Policy Holders More Efficient Processes
  4. 4. #AIIM14 Exploding Variety and Volume
  5. 5. #AIIM14 Handle All Input Dimensions Format Source Structure Fax Server Scanner File System Mail Server Image Paper PDF Email Unstructured Semi-structured Structured
  6. 6. #AIIM14 Artificial Intelligence Opens New Opportunities UNDERSTAND PROCESS KNOW ? i !
  7. 7. #AIIM14 Semantic Understanding Extracts Real Meaning Graphically Linguistically Rule Based Contains “Claim”
  8. 8. #AIIM14 Techniques • Symbolic (barcode) • Document analytics • Graphic-based • Text-based • Statistical methods • Semantic understanding Advanced Document Classification LOW HIGH Property Claim Property Underwriting Customer correspondence Car claim
  9. 9. #AIIM14 Fast and Correct Processing of Claims Car Property Life Health Multi-Topic Processes Alternative Routing Adaptive classification Forward Follow Up Assign Escalation Mechanism Response Suggestions Average Handling Time Reduce SLA Evaluation Agent Skills
  10. 10. #AIIM14 Knowledge Powers the Service Center Data ww w Self Learning Expert Forum Content Repository Across System Boundaries Any Content Documents Free Text Search Intranet Any Source No Administration Versioning Dynamic Q&A Scripting
  11. 11. #AIIM14 The Power of Self Learning Trained Model Training Correct / Incorrect? Users’ Reactions Feedback No Rule Sets Incorrect Training Correct Agent Result Optimize Learning by Doing Minimize Errors Document Artificial Intelligence Dynamic Knowledge
  12. 12. #AIIM14 The Value of AI in Claims Processing Benefits offered by Information Management Solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence  Responsiveness to policy holders: Understand the true meaning of claims inputs through semantic understanding  More efficient processes: End-to-end claims process automation  Balance workforce expertise: Establish a comprehensive knowledge base  Fraud prevention: Focused data mining  Business growth: Flexibility and scalability through self learning
  13. 13. #AIIM14 Discuss further? See you at booth xxx in the exhibition hall Do you want to discuss further? See you at booth 29 in the exhibition hall Contact me rod.hughes@kodakalaris.com