On The Mob Media Kit 2012


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On The Mob Media Kit 2012

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Agency Mobile Media Mobile Advertising App MarketingM E D I A K I T || 2 01 2
  2. 2. Who We Are We are a Full Service Mobile Agency specializIngIn: App Marketing Mobile Advertising Mobile MediaM E D I A K I T || 2 01 2 Mobile Marketing Agency
  3. 3. Who We Are > Some of our International Advertisers Ori Klein VP Marketing at AIG “Working with OnTheMob helped me gain significant advantage over my competitors, and reach my target audience at the lowest cost…” Since established at 2010, OnTheMob’s portfolio includes dozens of brands worldwide from all sectors: Commercial, Faineance, Automobile and many more. Also, we supply Mobile Media Services to leading International Ad Networks, Agencies and App development companies. OnTheMob is part of the Fishman Group, one of Israel ‘s lading and most renowned private investment groups.M E D I A K I T || 2 01 2 Mobile Marketing Agency
  4. 4. What We Do Advertisers Publishers Developers App MarketingMobile Advertising App Marketing Mobile Media • Strategy & Creative • App Promotion Strategy • Media planning and setting • Mobile Strategy development Campaign goals • Budgeting and Goals • Rich Media & Banners Campaigns definition • Media Buying • Landing Pages • Development for Mobile • Campaign Management • Campaign Management & Optimization • iPhone App Development • Results monitoring and • Android App Development Campaign Optimization • Campaign Analytics reports • Web Apps M E D I A K I T || 2 01 2 Mobile Marketing Agency
  5. 5. What We Do > App Marketing • iPhone App Store is one of the most competitive markets worldwide! • There are over 550,000 applications, but only a small number of apps are successful and break into the top ranks. • We built a marketing plan for each App Store by country which will by tailored to your app’s niche. • We get the right media for you by defining geo-location, categories, mobile web, best local apps, blind networks and premium networks all around the world. • In the process of receiving to result wanted, a huge increase in number of downloads, we mainly use the following tools: • Massive Cross Platform Media Buying • Product Management (product road map, version updates, etc.) • Organic promotion among target audience in industry blogs, Social Networks, local press and many other channels. We will boost your app by driving thousands of users to your App Store page to create mass downloads event * * If we will not deliver, you will not be charged!M E D I A K I T || 2 01 2 Mobile Marketing Agency
  6. 6. What We Do > App Marketing > Case Study : S-Peach - Voice Recognition Campaign Goal: “… In less than Entering the Top 10 Free Apps in Brazil’s App Store within 24 hours. 14 hours the App was No. 1 in Campaign strategy: the Brazilian We Invested the entire budget in mobile media on blind, semi premium and premium Appstore…” mobile media in order to give the app the download boost required. Campaign Summary: Launch: September 28, 2011 at 10:30 AM. App progress in the App Store, 5h from Optimization: We used 5 different creatives which campaign launching (Started #2500 were constantly changed according to results: Rank) Results: After only 5 hours, the App entered to the 16:30 18:00 19:00 21:30 23:00 0 Top 25 free apps. 2 In less than 14 hours the App was No. 1 4 6 in the Brazilian App store. 8 10 Due to a huge number of downloads, the paid app was 12 promoted as well and got to #72 in the Top paid apps! 14 16M E D I A K I T || 2 01 2 Mobile Marketing Agency
  7. 7. What We Do > App Marketing > Case Study : AUTO - Automobile Magazine Campaign Goal: “… In less than Entering the Top 25 Free Apps in the Israeli App Store Within 24 hours. 47 hours… the App was ranked Campaign strategy: We built a massive Media Spread using only premium mobile media (from local IL Apps 2nd in the Israeli and International Apps with IL traffic) in order to give the app the download boost Appstore…” required. Campaign Summary: Launch: August 28, 2011 at 7:00 AM. App progress in the App Store, 5h from campaign launching (Started #2500 Results: After only 5 hours the App was ranked at Rank) #275 and at the Top Free Apps. In less than 47 12:0013:3019:3023:3013:0015:3007:4013:00 hours from campaign launched it was 0 50 ranked 2nd in the Israeli App Store. 100 150 200 250 300M E D I A K I T || 2 01 2 Mobile Marketing Agency
  8. 8. What We Do > Mobile Media • Mobile is one of the most widespread and fastest growing media channels in the world since it’s the most cost effective one. • Mobile Media allows advertisers to optimize campaigns and reach only targeted audience, and developers to gain profit from their developed app. • For each campaign we build a full Mobile Media spread from a mixture of premium and blind traffic costume fit to your target audience. • We get the right media for your campaign by defining geo-location, categories, mobile web, best local apps, premium international apps and all media necessary to reach the campaign goal. • As part of out services we supply: • Media planning and setting campaign goals • Media buying • Campaign management & optimization • Campaign analytics reports We have an in-house Mobile Media Agency with millions of unique impressions from premium apps worldwide and in all categoriesM E D I A K I T || 2 01 2 Mobile Marketing Agency
  9. 9. What We Do > Mobile Advertising • The worldwide use of mobile phones keep s increasing in accordance with global population growth. • This has turned the mobile advertising industry into a fast growing venture for mobile app developers and advertisers alike. • OnTheMob provides full Mobile Advertising services including: • Strategy & Creative • Mobile Strategy development • Rich Media & Banners Campaigns • Landing Pages • Development for Mobile • iPhone App Development • Android App Development • Web AppsAll campaigns are result oriented. We measurethe success according to the campaign goal & performance!M E D I A K I T || 2 01 2 Mobile Marketing Agency
  10. 10. What We Do > Mobile Advertising > Case Study : Challenge: To launch the new Philips ONeill headphone collection in an innovative and unique campaign using the Mobile Platform. Scan the code to purchase the product now Execution We decided to grab the attention of the audience On The Go and bring the product to them. Using targeted mobile media and QR codes embedded on carefully placed print ads (on Bus stops, Train carriages, etc.) we launched a mobile application with M-commerce and mobile Scan The QR Code and you coupon capabilities supported by a facebook contest. Inside the application the user was able may Win a FREE Headset to enjoy the full Headset Catalog (HTML 5 Technology) with an option of purchasing on the mobile, a video ad and a navigation Option to the nearest branch or Contact via Email option. Results: • Over 10,000 QR scans during the campaign period and approximately 2000 facebook contest entries. • The Mobile media average CTR (click through rate) was 3.3%. • In the campaign’s first 3 weeks 0.5% of people who entered the mobile app made a purchase • The campaign received a lot of media coverage, uncommon in commercial releasesM E D I A K I T || 2 01 2 Mobile Marketing Agency
  11. 11. What We Do > Mobile Advertising > Case Study : SEAT SALE PARTY Challenge: Increasing Traffic to SEAT SALE PARTY event in local branches using the Mobile Platform Execution Campaign First Step: QR codes were embedded on print ads in local newspapers and streets ads in a national spread. Once scanning the QR the user is directed in to a full developed Web App with a Video Ad on the Mobile, the same massage from the TV appears again on the Mobile. After watching the video the user is directed to a Lead page, a facebook like Option and a Click to call or Navigation to the closest SEAT branch. Campaign Second Step: We used highly targeted Mobile Media Spared to reach target audience. All Banners refers to the same WebApp as the QR code. Results: The SEAT IBIZA brand is known as a young and innovated brand. Using the QR code (a new technology at the time) and launching a mobile campaign, helped in preserving that image and reinforcing it. As well, the company received a high number of leads, both: 1. Low cost: The effective Cost Per Lead was lower than all other media sources. 2. High Quality: As a result of the client engagement at the campaign, once reaching the branches he was more aware to the product than other media sources.M E D I A K I T || 2 01 2 Mobile Marketing Agency
  12. 12. What We Do > Mobile Advertising > Case Study : Winter Collection Challenge: Driving costumers to celio* branches and increasing sales of the new 2011 Winter Collection using the Mobile Platform. Execution We developed a Web App Catalogue on HTML5 Technology which allows a first look on the collection. In order to motivate the clients and increasing sales we offer a special discount coupon available only on Mobile and a navigation option to the nearest branch. Results: • The use of the newest cutting edge technology helped and increased the brand position as young and the most innovating brand in the local fashion industry. • The campaign was highly targeted with reach relevent only to the brand target audience, which created an extremely high conversion rate from impressions to clicks and from clicks to actions (Downloading the mobile coupon). • As a result of the massive number of downloaded coupons there was a huge increase in the stores traffic. • 12% of all downloaded coupons where used in the company branches what revolved an increase of the amount spend average for each costumer.M E D I A K I T || 2 01 2 Mobile Marketing Agency
  13. 13. Mobile Marketing Agency For more information: onthemob.com info@onthemob.com Tel. +972-3-625-3755M E D I A K I T || 2 01 2