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CSUN2018 参加報告


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CSUN2018 参加報告

  1. 1. CSUN2018 Assistive Technology Conference 参加報告 サイボウズ株式会社 アクセシビリティエキスパート 小林大輔
  2. 2. people with visually impairment people with deaf impairment people in a wheelchair Attendee
  3. 3. Realtime Caption
  4. 4. Sponsers • Major corporation • Enterprise specializing in accessibility • deque • LEVEL access • COX • Siteimprove • VFO
  5. 5. Xbox Accessibility
  6. 6. PlayStation Accessibility
  7. 7. Voice UI Accessibility
  8. 8. Sessions
  9. 9. Write User Story about accessibility with diverse personas Definition of Done (for role, for persona) SlideShare: stories-csun-2018-91574990 User Stories for Including Accessibility in an Agile Environment Accessibility in Agile Scrum Process
  10. 10. Introduction about WCAG2.1 1.4.10 Reflow 1.4.11 No text content 1.4.12 Text Spacing What’s new in Microsoft Office 365 & How it Helps Advance Digital InclusioLet's Dig into 5 New WCAG2.1 Succress Criteria with Audience Partic WCAG2.1 Success Criteria
  11. 11. Reflow
  12. 12. Non-text contrast (user interface component)
  13. 13. Non-text contrast (graphical object)
  14. 14. Conclusion •New device, new experience • VoiceUI, video games •New guideline • WCAG2.1 •Embedded in development process • Scrum / Research / Design Pattern