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Ages Photocontest - Capture life value through Stages


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Ages Photocontest - Capture life value through Stages

  2. 2. 1/ Marketing Objectives2/ Communication Objectives3/ Target audiences4/ Desired response5/ Key message-Challenge-Proposition6/ Idea7/ Execution8/ Summary and Recommendation
  3. 3. To increase sales ofCanon IXUScamera onChristmas Eve,Calendar New Year,Lunar New Year.
  4. 4. To engage people intoparticipatingthe promotion campaign ofCanon at the year endseason,whilepeople shop a lot as well asenjoying parties, travellingtodrive sales for IXUScamera.
  5. 5. People in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, have stable and good income. They aresingle or married with kids, they love taking pictures with friends, family,specially on special occasions when they are outing, holidays, travelling,celebrating special days of the year (Christmas, New Year, birthday, wedding)
  6. 6. They love to share picture, particularly on socialnetworks
  7. 7. Most of them areowning a compact cameraor they want to buy a new camera
  8. 8. To purchase Canon IXUS camera this year end
  9. 9. VALUES
  10. 10. Create an ideal sharingenvironment for peoplefrom multi stages of life.
  11. 11. Connectyoung andmatureexperiencesHarmonizegenerationsEncouragesimple yetpositivethinkingPROPOSITION
  12. 12. AGESPHOTO CONTEST(APC)Capture life values throughstages
  13. 13. Contestants are divided into 2 categories: Married and Single(M and S).Before signing up for the contest, participants will be asked to typeout one life value that suit their lifestyle.Ex: With Single category, key words are likely to be Freedom, Creativity,Passionate, Different; similar to family values such as Serenity,Considerate or Steady for the Married category.In other words, themes for the contest are user-generated.All photographers must be presented at the opening day of thecompetition to prove their marital status.The duration of the game is four days.
  14. 14. S category photographers will take pictures according to the more mature andstable “Value” themes given by the M category, likewise, M contestants will berequired to capture moments of stylish and emotional youth.All pictures require a person or people as the main object. The pictures mustcontain holiday factors ( Tet, Christmas Eve, weekends, summer time, etc).Each contestants will have to choose 4 themes for 4 photos, and 4 other photostaken with each humans object in the pictures. The final products mustassociate well with the themes chosen.All photo taken will be posted on our fan page for comments, shares andopinions from those giving themes. Judges will decide the winner.All kinds of camera used for the contest are accepted.The rarer the theme (like Different, Crazy or Touching, etc), the higher thechances of being rewarded.
  15. 15. The winner will receive:1x big prize for a trip toSingapore for two persons.10% discount voucher to buy CanonIXUS with photos submittedby rightful contestants
  16. 16. Photo taken by an Mcategorized contestantwith “Soft” value theme.
  17. 17. “Freedom” value themephoto, M category.
  18. 18. A precious sight taken byan S photographer with thetheme of “Serenity”
  19. 19. With photos taken and conversations exchanged, the competition cangradually bridge the gap between youngsters and the mature,symbolized through their marital status.
  20. 20. The author of this idea, inspired by two of Canon’s commercials-“Celebrate now” and “There where you are”, along with the demandfrom the brief, hope that the concept has associated well with CanonIXUS cameras’ vision and mission – to become the “simplistic” choice forall purchasers to create simple yet indispensable values in life.
  21. 21. Maybeaddingasecondprizewon’tbetoobad,sincetherearenow2categories.