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Paid Social


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Moira Miller

Published in: Marketing
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Paid Social

  1. 1. PAID SOCIAL Moira Miller Paid Media Manager @moirabodonnell
  2. 2. WHAT IS PAID SOCIAL? Paid advertising on social networks and websites.
  3. 3. WHY PAID SOCIAL? Users unfamiliar with your brand Paid social ads expand the reach, awareness, and recognition of your brand to make the smaller circle larger Users familiar with your brand Users unfamiliar with your brand
  4. 4. WHY PAID SOCIAL? Paid social builds brand recognition and awareness to improve organic performance Facebook Ad Paid Search Ad Organic Facebook Ad Organic LinkedIn Ad Organic
  5. 5. PAID SOCIAL TURNS VISITORS INTO LEADS AND CUSTOMERS • Awareness • Opinion • Consideration • Preference • Action
  6. 6. BUT, FIRST… Identify your ideal audience and your budget
  7. 7. BUT HOW? Create: Create ads1 Target: Target your ideal audience2 Tag: Build remarketing lists by tagging users’ browser with cookies3 Filter: Apply behavioral & demographic filters on audience4 Remarket: Remarket your audience with targeted display & social ads to promote offers 5 Capture: Capture qualified leads or sales6 Repeat7
  8. 8. FACEBOOK ADS • Great for creating brand awareness and building remarketing audiences • Easily target users by location, demographic, interests and life events • Support a wide variety of ad media formats to tell your story Relevancy Score • Higher post engagement = higher relevancy score • Higher relevancy score = more impressions share & lower cost per engagement
  9. 9. LINKEDIN ADS • B2B goldmine • Easily target users by professional demographics such as job title, function, industry, company size and seniority.
  10. 10. INSTAGRAM SPONSORED ADS • Ads are incorporated into the content and user experience • Easily target users by location, demographic, interests and life events because ads are managed through Facebook • Primarily a mobile social network, Instagram is made up of thousands of niche communities and feature accounts
  11. 11. TWITTER • Easily promote tweets about current events and trends •Engage your audience in real time • Twitter users can engage with your paid content just as they would an organic tweet. If a user retweets your paid ad, their followers will see it too. Quality Adjusted Bid • Higher relevancy, resonance, & recency = Higher Quality Adjusted Bid • Higher Quality Adjuster Bid = more ad impressions at lower cost
  12. 12. ADVANCED PAID SOCIAL • Custom Audiences • Lookalike Audiences • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs)
  13. 13. TAKEAWAYS • Use paid social to expand the awareness of your brand, build remarketing lists, and improve organic engagement • Measure success using engagement rates and monitor multichannel user touch points
  14. 14. QUESTIONS Moira Miller Paid Media Manager @moirabodonnell Thank you for your time!