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The 2020 Content Marketing Imperative Beyond the Buzz & Into Reality


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Robert Rose föresläste på Kntnt frukost #13

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The 2020 Content Marketing Imperative Beyond the Buzz & Into Reality

  1. 1. - than from the introduction of the iPhone - than from your first ever possible tweet - than from the creation of a Facebook page
  2. 2. Henry Brothers Sale Barn – Russellville, AR
  3. 3. WWhheerere i sis c coonntetennt?t marketing… at the heart!
  4. 4. Everyone is doing it…
  5. 5. But few feel good about it…
  6. 6. Very few have a documented strategy
  7. 7. And fewer still closely follow the one they have
  8. 8. With no strategy is it surprising that there’s no process
  9. 9. And very little in the way of tracking ROI
  10. 10. But it’s not like we’re creating less content….
  11. 11. And the number of channels goes up and up and up…
  12. 12. Here’s the spaghetti… Average of 11 tactics utilized
  13. 13. And we’re ready to spend more money
  14. 14. Has A Documented CM Strategy MOST EFFECTIVE Has a CM Strategy, not documented Strategy closely guides efforts Dedicated content marketing group Percentage of budget dedicated LEAST EFFECTIVE 54% 11% 41% 44% 62% 16% 69% 20% 37% 16%
  15. 15. “Producing Content That Engages” “Producing Enough Content” These are Symptoms – Not The Disease
  16. 16. Consumers have adapted. We haven’t.
  17. 17. We shouldn’t wait for the train wreck…
  18. 18. Which we still use today…
  19. 19. “In the coming decade, marketing will be re-engineered from A to Z. Marketers will need to rethink fundamentally the processes by which they identify, communicate and deliver customer value.” Philip Kotler, 1999 Kotler on Marketing
  20. 20. 1. Evolution of customer relationship 2. Democratization of content and experiences 3. Marketing’s evolution in the business
  21. 21. • Disruption of digital more broadly • “Relationship” expectations have changed • Loyalty is to approach not product or service
  22. 22. • Decline of “reach and frequency” as focus • Ease of publishing has created “small marketing” • Power AND risk of not maintaining a brand audience
  23. 23. • Beyond organizing around technology or platforms • Marketing must be strategic differentiator • Creating value, not just describing it
  24. 24. “The purpose of business is to create a customer. The business enterprise has two – and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.” - Peter Drucker, 1954
  25. 25. Marketing – and thus content – is the distinguishing function of the business We delight audiences as a means to, not just create, but to evolve customers We not only describe value, we create it.
  26. 26. For some it’s already happening… Integration of content as a core skill will be as critical as product development. “Ideally, you’re writing your first line of content the same day as you're writing your first line of code.” Dharmesh Shah, CTO HubSpot
  27. 27. For some it’s already happening… “Education is a key – a third of all marketing investment goes into content marketing programs.” “80% of our sales leads and 50% of our bookings are generated from our educational marketing program.” David Levin, VP Marketing - Clinipace
  28. 28. For some it’s already happening… “Marketing makes us more ambidextrous in terms of innovation by connecting the technology to needs. We define marketing as a combination of value and innovation, and that means that we had to look at marketers as innovators.” Beth Comstock, CMO GE
  29. 29. So, what have we learned over 48 months… Siloes are difficult – but content can be a great unifier B2C is much different than B2B – both structurally and strategically Figuring out owned media is the greatest challenge for everyone
  30. 30. So – what’s the answer?
  31. 31. Let’s look at some who are working on it…
  32. 32. First, let’s just deal with the two elephants….
  33. 33. From Fuzzy Brand Awareness Builder To Hard ROI Finding A Home For Content Food and Family Magazine 3.1 Million Opt-In Subscribers Paid magazine Found new home in Media Data / Consumer Insight Programmatic Ads Personalized Ads
  34. 34. For some it’s already happening.. Cox Communications Cox Blue – 25,000 small and mid-sized business subscribers to an online magazine dedicated to educating business owners Partnering with other publishers to make mid-sized businesses the hero.
  35. 35. For some it’s already happening.. Ameritrade thinkMoney Magazine – both print and digital version of a “trading lifestyle” magazine. After customers subscribe to the magazine they trade 5X more than non-subscribers “their best marketing investment”
  36. 36. Think About Your Content Marketing Mission
  37. 37. Huh? Native Ads PAID OWNED We know this Why? EARNED Our Attempt At Content Marketing Promoted Social PR Content If we’re lucky a press release will get covered Social Media
  38. 38. An owned media approach seems high risk, expensive and the result is unclear OWNED PAID Social EARNED Native Ads Branded Content Low Risk High Risk Unknown Known Advertising Owned Content PR
  39. 39. - Awareness Experiences (engage, entertain, inform) - Nurturing Experiences (trust, differentiation) - Loyalty Experiences (shared values)
  40. 40. - Content can be the byproduct of what we do – or a differentiating strategic asset - Marketing must create value both inside the company and external to it.
  41. 41. “When the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is in sight.” - Jack Welch