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Q1 HUG Meetup 2016


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Enhancing Social Media Strategy with Gavin Baker & Holly Yalove

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Q1 HUG Meetup 2016

  1. 1. #KnoxHug
  2. 2. #KnoxHug
  3. 3. #KnoxHug HUG News • Inbound Marketing Week: April 11th - April 15th • INBOUND 2016 (Boston, MA): November 8th - 11th • INBOUND 2016 HUG Contest: More info coming soon! HubSpot Software Updates • Smart content by language – smart content rules based on preferred language • New blog dashboard – manage view and analyze view • Inline content editing – note: old views are going away on April 8th • Multiple deal pipelines – now in HubSpot CRM • Set featured images – add a featured image that does not appear within your blog post, or select an image from the post.
  4. 4. #KnoxHug HUG News: Upcoming Meetups • Q2 Meetup 5/24/16 • Q3 Meetup 8/23/16 • Q4 Meetup 10/25/16
  5. 5. #KnoxHug Meet Our Guest Speaker Gavin Baker, Principal Gavin Baker, Principal of Baker Labs, has taught literally thousands of people about social media over the years. Baker Labs provides social media and digital marketing training and consulting to growing businesses.
  6. 6. Enhancing Social Media Strategy New Ideas About Inbound and Digital Marketing in 2016
  7. 7. Hi, I’m Gavin. Gavin Baker Principal @gavinbaker @bakerlabs
  8. 8. Do you remember when you started posting on social?
  9. 9. All Smiles.
  10. 10. Lack of an overall strategy is the biggest issue a business can have. .
  11. 11. No Strategy - Why am I doing this? - Is what I’m doing effective?
  12. 12. Goals will force you to answer the questions you need to create a successful strategy. Determining your goals is the first step on your business’s journey to success. Setting Smart Goals helps you Avoid Vanity Metrics Getting Started
  13. 13. Curse of Up and To the Right
  14. 14. S.M.A.R.T Goals FRAMEWORK
  15. 15. • Specific. Singular, focused and well-defined • Measurable. Uses numbers. • Attainable. Realistic for your timeframe. • Relevant. Impacts current business or challenges. •Time-Based. The goal has a deadline.
  16. 16. S.M.A.R.T Goals EXAMPLES
  17. 17. Increase website traffic by 33% within three months by blogging weekly and daily Facebook posting. Grow Twitter followers by 100 over the next month by posting valuable content and promoting existing followers content. S.M.A.R.T Goals EXAMPLES
  18. 18. Social media content for SMART goals should be created with Buyer Persona’s in mind and stage of the Buyer’s Journey. S.M.A.R.T Goals Notes
  19. 19. Your prospects are interested in reading relevant content on social media. S.M.A.R.T Goals Notes
  20. 20. But they are not on social media for YOUR content. S.M.A.R.T Goals Notes
  21. 21. The Top 5 Reasons For Using Social Media 1. To stay in touch with what friends are doing 2. To stay up-to-date with news and current events 3. To fill up spare time 4. To find funny or entertaining content 5. To share opinions
  22. 22. SWAG TIME!
  23. 23. FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out)
  24. 24. Frequency of Social Media Site Use
  25. 25. • Post specific content intended to increase awareness, build authority, and convert into new customers How Should You Social?
  26. 26. BUT WHAT DO I DO?
  28. 28. (…or babies that look like animals)
  29. 29. One of the most common, who, what, when, where and why types of posts. INFORMATIONAL
  30. 30. Content that we learn from, how to, explainer videos, and more. EDUCATIONAL
  31. 31. Stories about who we want to be, or things we want to do. ASPIRATIONAL
  32. 32. Jokes, memes, funny videos or images. HUMOROUS
  33. 33. WHEN DO I POST?
  34. 34. Every audience is different In HubSpot you can set your times Consistently! Post Scheduling
  35. 35. source: HubSpot Facebook to website traffic, is the early afternoon, ideally between 1pm and 3pm on Thursdays and Fridays. Twitter for retweets is 5pm. The best time to post for maximizing click-through rates is between 12pm and 6pm. LinkedIn to maximize clicks and shares is in the morning on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Scheduling
  36. 36. Creates authority Creates awareness Creates engagement SMART Content … Creates New Customers
  37. 37. Reports to compare social network performance to each other. Measure audience growth, engagement, activity. Track and determine which channels are accomplishing your awareness, and lead growth goals. Analyze
  38. 38. Match network tone (casual, professional) Maintain good ratio of Me vs We content Participate: Engage and respond Keys to Success
  39. 39. “It is not the strongest of a species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin
  40. 40. Q&A Gavin Baker Principal @gavinbaker @bakerlabs
  41. 41. #KnoxHug Measuring Social Media’s ROI Tips & Tools
  42. 42. #KnoxHug Inbound Marketing Methodology Review Social media supports many parts of the inbound process, but especially the “Attract” and “Delight” stages.
  43. 43. #KnoxHug Social Media ROI Challenges Common Business Challenges • Determining: • What’s working • What’s not • Why • Knowing which channels and activities are most valuable (data-backed decisions) • Reporting ROI
  44. 44. #KnoxHug Measuring Social Media ROI: Tips & Tools for Analyzing Results Google Analytics • Available to anyone with GA code installed • Includes social media impact analytics • Provides data related to measuring social ROI
  45. 45. #KnoxHug Measuring Social Media ROI: Google Analytics These four elements measured by Google Analytics help define your social impact: • Network Referrals - What social network the visit came from. It's important to understand how users from different sources engage/behave on your website. • Conversions - You can set up conversion goals and measure the conversion and monetary value of social traffic. • Landing Pages - In Google Analytics, these are the pages visitors land on when entering your website. • Social Plugins - Shows data from social plugin buttons on your site (for example, Google "+1" buttons). These buttons allow your users to share content to social networks directly from your site. These reports will tell you what content is being shared, and on which networks.
  46. 46. #KnoxHug Measuring Social Media ROI: Google Analytics Which channels drive the most visits? What do they do once they land?
  47. 47. #KnoxHug Measuring Social Media ROI: Google Analytics When on Landing Pages reports, click the URL in the table to see the originating social networks for that URL. Note: GA landing pages are defined differently than HubSpot landing pages. Trackbacks reporting shows which sites are linking to yours and in what context. Look for patterns to replicate successful content and build relationships with those linking to you.
  48. 48. #KnoxHug Measuring Social Media ROI: Google Analytics Make it easy for visitors to share your content to social media sites. Social Plugins: Work Smarter, Not Harder • The Social Plugins report shows data from social plugin buttons on your site. • These are the buttons that allow your users to share content to social networks directly from your site. • Social Plugins reporting tells you what content is being shared, and on which networks.
  49. 49. #KnoxHug Measuring Social Media ROI: Google Analytics • Conversions (once set up) can be tracked through Google Analytics. • Invest time on channels which provide high quality traffic, not just high volume traffic.
  50. 50. #KnoxHug Measuring Social Media ROI: HubSpot Reports For the HubSpot customers in the room, there are multiple reports to help you analyze your social media ROI. Here are a few options... Sources Reports
  51. 51. #KnoxHug Measuring Social Media ROI: HubSpot Reports • Google Analytics and HubSpot can both provide conversion data. • In Sources Reports (HubSpot), contact and customer conversions are tied to the first way a lead found you. Sources Reporting
  52. 52. #KnoxHug Measuring Social Media ROI: HubSpot Reports • Use “Campaigns” to measure the effectiveness of specific content topics and see what drives the most traffic and conversions from social media. • Compare which campaigns are most effective on which social networks. Sources Reporting If no campaign was tagged, you can go back and associate posts with a campaign.
  53. 53. #KnoxHug Measuring Social Media ROI: HubSpot Reports If no campaign was tagged, you can go back and associate posts with a campaign…
  54. 54. #KnoxHug Measuring Social Media ROI: HubSpot Reports • Social Publishing Reports allow you to see what gets the most clicks and interactions. • Sort by clicks and engagement to see what’s working best on each channel and what fell short. Social Publishing Reports
  55. 55. #KnoxHug Questions? Q&A Time
  56. 56. #KnoxHug