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Knoxville HUG: Creating Data-Driven Buyer Personas That Work


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2Q Knoxville HubSpot User Group Meetup 5/24/16. Presentation by Holly Yalove.

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Knoxville HUG: Creating Data-Driven Buyer Personas That Work

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  2. 2. #KnoxHUG Knoxville HubSpot User Group (HUG) Meetup Creating Data-Driven Buyer Personas That Work @KnoxvilleHU G #KnoxHUG Holly Yalove Knoxville HubSpot User Group Leader Principal & Chief Strategist, VIEO Design
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  6. 6. #KnoxHUG HUG News Upcoming Meetups: 8/23/16 & 10/25/16 We’ll Have HubSpot Guest Speakers! Sarah Posnak HubSpot Principal Partner Strategist Evan Dean HubSpot Senior Channel Consultant
  7. 7. Marketing Education
  8. 8. #KnoxHUG What Is a Buyer Persona?
  9. 9. #KnoxHUG What Is a Buyer Persona? Buyer personas are fictional but data-driven profiles of your ideal or actual customers.
  10. 10. #KnoxHUG Thoughtful, detailed buyer personas… • Reflect the goals and motivations of your ideal customers • Help you understand your potential customers better • Enable you to deliver content, goods, and services your customers will love Why Buyer Personas Matter
  11. 11. #KnoxHUG Specific, accurate buyer personas will help you… • Develop and course-correct your marketing strategy • Increase your return on investment (ROI) • Delight your customers throughout your relationship Why Buyer Personas Matter
  12. 12. #KnoxHUG So…How do you do all that? Let’s take it step-by-step… 7-Step Guide for Crafting Effective Buyer Personas
  13. 13. #KnoxHUG The Right Questions Will: • Get to the heart of motivations and challenges • Help you better understand buying decisions Find Out Which Questions You Need to Ask
  14. 14. #KnoxHUG The Wrong Questions Will: • Give you a false sense of progress • Lead to important marketing decisions based on inaccurate data
  15. 15. #KnoxHUG Everything you ask should: • Be customized based on your industry • Cater to the type of prospect you’re targeting – B2B? B2C? • Consider the kind of conversions you’re seeking • And many other factors…
  16. 16. #KnoxHUG Focus Initial Questions on ONE Buyer Persona Even if you have several, it’s best to start with the most important persona rather than trying to develop all at once.
  17. 17. #KnoxHUG When Choosing Questions: •Don’t stop at “what” “What social network do you use most?” •Take the time to get to “why” “Why is Facebook more convenient for you than Twitter?”
  18. 18. #KnoxHUG • Employer, job title, and daily functions • Personal and professional goals • Challenges and pain points • Preferred sources of information • Where they spend their time online • Personal background • Buying habits • Hobbies and free time activities Start with these general categories:
  19. 19. #KnoxHUG Homework: Write 10-15 questions that get at your ideal customer’s most important needs, wants, challenges, and motivations.
  20. 20. #KnoxHUG Collect Data that Addresses Your Questions • Gather as much information as possible • Remember that not all data is equal • Focus on data that helps identify your customers’ needs • Use a wide variety of resources
  21. 21. #KnoxHUG Potential Resources • Team insights (e.g. sales, customer service, and support) • Customer and prospect interviews or surveys • Customer social media activity/engagement • Demographic data from your contact lists (e.g. TowerData) • Search engine and social media analytics • Market research and public records • A closed-loop marketing software like HubSpot Collect Data that Addresses Your Questions
  22. 22. #KnoxHUG Interviews & Survey Tips • Strike a balance between long-time customers and more recent ones—each group provides different insights • If possible, talk to those who chose your competitors and find out why • Gather enough data to identify trends, but not so much that you’ll never finish analyzing it Collect Data that Addresses Your Questions
  23. 23. #KnoxHUG Identify 10 promising sources of information about your ideal buyer, and take steps to collect any data that isn’t already at hand. Homework:
  24. 24. #KnoxHUG Find the Patterns in Your Data • Gather your data into one place: • Google Docs • Evernote • Excel • Or whatever tool is easiest for you • When you see patterns: • Identify trends • Look for the relationships these trends have to each other
  25. 25. #KnoxHUG Find the Patterns in Your Data If you see more than one clear group of people emerge, start with the persona that offers the best ROI for your business.
  26. 26. #KnoxHUG Trends to Look for Include: • What content is performing the best? • Which value propositions are featured in your top- performing content? • Which platforms are earning the most engagement? • What content formats do your leads respond to best? • What content, channels, and CTAs are getting the best conversion rates? Find the Patterns in Your Data
  27. 27. #KnoxHUG Find the Patterns in Your Data Trends to look for include: • What traffic or engagement not only results in the most leads, but the most closed customers? • How do customers behave on my website and engage with my brand after they’ve made the purchase? • How are potential customers using their discretionary income? • What are the most common barriers to purchase?
  28. 28. #KnoxHUG Don’t Go Too Broad. Casting a Wide Net = Bad Leads • Target the exact people you want to reach. • The attempt to reach everyone ends up only attracting a few because it’s too generic. Once you’ve sifted through the data, it’s time to fill out a buyer persona worksheet!
  29. 29. #KnoxHUG Homework: Complete our buyer persona worksheet and/or answer your own list of questions using the trends in the data you’ve gathered.
  30. 30. SWAG TIME! @KnoxvilleHU G K xvill e
  31. 31. #KnoxHUG Your worksheets provide structure, but a list is not enough. Add the motivations behind behaviors. Start Writing Your Primary Buyer Persona Write a narrative document that describes your persona’s life and his or her needs and goals for: • Work life • Free time • Family life • And beyond...
  32. 32. #KnoxHUG Start Writing Your Primary Buyer Persona Discerning their motives helps you anticipate what they want, and what they’ll want next. • Why do they prefer Facebook to Twitter? • Why do they engage more during the afternoon, or on Saturday mornings? Your persona needs to be specific enough to be realistic, but still represent a group of people.
  33. 33. #KnoxHUG Homework Use the answers in your worksheet to imagine the life of the person they describe and write a 1- 2 page description of their work life, home life, and day-to-day challenges and goals. Start Writing Your Primary Buyer Persona
  34. 34. #KnoxHUG Make Them Easy to Use on a Daily Basis Finalize your persona document in a format that’s easy for your team to use and return regularly. HubSpot’s suggested chapters include: 1. Job and demographic info 2. Describe a day in the persona’s life 3. What are the persona’s challenges and pain points? 4. Where does the persona go for information? 5. Common objections to products and services
  35. 35. #KnoxHUG • Give your persona a catchy name that’s easy to remember and use for reference (e.g. Marketing Mike or CEO Sarah) • Enrich your final persona with real customer quotes and a fitting stock photo • Write an ideal “elevator pitch” for this and future personas • Start planning a campaign that targets your persona Make Them Easy to Use on a Daily Basis
  36. 36. #KnoxHUG Homework: • Combine your 1-2 page description and your original Q&A into the 5-chapter format 1. Job and demographic info. 2. Describe a day in the persona’s life 3. What are the persona’s challenges and pain points? 4. Where does the persona go for information? 5. Common objections to products and services • Make sure it has a catchy name • Add customer quotes • Add a photograph • Write an elevator pitch • Get it out to everyone on your team!
  37. 37. #KnoxHUG Revamp Your Marketing with Your Persona • Create content directed to your ideal persona • Include your: • Website pages • Blog posts • Premium content offers • Social media posts • Email marketing • Any other applicable marketing materials
  38. 38. #KnoxHUG If you’re thinking “Uhh…I haven’t been marketing to my persona”: • Don’t worry; it’s surprisingly common. • Focus on revamping your essential sales tools, and then producing new content that does fit your persona. • Take it step-by-step • Start with: • High-traffic pages and posts • Homepage copy • Key sales materials
  39. 39. #KnoxHUG • Buyer personas work best in combination with lifecycle stages in a content mapping process. • Each persona will act differently and need different things at each stage of the buying process.
  40. 40. #KnoxHUG Homework: • With your new persona in hand, review the key elements of your website and marketing materials. • Make note of anything that doesn’t directly address your persona, and take steps to correct it.
  41. 41. #KnoxHUG Remember, Personas Are Never Done • Just like people, buyer personas are always evolving • Go back to the data regularly • Keep building personas based on the needs of your target customers
  42. 42. #KnoxHUG Homework Set a reminder for yourself 3- 5 months from now to review your buyer personas in light of the results you see during that time.
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