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Expanded Discussion V2


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A review of ISMI primary improvement goals, and an introduction into behavioral science correlation to those goals.

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Expanded Discussion V2

  1. 1. ISMI Efficiency Improvement Initiative:<br />Exploration of Performance Based Improvement strategies and correlation to ISMI goals<br />Expanded Discussion #1<br />
  2. 2. ISMI Clear Objective<br />Equipment productivity is one of the key factors in competitive high volume production<br />Effects factory capacity (availability)<br />Drives manufacturing cost <br />Impacts production schedules (predictability)<br />Current estimates place equipment operational effectiveness between 40 to 60% providing significant latitude for improvement efforts<br /> ISMI Work Group <br />
  3. 3. Call to Coordinate Efforts<br />ISMI recognizes that noble improvement efforts by the semi community fail to share common direction, provide little analytical support and have virtually no standardization. <br />ISMI Working Group <br />Community efforts must :<br /><ul><li>Align goals
  4. 4. Provide substantiated analytical support
  5. 5. Standardize solutions</li></ul>These elements create the frame for successful improvement implementation.<br />
  6. 6. ISMI call to : Align Goals<br /><ul><li>Focus placed only upon technological solutions fails to investigate the critical human component.
  7. 7. Modern Performance Based Improvement strategies leverage the power of the human component and contribute dramatically to these ISMI goals.</li></ul>Clear ISMI goal:<br />Improve equipment productivity; effecting factory capacity (availability)<br />Improve equipment productivity; drives manufacturing cost <br />Improve equipment productivity; Impacts on production schedules (predictability)<br />
  8. 8. ISMI call to : Provide substantiated analytical support <br />The goal to improve productivity has been focus of significant research and investigation.<br />Advancements in technology provides new opportunities to support the ISMI Productivity Improvement efforts.<br />Significant research detailing human performance improvement strategies are available.<br /><ul><li>Research and studies by doctors in the behavioral science fields.
  9. 9. Research and studies by leading Universities.</li></ul>Application of improvement models based upon through research and study improves success attributes. <br />
  10. 10. ISMI call to : ApplyStandardized solutions<br />Focusing primarily upon performance improvement, SEMATECH has established the PBET standard. <br />Failing to provide these standardized solutions complicates coordination efforts. <br />Coordinating efforts is one of the primary objectives of the ISMI initiative.<br /> Instructional System Design industry has made great advancement in standardizing development effort.<br />In addition to the SEMATEC std, KBI considers follows the standards established by the following organizations : <br />Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Aviation Industry CBT (Computer-based Training) Committee (AICC), the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc., and the Alliance of Remote Instructional Authoring & Distribution Networks for Europe (ARIADNE)<br />
  11. 11. ISMI Serious Challenge<br />The serious challenge of improving performance effectiveness should not end with the equipment technology itself.<br />The human component involved with improvement efforts is often underestimated. <br /><ul><li>Leading research indicates that the human component within process improvement efforts can yield 10 to 30% improvement results .
  12. 12. These improvement figures warrant additional consideration into human development component.</li></li></ul><li>KBI Vision<br />Through collaboration efforts, a system of information exchange that benefits both vendor and manufacturer alike can be designed to contribute value ISMI improvement efforts.<br /> Vision based upon:<br /><ul><li>Alignment with common goals.
  13. 13. Based upon substantiated analysis.
  14. 14. Designed with standardization in mind.</li></li></ul><li>KBI specializes in the field of semi-conductor training support<br />10 yrs Semi Conductor equip and process experience<br />15 yrs Instructional System Design (ISD)<br />SCORM development ready<br />Palbert@KnowledgeBrokerInc.com719-494-6478<br />