Surfing the Perfect Storm (STC 2012)


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How Global, Mobile and Social changes require a new approach to technical writing

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  • Surfing the Perfect Storm (STC 2012)

    1. Surfing the Perfect Storm Tristan Bishop Sr. Manager, Digital StrategySurfing the Perfect Storm 1
    2. About Symantec• We help you secure and manage your information-driven world.• Over 18,500 employees in more than 50 countries.• FY11 Revenue: $6.2b (Consumer: $1.9b, Enterprise $4.3b)• Revenue by Geography: Americas: 55%, EMEA: 29%, APJ: 16%Surfing the Perfect Storm 2
    3. Agenda: Surfing the Perfect Storm 1 The Trio of Transition 2 The InfoDev Impact 3 The Path to ProgressSurfing the Perfect Storm 3
    4. The Trio of Transition Nothing is as it was.Surfing the Perfect Storm 4
    5. Converging Hurricanes Global Mobile SocialSurfing the Perfect Storm 5
    6. The Global Storm• Only 12% of web users are in North America (NAM)• Asia has over three times more web users than NAM• Over >1,000% growth in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa Source: the Perfect Storm 6
    7. The Mobile Storm Global mobile adoption grew from 16% to 87% the past ten yearsSurfing the Perfect Storm 7
    8. The Social StormSurfing the Perfect Storm 8
    9. The InfoDev ImpactSurfing the Perfect Storm 9
    10. Tornado: Hardcopy is Losing• The Oxford English dictionary will “never be printed again”• Encyclopedia Britannica goes out of print after 244 years• Amazon now sells more Kindle books than paper onesSurfing the Perfect Storm 10
    11. Tornado: Data Growth Is ExplodingYour content is buriedSurfing the Perfect Storm
    12. Globalization Impact• Companies are diversifying their revenue across multiple regions• In the next three years, the percentage of companies that generate >30% of revenue from emerging markets will increase by 82%• Demand for localized content will increaseShared Engineering Services 12
    13. Mobile Impact: Soon to Surpass DesktopShipment Volume Search VolumeSurfing the Perfect Storm 13
    14. Mobile Impact: Employee Productivity• 2011 Survey of 6,275 organizations in 43 countries• 66% are planning an internal mobile app storeShared Engineering Services 14
    15. Mobile Impact: Self-Service is Increasing• 86% of smartphone owners say they use their devices for “just-in- time” help• 35% of US Smartphone users have used their device to "solve an unexpected problem" in the past month.Surfing the Perfect Storm 15
    16. Social Impact: Content Sharing/Endorsing • People will press Google’s +1 button 2.5 BILLION times today • People will share One BILLION pieces of content on Facebook today • 142 MILLION tweets will be sent today • 69,000 hours of new YouTube content will be uploaded today the Perfect Storm 16
    17. Social Impact: Search is now SubsetWe now search social networks: Will we find your content?Surfing the Perfect Storm
    18. Social Impact: Support moving to Text• Voice-based channels plummeting• Support Industry now less than 38% voice- based• Optimized TechComm content can resolve interactions for ALL five text based support channels Surfing the Perfect Storm 18
    19. The Surfer’s Q&AWe MUST Ask We SHOULD Ask1. How much longer should 1. What if my content was we optimize for the available in all languages? “English-speaking” audience? 2. What if my content was optimized for the mobile2. How much longer should user? we optimize for the printed page? 3. What if my content was “shareable” within social3. How much longer should networks? we optimize for the 4. Would global, mobile, desktop computer? social content give my4. How much longer will our company a competitive web content be “findable?” advantage?Surfing the Perfect Storm 19
    20. The Path to ProgressSurfing the Perfect Storm 20
    21. We Must SURF the STORM!Surfing the Perfect Storm 21
    22. Preparing for Global Delivery• Craftsmanship MUST give way to efficiencies• Standardize content for easier translation• Run automated quality control tools on source content• Explore Machine Translation options for first passSurfing the Perfect Storm
    23. Global Delivery at Symantec• Data Driven Authoring using XML as the source 4200 localized products 22languages• Controlled Language QA during the authoring process• Automated L10n Process with workflow• Machine Translation as much as possible• Coordinated delivery in multiple languages• 24,000 self-help topics published to the webSurfing the Perfect Storm 23
    24. Preparing for Mobile Delivery• Short, simple topics• Modular content• Search Engine Optimization Content delivery MUST be optimized for fewer “clicks” and smaller screensSurfing the Perfect Storm 24
    25. Mobile Delivery at Symantec• Designed over 30 mobile 30+ UIs designed user interfaces• Aligning Ux and technical writing for integrated mobile content strategy• Prototyping XSL extracts for deployment to mobile endpointsSurfing the Perfect Storm 25
    26. Preparing for Social Delivery• Engage customers in relationships with branded accounts, to prepare for social search• Push key topic URLs to the social web to retain page rank• Use URL shortening tools that provide metrics and traffic analysis (, the Perfect Storm 26
    27. Gathering Social Mentions Classifications – Case: Request for help resolving real-time issue – Query: Question that doesn’t require support resource – Rant: Insult that merits brand management consideration – Rave: Praise from Symantec brand advocate – Lead: Pronouncement of near- term purchase decision – RFE: Request to enhance a product with a new feature – Fraud: Communication from an unauthorized provider of Symantec productsSurfing the Perfect Storm 27
    28. Executing Social CRM SCRM Team Blogs Configure Forums CRM profiles interactions history transactions preferences Ideal Employee Case SCRM Team Respond Query Evaluate Rant Rave Product 1 Lead RFE Product 2 Fraud Product 3Surfing the Perfect Storm 28
    29. Readiness is Required1. Study the trends2. Rethink your strategy3. Reconsider your processes4. Build a “hurricane- resistant” content delivery teamSurfing the Perfect Storm 29
    30. TechComm 20/20 30
    31. Thank you! Tristan Bishop aka @KnowledgeBishop Copyright © 2010 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as advertising. All warranties relating to the information in this document, either express or implied, are disclaimed to the maximum extent allowed by law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.Surfing the Perfect Storm 31