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  1. 1. What is a resume if it does not include the key areas of your skills. Check the article below toknow the importance of keywords in your resume.resume writing tips
  2. 2. Resumes are the most important thing in the life of a potential jobseeker Various theories have been floated around the world as to howresumes shall be written and documented However, with changingtimes, the looking at perspective of the same has changed by much Withtechnical revolution sweeping everything around the world, it has becomeimportant to make a resume technologically viable Important resumewriting tips -Know the purpose of your resume- Most of the peoplemindset is that they write a resume for as if it was to provide them a joband end writing long and boring pieces of crafted documents Alwaysremember the fact that the sole purpose of your resume is to make landfor a job interview and resume writing tips not the job directly
  3. 3. -Back up your qualities and strength- Most of the job seekers are ofopinions that writing a long list of qualities would be suffice for them toactually lure a recruiter No, it does not work and makes the wholedocument tame boring Instead of penning down your list of strengthattributes, try to relate the same with real life experiences so that yourresume looks real and not bookish -Make sure to use the correctkeywords- Nowadays, given the advancement of technology, companiesof diverse natures and their HR department uses internet relatedkeywords to hunt down for scanning down the candidates to be called forthe interview process Just imagine if your resume does not have thecorrect keywords, you can be out of the fray even before the game startsThus, make sure of using the correct keywords
  4. 4.  -Use valuable titles - Love it or loathe it, but you just canÂ’t ignore itYes, a potential employer may do a judgment upon a look at your resumein say 5 seconds So make sure to include a with title in it     Â  Bad Title- Marketing       Good Title- Marketing of TataPhoton+ & Record Keeping -Proof read your resume twice- Just a littlespelling mistake in your CV and your chances of getting short listed mayalso evidently slip Please read your written resume twice or thrice andmake sure there are not any kinds of discrepancies around -Use bulletpoints- To be very frank, recruiters actually donÂ’t have time andpatience to have a complete look at your long resume as they have to flipthrough loads of such each day
  5. 5. Thus, in order to grab his attention in a flash, you can use bullet points topoint your achievements and distinctions -Put the most importantinformation first- Whatever you have achieved so far in your academicsor work experience, you must put the most significant information first-Take care of the typography- Make sure you do not make your resumeto get printed in huge fonts making the overall look sluggish and dirty Actaccordingly! Copy some good resume formats available online -Explainthe skill benefits you possess- Merely making beautifully craftedstatements of the skills you have is not enough Try to make sure thatyour skills matches with the requirement of the company and show intangible process as to how the same can benefit the applied company-Market your resume- As you have included everything (Styles, fonts,catchy statements, etc), it should be your activity to market your resumewith all the marketing skills so that these attributes can keep you aheadof the candidates in fray for the job
  6. 6. -Get someone else to review your resume- People usually don’t accepttheir own mistakes and thus, take the help of your best friends who arenatural critics so that they can point nut your mistakes, easily -Be carefulwith free sample resume templates- There are loads of them floating overthe internet While they are helpful in providing in overall idea of how tobuild up a resume Just don’t copy and paste some information thatcatches You would not want your resume to be like another person’sright? How to use keywords to get scanned and be called for the job? Aswe already stated, now the human resource manager of the variouscompanies looks over the internet to scan for potential candidate and inthe same race, the various occurrence of key keywords in the resume ofa potential job seeker shall earn him a call for the interview Let’s seehow the technique works Suppose a job applicant includes a keyword inhis resume like a title ‘looking for a HR job in recruitment stream’ If theHR manager wants the same then he/she will type regarding the samekeywords and chances are full for the candidate for his resume to surgeup and he may end up getting the interview call for the applied job
  7. 7. Â This is the magic of the keywords One should try to include as manyimportant keywords concerning his job title and profile so that the samemay get highlighted Just imagine if your resume does not contain themain keywords then despite being a potential candidate, you wonÂ’t getthat all important interview call Thus, build your resume around the sameand work around your way to success Article Tags: ,
  8. 8. resume writing tips