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  1. 1. The reason that people love to play online car games is that they provide loads of funand entertainment and are tempting enough to never let the person get bored. Of course, you cannot play heavy games in your office that take loads of disk space on your computer and occupies your RAM so that you cannot do anything else. These free car games don't do any of that. The game that you choose to play takes from a few KBs to 2-3 Megabytes of your temporary disk space and almost equal to none RAM. So, while you are playing this game, you can do other stuff as games 99
  2. 2. These car games require a flash player plug-in to be installed in yourinternet browser, which enables these games to run In addition to that,you do not need anything
  3. 3. No heavy duty RAM or no need to have Gigabytes of disk space Themost alluring games of all car games are the car games for boys
  4. 4. These car games have been made to deliver highly impressive graphicsand flow smoothly with the games divided into various levels that makeboys playing these games for hours at a stretch The lap race car gameskeep the player entertained and feel exhilarated without knowing the time
  5. 5. coming to the drifting games, these games are though few in numbercompared to other car games online, but what are there are loaded withfun and will keep you indulged as long as you want What you have to doin the drifting car games is that you have to score as much as you can onthe track by drifting your car
  6. 6. The purpose is not to beat time but make as much impressive drifts thatyou can do on the track and score higher
  7. 7. Coming to the car games that require the player to go through the laps,this is where you have to beat the time that you have done in yourprevious laps or the time that has been made by other car racers
  8. 8. With loads of car games in various car games 99 categories, you will beplaying to your heart
  9. 9. car games 99