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  1. 1. Like all other gadgets, TV antennas have also come a long way in technologicaldevelopment. Designers have been modifying the looks, size, and performance of TV antennas to make them more attractive and to enhance their performance. From the roof-top antenna to the miniature antenna in the TV room, there have been plenty of innovations in this field.dipole
  2. 2. Finding a suitable TV antenna needs a little browsing on the internet,and you can choose an online company that provides the latest digital TVantennas When you select a website that provides TV antennas, you canget a list of digital stations in your area so that you can choose theantenna that will provide you with maximum channel viewing potential Itis essential that the TV antenna has the correct design, size, and shapeto be able to receive the individual frequency wavelengths that are sentby the TV stations The size of the antenna will depend upon the range offrequencies that it is designed to catch The antenna is divided into anumber of sections and each section receives specific frequencies
  3. 3. In the US, most TV stations use the channel frequencies between 7 and51 The basic frequencies for TV broadcast are Low VHF channels, Highdipole VHF channels, and UHF channels Benefits of Digital TVAntennas The latest innovation is the digital TV antenna or the HDTVantenna, which is designed to receive digital or HDTV signals in thefrequencies in which they are being broadcast Satellite packages andpremium cable channels are expensive, and in this respect, digital TVantennas are almost free
  4. 4. Moreover, they give the same audio and visual quality The benefits ofhaving a digital TV antenna are as follows: the only cost involved is thecost of the antenna, and everything else, including receiving digitalstations, is free; all local channels are accessible by the digital TVantenna; out-of-town stations are also accessible free of charge; althoughlocal digital TV stations are concentrated more in the metropolitan areas,most US viewers can view at least six digital TV channels; and the picturequality is better than satellite or cable broadcasts, which use datacompression, thereby lowering the audio and picture quality of theirbroadcasts An HDTV tuner might be necessary in the case of old TVs,but the new ones have this facility built in them Indoor Antennas It isalso possible to enjoy a wonderful, crisp, and clear TV viewingexperience on your HD-compatible TV with an indoor HDTV antenna
  5. 5. You can avoid the high cost of cable or satellite TV with this antenna,and you will get to view all the local TV channels that you want with fullHD experience The HD indoor antenna picks up the HD signal, and youwon't incur any cost for this All VHF signals and 2-62 UHF signalscan be picked up Moreover, most TV broadcasters are shifting to digitaltelevision broadcasting, which can be picked up if you have a HDTVindoor antenna and a HD-compatible TV
  6. 6. Benefits Of HDTV Indoor Antenna HDTV indoor antennas look nice andpleasant if they blend with the decor of the room and the TV Moreover,there is hardly any installation involved, and the picture quality is crystalclear As compared with cable and satellite TV, they are very costeffective
  7. 7. dipole