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  1. 1. I often send PDF files to my friends to share, as thePDF format is the best for file transmission. No matterwhat kinds of operate system they are using, they cansee exactly the same PDF as long as they have a PDF reader. However, here is the problem, most of them are not technology guru, and many of them opened PDF using Microsoft word. Some of them got all content messed up and even needed to reboot the computer. I got ponds of complains. Thus, my friends asked me to write an article to explain how to openPDF and how to open PDF in Word. Then I will discuss them separately.How to Edit a PDF file on a Mac
  2. 2. 1 How to Open PDF If you want to open PDF you may need a PDF reader Allthe PDF readers on the market are FREE The How to Edit a PDF file on aMac original PDF reader is Adobe reader
  3. 3. However you may try others, like Foxit reader, Sumatra PDF andPDF-Xchange Viewer They are all light-weight and take less CPUs I amusing PDF-Xchange Viewer now
  4. 4. It allows me to add comments and annotations to any PDF file My friendsalso asked for online PDF, as they prefer viewing the PDF on the fly withoutinstalling any program PDFMeNot is a free online PDF viewer
  5. 5. You can view PDF by either uploading a PDF file or entering the URL of aPDF file 2 How to Open PDF in Word Some of my friends still want to openPDF in word One reason is that they want to extract content from PDF file, theother reason is that it is much easier to edit in word as everyone knows how toedit in word
  6. 6. Here is one way to open PDF in Word directly, using AnyBizSoft PDF to WordConverter It offers the easiest way to convert PDF to word You evendon't bother to launch the program
  7. 7. Just right-click the PDF file you want to open, and click Convert withAnyBizSoft PDF to Word on the short cut menu The PDF file is converted anda message box appears with a process bar indicating the processing After theconversion, the output word document will open in front of you
  8. 8. The original text content, page layouts, images and text hyperlinks arepreserved accurately Unlike some of PDF to word converters on the market,you don't need to fight with weird text boxes and edit it manually all overagain However AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter can do more than this
  9. 9. It has other features such as Batch Conversion, Partial Conversion andRemove Restriction to help you improve efficiency Next time, you want toopen PDF in word directly You may choose AnyBizSoft PDF to wordConverter
  10. 10. It offers a free trial to convert 3 pages for free without time limitation
  11. 11. How to Edit a PDF file on a Mac