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  1. 1. In this case, green isnt referring to the color. Green is the term used for being environmentally friendly and can be in reference to people, materials, and other things. While people can make improvements on their home to be more eco-friendly, it might be more economically friendly to make the changesinside the home. If you have been looking to replace your furniture, consider going green. Here are a few tips to get you started on your hunt for the perfect eco-friendly furniture.american made furniture
  2. 2. The materials that are used in furniture are what make them greenMaterials can be good for the environment either because they arematerials that are considered renewable resources or they are all naturalA lack of chemicals and toxins in your furniture also means it is a betterchoice for the environment It may be hard to imagine that a sofa or tablecould actually be a green product but they really can be depending onwhat theyre made of
  3. 3. Look for furniture that says it is eco-friendly or green If they say that theyshould also say how they are eco-friendly Some furniture can be madefrom bamboo as a replacement for wood Bamboo grows easily and veryfast as opposed to wood which takes a long time to renew, so it is a greatchoice to use for building material when possible
  4. 4. Natural feather down is also preferable to the artificial materials that canbe often found in furniture Household pieces that advertise being madefrom recycled materials are great options for you if you are greenconscience There are many renewable sources that manufacturers coulduse when building furniture, so you should be keeping an eye out forthem Bamboo, as previously mentioned, can be an excellentreplacement for wood and can also replace plastics and metals in somefurnishings
  5. 5. Cotton is a soft fabric that is safe for the environment when it is disposedof and it can be replenished often Hemp is also a renewable source thatcan be used for fabric and twine Recycled materials also can be madeinto green furniture
  6. 6. Metals can be recovered and remade into new things such as framesand foundations for sofas Recycled plastic can also be made intofurniture such as tables and chairs Touching up old furniture instead ofbuying new items is a very cheap way to be green
  7. 7. Yard sales and second hand stores sell furniture too and buying usedmeans new things wont be made custom for you, so no more damagehas to happen to the earth Even if you cant buy specifically green items,you can still find furniture that is better for the environment than othersThere are materials you should avoid because they are especiallyamerican made furniture bad for the environment
  8. 8. Foam and certain kinds of plastic can be reused and also dontdecompose over time Also anything with a lot of chemicals is a big no gobecause chemically rich items affect not only the ground but also theatmosphere
  9. 9. american made furniture