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  1. 1. Each web hosting provider allows you to use one operating system or another. There are a variety of operating systems, web hostingservice provider can use and they are available for Linux, Macintosh, UNIX and Windows. Of companies providing experience shows thatone OS is always a priority and over the other. However, all operating systems, it is only forLinux and Windows operating systems that are hot in demand among service providers. It is because the two OS-effective and reliable service in terms of performance.unix hosting
  2. 2. Area, which is easily seen and really prefer Windows Linuxeffectiveness of the ease with which the servers can be accessed Theease with which the server is available to determine the operating systemperformance and reliability It is true that both operating systems, I meanLinux and Windows FTP system Linux Windows advantage in that itoffers a Linux telnet or SSH, which you do not have windows
  3. 3. Telnet or SSH for Linux is a plus, because it makes Linux-poweredservers offer a good offer more reliable service This is a big advantageLinux has to offer Windows, which facilitates the ease with whichwebsites hosted by Linux Another area in which the preferred WindowsLinux using CGI "Even though the CGI functionality can work for bothWindows and Linux, but Linux function better efficiency
  4. 4. Service providers who want the functionality of the CGI system, alwaysgo after the web hosting service providers that use the Linux operatingsystem Linux had other advantages over the Windows server, the otherside of the proposed scenarios, such as ASP, PHP, ColdFusion functions It's not that Windows does not offer that feature, but the Linuxoperating system is better When it comes to maintenance and use,such as MySQL databases, it is better to run Linux or Windows
  5. 5. Even in the field of security, which is the most important factor toconsider when choosing OS, Linux is better because it gives moreoptions, unlike Windows is more vulnerable to attack Linux hosting is alot of advantages Supreme Security When you hire a company, themost important thing is security Nobody wants to reveal their confidentialinformation
  6. 6. Linux Hosting offers you the highest security Compared with Windowshosting, Linux hosting is a lot safer, because the majority of computerprogrammers and users of this type of hosting If you want to find areliable and safe host type, Linux hosting is your wise choice
  7. 7. Perfect performance As the Linux operating system is more stablethan other operating systems, Web sites are hosted on Linux will alwayshave a good job and is considered stable Good compatibility Linuxhosting can be compatible with other software and operating systems,and has good compatibility If you want to avoid compatibility problems,you can choose the type of hosting
  8. 8. However, it should be noted that Linux can not be fully compatible withthe Microsoft technologies like VB, Access or SQL If you want to usethese techniques, you can choose Windows hosting Low CostBecause Linux is an open source system, it is more cost effective tomanage and maintain
  9. 9. If unix hosting you want to use other operating systems, you will find thatother operating system always requires a high licensing fees However,the Linux operating system is completely free and you can download it ifyou want Therefore, it is economical web site hosting type and can savehuge amounts of money
  10. 10. Above are some of the main advantages of Linux web site hosting, andit also has several other advantages, such as user interface, ease of useand many others Because of these significant advantages, Linux hostingchoice more and more customers and service providers
  11. 11. unix hosting