three stories why you shouldn't dump your next big Idea


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everyone is able to come up with great Ideas all they need is determination

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three stories why you shouldn't dump your next big Idea

  1. 1. stories big Idea Why you shouldn’t dump your next
  2. 2. We all at least once in our life Had what we would call
  3. 3. big Idea The Next
  4. 4. 99%Of the Ideas are Sadly
  5. 5. 99%Of the Ideas are Sadly Forgotten
  6. 6. 99%Of the Ideas are Sadly Forgotten Neglected
  7. 7. 99%Of the Ideas are Sadly Forgotten Neglected left behind
  8. 8. stories Here are 3
  9. 9. big Idea Why you shouldn’t dump your
  10. 10. The only one You aren’t #1
  11. 11. 7,168,828,925 There are Person in the world
  12. 12. What are the chances that you are the only one who thought it ?
  13. 13. Give take or
  14. 14. The telephoneWas Alexander Graham Bell the first to come up with it ?
  15. 15. It looks like no !! The first person who came up with the Idea was an Italian by the name Antonio Meucci. he filed a temporary patent on his invention. In 1874, Meucci failed to send in the $10 necessary to renew his patent, because he was sick and poor. Two years after that, Bell registered his telephone patent.
  16. 16. Think it You might not be the first to
  17. 17. Do it !! You better be the first to
  18. 18. A Mistake It is not #2
  19. 19. Some of the greatest creations In life were just a
  20. 20. Penicillinis the best mistake in medical history
  21. 21. AlexanderFleming left a pile of dirty petri dishes stacked up at his workstation before he left town. When he returned from holiday on September 3, 1928, he began sorting through them to see if any could be salvaged. There was a dish which was covered in colonies of bacteria, except in one area where a blob of mold was growing. Around the mold was an area free of bacteria-- and penicillin was identified.
  22. 22. Penicillin you never know your idea could be the next
  23. 23. your Dreams Don’t give up on #3
  24. 24. I mean literally your
  25. 25. FrankensteinCame in a dream !!
  26. 26. In 1816, Mary Shelley was just eighteen years old when, she spent a summer night talking about reanimating human bodies using electrical currents. Shelley went to bed that night with images of corpses coming back to life swirling through her head; as she slept, she clearly saw Frankenstein’s monster and imagined the circumstances under which he had been created.
  27. 27. Had these people stopped to think of
  28. 28. successful or how Their idea might become
  29. 29. They would have been
  30. 30. They would have been Out of fear !!!
  31. 31. Next time you get your
  32. 32. Don’t think
  33. 33. just Do !!
  34. 34. Knowme_ar Knowme_ar Thank you Knowmear