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4 Growth Hacking Techniques for Twitter

  1. Growth hacking Techniques for Twitter By Romain Simon Article originally publishedon webmarketing&co’m
  2. #1 Hijack the trafic When youshare a link on Twitter,display a bar on topof it to promoteyouown content Example:
  3. Tools to do it :  :  TrafficJacker :  : TIPS :  It must be discrete (but with a visible call to action)  Users should be able to close it easily #1 Hijack the trafic
  4. #2 Use lists to boost your followers Add people to interesting listsin mass to catchtheirinterestas theywill receivea notification and gain followers
  5. Tools to do it :  TacticsCloud : TIPS :  Never add people to lists they wouldn’t want to be in  Don’t add people to more than one list at a time. Remove duplicates  If your list has more than 5000 accounts, export and split with Excel  Once exported to Twitter, change the description by default exported from @tacticscloud on March 21st, 2014”  Avoid doing agressive advertising, prefer a real description #2 Use lists to boost your followers
  6. #3 Auto-Favorite tweets Favorite tweetswith interesting keywords. People will receivea notification and a mail from twitter.and eventually followyou.
  7. Tools to do it :  TwitFox :  TargetPattern : TIPS :  Unfortunately, this technique is overused in some niches (try to tweet « growth hacking ») : be smart witrh your keywords! #3 Auto-Favorite tweets
  8. #4 Multiply visits from your tweets by 4 Postyourtweets4 timesat 6 hours intervals instead of 1. You will get about 4xmore visits.
  9. Tools to do it :  Buffer :  Hootsuite :  1001Tweets : (beta) TIPS :  Don’t do it for all your tweets  Do this only if you tweet a lot (ex, Guy Kawasaki does this) #4 Multiply visits from your tweets by 4
  10. Disclosure Usethese4 techniquesin an intelligent way thatdoesnot ruin theexperience on twitter. if you don’t :  It will no longer work it’s probablyalready thecase for the auto-favorite and list techniques  Twitter will ban it Theyalready did it for thefollow-unfollow technique  Your account will get suspended Be smart And i will kick your ass
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