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Music application KnockanStockan

  1. 1. KNOCKANSTOCKAN 2012 Musican Application Information sicians in Ireland lacking clear opportunities and directionAt Presen t there are many bands & mu ilability of music online and a music industry going unde r a profound change. The avaas a result of s established industry laggin g behind searching for ainadequate dig ital rights management, leave challenge to participate in a erging talent in this country is facing an insurmountablequick fix. emfailing industry. The beginning Doing our best to tackle this obstac le, Knockanstockan was created as a possible solution. The plan was to bypass the traditional role of airpla and expose audiences to emerging y, talent in a festival environment. We made it the focus to promote o ne event that attracts music lovers one place rather than scattering ou to r efforts. We also found this to be th most authentic way to showcase ov e er 100 acts in a single weekend, to receptive audiences in their thousa nds and this is increasing year on y ear. Click
  2. 2. Three things you need to know about KnockanStockan ! 1 We bring musicians together to Celebrate Showcase Share their music to a like minded audience 2 We Cut the cost of going to see great music for all genuine music lovers,while at the same time providing a well needed platform for emerging talent. 3 We reinvest net profit directly to whereit will be best served. Enabling us to continually provide a platform for musicians, artists and like minded people to engage and express themselves outside of the annual event.
  3. 3. Why bands Play at KnockanStockan?AudienceBands have the opportunity to play in front of a captive audiencewith a total festival attendance of 5,000 people shared over 4 stages.CD Knockanstockan is releasing volume 3 of the compilationCD featuring the best acts from this years line up.FilmKnockanStockan produces a festival documentary and the majority ofbands performances are filmed and will available for use as promotionalmaterial for each band after the festival.Industry AreaThe industry area is a space where industry meet actsplaying at KnockanStockan, it doubles up as the Clickgreen room where media can interview bands beforeor after their performance. The knockdockan Documentary
  4. 4. Scar ecro w Dis co ClickYOUWILL GET TO PLAYTO CROWDS LIKE THIS
  5. 5. The Submission ProcessThe submission process aims to attract the best emergingtalent from around the country. Acts apply online bysubmitting a brief bio, contact details and good qualityaudio tracks.Each application is reviewed by a panel made up of bothestablished musicians and promoters.We are open to all genres of music and pride ourselveson giving every submission the time it deserves.Where possible we try to see as many submissions playat the Primal Jelly Social Club on Wednesday nights inThe Mezz.Apply online at