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January 2013 Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist


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Have a Blessed 2013!

Published in: Spiritual
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January 2013 Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist

  1. 1. Volume 10, Issue 1 2013 a monthly newsletter of Knightdale Baptist Church INSIDE This Issue P1 A New Resolution A New Resolution P2 January Anniversaries and BirthdaysAs a new year approaches, more than half of the American population will determine their P2 List of Deaconsresolutions for 2013. Typically, these New Year’s resolutions cover a wide spectrum, fromlose weight, get more organized, spend less, save more, pick up a new hobby, and stop P2 Baptist Knightssmoking. Those are some of the typical resolutions, all reflecting a general awareness of theneed for self-improvement. P2 Reflections P3 Love ConnectionIn a report compiled by the University of Scranton, statistics report that after the first weekof the new year, 75% of those people will still maintain their resolutions. After the first P3 Children’s Worshipmonth, that number drops to 64%. At the six month mark, a little less than half (46%) will Schedule for Januarystill keep their new year’s resolution. P3 Children’s Message Schedule But, you know, that’s not too shabby. P3 Ushers for January That 46% of people will continue in their new year’s P4 Activities Page resolutions even 6 months later is pretty impressive. That’s nearly half of those who make resolutions P5 January Calendar that stand a solid chance of reaching their goal for P5 For The Dark Times the year. P6 Youth Events As the New Year approaches, some of you might be P6 Backpack Buddies thinking about particular goals for the upcoming year in regards to personal health, family time, or P7 Wednesday Nightjust overall self- improvement. It causes me to think, would we benefit from applying the Fellowship Mealsame mentality to our own spiritual lives and the life of the church? P7 When ChristiansTruthfully, while those New Year’s resolutions are usually very positive and can have Get It Wrongbeneficial effects if maintained, we should also set certain goals for ourselves in regards to P7 Coat Driveour relationships with God and our activity as God’s church. Where would you like to seeKnightdale Baptist Church in 2013? Where would you like to be spiritually over the course P7 Celebrating Epiphanyof the next year? Safe to say, I think many of us could think of ways to improve both. P7 UpwardIf we orient ourselves to that line of thinking, of casting a vision of the future for ourselves P8 Baptist Men’s Sundayand our church, we might just find the motivation to accomplish something great duringthe year. Certainly, we are aware of particular challenges we face as a church, so your P8 Staffresolution might be to help provide means for us to overcome obstacles. Maybe, inworking towards your own improvement in your spiritual life, it means better attendance or taking up a new role or responsibility tohone one of your own gifts. There are a multitude of possibilities, but they all start with making that simple declarative statement andsticking to it.Does that mean your new resolution will not wane or falter? Nope. You might find your resolve waning over the course of severalweeks or months, but you can always pick it back up. The most important part is not to stifle your motivation and keep pace. Afterall, statistics also report that it takes at least one month of solid activity for it to become a habitual practice.What is your spiritual resolution for the New Year? What is your church resolution for the New Year? I think what you’ll find is thattime invested in both yields great benefits. Just like any new goal, it takes dedication, perseverance, and determination. Where do youwant to be spiritually in 2013? Where do you want your church to be?It all starts with you. —Trent Sessoms
  2. 2. Page 2 the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church January, 2013 January Anniversary Leland and Mary Weathers January 22nd List of Deacons Happy 4th Anniversary! 2013 2014 2015 Melissa Abshire Don Holmes Christie Hatch Mark Beasley Philip Humphries (Chair) David Hinton Pete Harrell Richy Narron Monique Mackey Rick Talley Preston Peterson Bill Scanlon Mary Weathers Cindy Russell Stephen Tew January Birthdays Mitch Henley Jan 1 John Bruce Parrish Jan 9 Charles Dean Jan 18 Ernie Harrell Jan 3 Bob Jones Jan 12 Rachel Jackson Jan 19 Rena Narron Jan 3 Mae Mitchell Jan 12 Savannah Martin Jan 3 Ann Akland Jan 20 Debbie Murray Jan 14 Hope Beasley Jan 20 Valerie Beasley Jan 4 Charlie White Jan 14 Tim Poirier Jan 20 Joe Johnston Jan 4 Steve Coleman Jan 15 Sue Bunn Jan 22 Vickie Massey Jan 6 Rosa Pulley Jan 15 Payton Wallis Jan 6 Bill Lewis Jan 24 Frances Oliver Jan 16 Amber Mackey Jan 30 Baptist Knights for January and February Baptist Knights are KBC volunteers that ensure the facilities are locked and secure each day. If you need the facilities unlocked for any reason please be sure to contact the church office so that they may help make those arrangements for you. Thank you. Dec 30 - Jan 5 James Lucas Jan 27 - Feb 2 Jeff Maynard Feb 24 - Mar 2 Korey Hatch Jan 6 - Jan 12 Sam Maise Feb 3 - Feb 9 Kameron Abshire Jan 13 - Jan 19 Bill Scanlon Feb 10 - Feb 16 Tim Poirier Jan 20 - Jan 26 Brian Martin Feb 17 - Feb 23 Jim Farrington Reflections As a new year provides in the life and ministry blessed you, please us with opportunities to of our church. The consider how you can be reflect on the year that ministry of Knightdale a blessing to your has passed, it’s also an Baptist Church is church home. opportunity to gain dependent on you, fresh perspectives on those who call this - Pastor Trent our own participation place home. As God has
  3. 3. Page 3 the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church January, 2013 Children’s Worship Schedule for the Love Connection for Month of January Coordinator: Cindy Russell (919-217-1551) January (Please send a card, placeJanuary 6th Lead Teachers Assistants a call or visit the Crib Babies: Cheryl Jackson Rachel Jackson following during the Toddlers: DeAnne and Rick Talley 2’s & 3’s: Pete Harrell month of January): Children’s Church: James Lucas Assistants: Kristin and Tim Poirier Laura OliverJanuary 13th 609 Fayetteville Street Crib Babies: Christie Hatch Knightdale, NC 27545 Toddlers: Terry Johnson Jeremy Tention 2’s & 3’s: Volunteers Needed Frances Hall Children’s Church: James Lucas 309 N. Main Street Assistants: Preston Peterson, Jim Farrington Wendell, NC 27591January 20th Crib Babies: Monique Mackey Toddlers: Jeff and Cathy Maynard Children’s Time 2’s & 3’s: Volunteers Needed Ministry Leader’s Children’s Church: James Lucas Assistants: Jessica Jones, Courtney Glover, Schedule Valerie and Mark Beasley Jan 6th - Bill ScanlonJanuary 27th Crib Babies: Bobbie Earnhardt, Peggy Altice Jan 13th - James Lucas Toddlers: Kim Cameron 2’s & 3’s: Bridgett and Jesse Ward Jan 20th - Jim Farrington Children’s Church: James Lucas Assistants: Brian and Holly Martin Jan 27th - Joe Johnston Please note: If for some reason you are not available to help on the Feb 3rd - Monique day that you volunteered to work, we ask that you please don’t forget Mackey to find a replacement for yourself so there is adequate coverage during the worship service. Also, if you have a change in the schedule for the Feb 10th - Bill children’s nursery or children’s church, please contact the monthly Scanlon coordinator so that the change can be made prior to the printing of the worship bulletin. However, any permanent changes in the schedule should continue to be handled by the lead coordinator. Thank you for all your help. Ushers for January Joe Bryan, Don Holmes, Bob Jones, Susan Sauls
  4. 4. Page 4 the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church January, 2013 Activities Page What is the Hebrew meaning of the word Amen? A. So be it. B. We praise you. C. Thank you. D. Please, God! Answer: A
  5. 5. Page 5 the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church January, 2013 January Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 Food Pantry Sunday New Years Eve New Years Day FLC Closed 7:00 PM Youth Ski Trip Youth Ski Trip 9:15 AM Koffee Before 6:30 PM Adult Bible Properties Church FLC Closed Church Office Study Committee Mtg. 5:30 PM 9:00 AM 9:45 AM Bible Study Closed 6:30 PM Childrens Choir FLC Reserved Upward Games 11:00 AM Morning Worship Practice 6:00 PM Snack n YAK FLC Closed 6:30 PM Mission Friends FLC Closed 6:30 PM YAK 360 7:15 PM GAs & RAs 7:30 PM Worship Choir Practice 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Epiphany 7:30 PM 10:00 AM 5:30 PM Wednesday 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 9:00 AM Communion Sunday Open Basketball BALL Club Night Philathea SS FLC Reserved Upward Games Youth Ski Trip Fellowship Meal Class Mtg. 9:15 AM Koffee Before 6:30 PM 6:30 PM Adult Bible Church Upward Practice Study 6:30 PM 9:45 AM Bible Study 6:30 PM Childrens Choir Upward Practice 11:00 AM Morning Worship 7:00 PM Practice 2:00 PM FLC Reserved Angelic Ministers 6:30 PM Mission Friends 7:00 PM 4:00 PM Worship Mtg 6:30 PM YAK 360 Personnel Committee Team 7:15 PM GAs & RAs Committee Mtg Meeting 7:30 PM Worship Choir 5:00 PM Church Council Practice Meeting 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Baptist Men’s Sunday 6:30 PM 10:00 AM 6:30 PM Adult Bible 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 9:00 AM 9:15 AM Koffee Before TwoGreen Thumbs BALL Club Study Weathers/Knight FLC Reserved Upward Games Church Garden Club 6:30 PM Childrens Choir Circle 9:45 AM Bible Study 6:30 PM Practice 6:00 PM 11:00 AM Morning Worship 7:30 PM Upward Practice 6:30 PM Mission Friends 6:30 PM Youth Basketball 12:30 PM Faith Expressions Open Basketball 6:30 PM YAK 360 Upward Practice 2:00 PM FLC Reserved 7:00 PM 7:15 PM GAs & RAs 5:00 PM Deacons Finance 7:30 PM Worship Choir Meeting Committee Mtg Practice 6:00 PM Snack n YAK 7:00 PM Louis King American Legion 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 9:15 AM Koffee Before 7:00 PM 10:00 AM 6:30 PM Adult Bible 6:30 PM 9:00 AM Church Cemetery Meeting BALL Club Study Upward Practice Upward Games 9:45 AM Bible Study 6:30 PM Childrens Choir 11:00 AM Morning Worship 7:30 PM 6:30 PM Practice 12:30 PM Faith Expressions Open Basketball Upward Practice 6:30 PM Mission Friends 2:00 PM FLC Reserved 6:30 PM YAK 360 6:00 PM Quarterly 7:15 PM GAs & RAs Business 7:30 PM Worship Choir Conference Practice 6:00 PM Snack n YAK 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 9:15 AM Koffee Before 7:00 PM 10:00 AM 6:30 PM Adult Bible 6:30 PM 9:00 AM Church Meet-n-Eat at IHOP BALL Club Study Upward Practice Upward Games 9:45 AM Bible Study 6:30 PM Childrens Choir 11:00 AM Morning Worship 7:30 PM 6:30 PM Practice 7:00 PM 12:30 PM Faith Expressions Open Basketball Upward Practice 6:30 PM Mission Friends Personnel 6:00 PM Snack n YAK 6:30 PM YAK 360 Committee Mtg 7:15 PM GAs & RAs 7:30 PM Worship Choir Practice For The Dark Times Lighthouses are now a popular although it does — but to illumine purpose for coming to live decorating theme for living rooms, a ship’s way beneath heavy, dark among us was to save us calendars, cards, screen savers, clouds or a moonless night. from the storm of sin; to towels and more. Many images are Indeed, the lighthouse itself illumine our path through infused with shimmering light to doesn’t even light up until its the darkness of death, in all its forms; symbolize Christian faith and hope. surroundings grow dark! to be the light guiding all people safely home. Jesus’ light shines for us day Yet the purpose of a lighthouse isn’t Surely Jesus loves to share our joys, and night, rain or shine, to bless us to look pretty against a sunny sky — and we praise his glory during life’s with faith and hope. bright times. But God’s primary
  6. 6. Page 6 the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church January, 2013 Youth News On behalf of my family, I harnessed for Christs would like to thank all those purposes. We hope to come at KBC for working so hard to back ready to start a new year make us feel welcome. Every serving Him well. When you new holiday and experience is have a chance, ask one of the a first for us at KBC. We youth about the trip and what youth be involved regularly so treasure the warm wishes and they gained from it. The they can grow deep hospitality that has been excitement might just rub off relationships with one shown to us. I believe that on you. another. Relationships are many in KBC have been Gods conduits of grace. Due granted the gift of hospitality, The youth is starting new to things going on at their age as it seems evident to us curriculum. The title is called and especially the hectic newcomers. Thanks so much the Gospel Project. It is nature of the holiday season, for making us a true part of unique because it takes every it has been difficult to have your family. passage in Scripture to the consistency in youth gospel to see how it applies to involvement. Please pray that The youth ski trip is Jan 4-6. us. The creators describe it by God would allow things to Our aims for this trip are to saying, "participants are settle for our young people so enjoy time together, have immersed in the gospel and they may see and experience meaningful conversation (yes, learn how when the gospel the life-changing grace of that can happen on a trip with works on them, they become a Jesus. Thanks for your help youth), and be uplifted by a part of the story, too." Find in this. Prayer is the most Dove award-winning Christian out more at valuable thing we can do as artist. Anytime the youth www.gospelproject.com. Christians. spend time with one another it invigorates and excites them. Lastly, please pray for the — Joe Johnston (JJ) This excitement can be youth. My desire is that the Backpack Buddies The “Backpack Buddies” not needed at this time, but vestibule of the Sanctuary. program is an ongoing food items are. ministry KBC has with Listed below is a revised Thank you for all your help Knightdale Elementary grocery list. Food collection with this special ministry for School. Plastic bags, used bins are located in the the children in Knightdale! to distribute the food, are Education Building and the This is a list of food items that can be donated: (Glass Jars cannot be sent home with the kids due to potential breakage.) Oatmeal Ready made pudding packs Granola bars Macaroni and cheese (easy mac or boxed) Applesauce Cans of corn, green beans, peas, carrots (15 oz or less) Pop Tarts Individual boxes of cereal (one serving size) Peanut butter Canned fruits (16 oz or less) Jelly Canned meat (Vienna sausage, tuna, chicken, pork & beans) Nabs/cracker packs Canned pasta, like Chef Boyardee or Spaghettios (16 oz or less) Ramen noodles
  7. 7. Page 7 the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church January, 2013 Worship and Mission Opportunities Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal The Wednesday Night Call the church office to Menu: Fellowship Meal is make reservations at 919- Baked Spaghetti, Salad Bar, Wednesday, January 9th. 266-2471. Rolls, Homemade Desserts The service line is open and Beverages. (Cheese Pizza Cost for the meal is: from 5:30-6:30 PM. always available.) adults (10-up) $5.00 Reservations/cancellations children (4-9) $2.00 must be made by noon on and children 3 and under Monday, January 7th. eat free (Max charge per family - $20.00). When Christians Get It Wrong More and more young can be more about open angry fighting. adults have opted out of doors than locked fences, Christianity and the more about serving people Join us for this Wednesday church. The reason? than judging them, more night series beginning Christians. Following Jesus about joyful living than January 9th. Coat Drive From January 2nd - 31st coats will be donated to the the Knightdale Baptist Raleigh Rescue Mission. If Church Preschool will be you have coats you would them during the month of holding a coat drive. All like to donate please bring January. Celebrating Epiphany Epiphany, from the Greek coming of the Magi, or wise Epiphany is green, word epiphaneia, means an men, to worship the baby indicating life, growth, hope appearance or Jesus. Because the Magi and eternity. Symbols for the manifestation. Christians were Gentiles, Epiphany season include a light, celebrate this festival each symbolizes the first candle, star, crown, gifts and year on January 6th, the recognition of Christ by a globe. Epiphany has 12th day after Christmas. non-Jews. It’s a reminder become a time for reaching Epiphany ends on Ash that Christ came as the out and “showing” Jesus as Wednesday, when Lent light - and Savior - of the the Savior of all people. It’s begins. whole world. also a reminder to engage in Christian community and to Epiphany marks the The traditional color for heal divisions.Upward Basketball and CheerleadingGames for this month are beginning at 9:00 Come out and watchSaturdays, January 5th, am. the games and support12th, 19th and 26th the Upward program.
  8. 8. Page 8 the Beam, a monthly Newsletter for Knightdale Baptist Church January, 2013 Baptist Men’s Sunday On Sunday, January Christians, churches, For more information 13th, Dr. Larry Hovis, staff, councils, other about CBFNC, go to Executive Coordinator volunteer leadership, www.cbfnc.org for Cooperative Baptist and ministry partners) Fellowship of North into a coherent and Carolina will be our efficient whole to guest speaker during accomplish our purpose morning worship. of “bringing Baptists of North Carolina together Dr. Hovis has served as for Christ-centered Executive Coordinator ministry.” of CBF of North Carolina since 2004. Please join as we learn His responsibilities more about our include bringing connections to the together the diverse identity and mission of parts of CBFNC CBFNC. (including individual Knightdale Baptist Church 15 Main Street Knightdale, NC 27545 Phone: 919-266-2471 · Fax: 919-266-0984 Please note our new website: www.knightdalebaptist.org Office Hours (Monday - Friday) 8:00 am until 5:00 pmAddress Service Requested Staff: Rev. Trent Sessoms Senior Pastor Rev. Hal Roach Minister of Worship Rev. Joe Johnston Youth Pastor Mrs. Patty Jones Administrative Assistant Mrs. Christi Boggs The Mission of Knightdale Baptist Church, as a loving, unified body, is to worship God and share Christ through Preschool Director various Christian ministries, teaching, service, prayer and fellowship.