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  1. 10th International Symposium on Online Journalism Diverse business models in online journalism – are we trying hard enough? The University of Texas at Austin April 17-18, 2009 Márion Strecker, UOL Content Director
  2. • Brazilian company • Main shareholders: Folha (major newspaper - 41.93% total shares), Portugal Telecom (29%) • Launched in April, 1996 • Content, services & internet access provider • Journalism, sports, entertainment & services • + 1,000 content channels • + 800 employees • + 135 people in the newsroom • + 800 content partnerships (magazines, newspapers, publishing houses, internet companies, content providers, celebrities etc.) • First: create the audience • Second: try to monetize it Are we trying hard enough?
  3. UOL & Folha relationship • Different companies; separated newsrooms • Folha is the main shareholder of UOL • Folha is also a content partner of UOL • All the Folha’s sites are under the umbrella of UOL • Folha “sells” headlines to UOL homepage as any other content partner • Some of Folha’s columnists have blogs, TV programs or other kind of collaboration with UOL • Folha newspaper sells 311,287 copies per day • Folha’s circulation is stable; last year grew 2,87% over 2007 • Folha de S.Paulo site (online version of the paper edition) attracts near 700,000 home unique visitors per month • Folha Online (real time updated) attracts near 3,4 million home unique visitors per month Sources: IVC 2008 & Ibope NetRatings March 2009
  4. • Folha Online is free and ad supported • Folha de S.Paulo site (the newspaper of the day and all the archives) is just for UOL and Folha subscribers • Same business model since 1996 UOL & Folha relationship
  5. Are we trying hard enough?
  6. Achievements • # 1 portal content in audience in Brazil* • 17.086 MM unique visitors (home market)* • 1.960 BI page views* • 1.312 BI minutes spent* • + 1.83 MM paying subscribers • Break even since 2003 • First in online advertising in Brazil * Ibope Netrating March 2009 Are we trying hard enough?
  7. Some doubts • For how long the access subscription income will remain so important for UOL • How fast the advertising income will increase • How fast the products & services income will increase • How hard and how long will be the financial crisis impact in Brazil Are we trying hard enough?
  8. My convictions About business models: • Try, try and try! • Measure and keep calm • Avoid erratic movements (ex. changing subscription model to free content model and step back again) • Don’t make a rush for conclusions • Think about charging someone else • Think about charging for something else About journalism: • Better let journalists do journalism than business • Better maintain a healthy distance between the newsroom and the sales department • Hurting credibility doesn’t seem a good way to be contemporary! Are we trying hard enough?
  9. Thank you! UOL Márion Strecker
  10. Thank you! UOL Márion Strecker