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Skok david

  1. 1. BE THE DISRUPTOR: THE EPILOGUE (so far!) Presentation to #ISOJ David Skok, @dskok Director of Digital @globaltvnews
  2. 2. How do we attract an audience? (Jobs to be done) How do we reach sustainability? (Modularity vs. interdependence) How do we change the culture? (RPP Model) AFRAMEWORK FORANSWERING…
  3. 3.  Every story is ongoing  Every beat is a site  Every author is a brand GLOBALNEWS.CASITE PHILOSOPHY
  4. 4. 1. SITE REDESIGN • Editorial: Emphasis on posts • Layout: Story “stream” over a “curated” lineup • Design: Mobile first • Sales: Sponsored, branded and featured partner content Major findings
  5. 5. 2. NEW CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM • Editorial: “Frictionless posting and metatags/ SEO/sharing • IT: Market forces and scale, WordPress (powers 18% of the internet) • Developers: Evolving open vs. closed community • Sales: Syndication and ad targeting
  6. 6.  Hourly huddles instead of daily story meetings  Real-time analytics  Weekly editorial meetings with broadcast  Breaking news desk  Local desks (12 newsrooms across Canada)  Investigative data desk  Subject beats, including world, politics, health, money, weather & climate, entertainment and technology Beat system Management approaches 3. EDITORIAL WORKFLOWS
  8. 8. @dskok THANK YOU