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  1. 1. Storytelling on the web in and other media in Colombia Knight Center for the Americas, Austin, April 17th , 2009 Maria Teresa Ronderos
  2. 2. I. How do we plan stories 1. Small team of journalists who multitask: report with/without camera, write, edit audio, video, photo. Of 6, two work with flash. 2. Everyday we face very rich stories (human tragedy, political turmoil, heros, corruption). 3. The magazine-angle of everyday stories forces us to look for visually atractive, multimedia, options. 4. We have faced different kinds of problems to tell a story.
  3. 3. 1. In depth investigations 2. Abstract ideas, difficult to bring down to earth 3. Simple news coverage with special human strength II Exploring different types of stories... ¿Qué les queda a las Farc? Una carretera de mentiras Victimarios Verdad Abierta Tres ramas distintas, un solo poder verdadero La tragedia de San Onofre Los desentierros de Oriente 4. News follow-up (processes or news that last several days) Travesía por un secuestrado ¿Confundido por la parapolítica? El muro de los falsos positivos
  4. 4. 8. Making simple a complex explanation 5. Chronicles or describing a situation 6. A traditional story 7. A story based on a report (avoiding boring) II Exploring different types of stories... Caracolí: reportaje al desplazamiento en el sur de Bogotá Felicidad, pobreza e incertidumbre Felicidad, pobreza e incertidumbre Los médicos y la guerra Así son los que viven en las calles de Bogotá Violaciones como arma de guerra Las penas del racismo Las cuentas de la coca de Mancuso
  5. 5. III. Storytelling on the web using interactive and mutimedia elements has its advantages…. a.Allows journalists to produce/narrate other kinds of information generally difficult to “sell” to editors. (state of the art; in-depth, long investigations; analytical pieces that connect processes apparently disconnected) b.Revives quality journalism because it makes difficult stories friendly and easy to access. c.Leads journalists to choose the best medium for what you want to say.
  6. 6. III. …advantages…. d. Mix journalistic genres. e. Virtually limitless in length f. Enormous explanatory power for complex issues g. As journalists no longer control the storyline, people can choose what is interesting or useful of a story.
  7. 7. V. Exploring new formats and design… Social Reality Así se sintió el bogotazo ¿? Cómo es de verdad el nuevo Minagricultura De qué está hecho Lara, el técnico de la Selección Colombia PROYECTO GPS, reparación simbólica del territorio 10 historias ineditas de la cultura colombiana El Tiempo
  8. 8. VI. Challenges 1. Think different as you can no longer lead the thread of thought. 2. Innovate permanently 3. Clarify concepts. Muddy ideas in stories look worse on the internet. 4. Find ways to share content of stories. Involve readers/viewers in producing content of complex stories. 5. Make better use of each media according to content. !So yes, I think we are creating new narratives but we are still in the cave ages!