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ISOJ 2012

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  1. 1. Survival is Success Journalistic Online Start-Ups in Western Europe Rasmus Kleis Nielsen and Nicola Bruno International Symposium on Online Journalism, April 2012
  2. 2. Overview over the performance of the nine case start-ups
  3. 3. Different media systems/context Germany: Strong and slowly declining legacy news media France: Weaker and rapidly declining legacy news media Italy: Weak and rapidly declining legacy news media
  4. 4. Challenge No. 1 - competition from legacy media “As long as Netzeitung was one of the few websites providing a constant flow of updated news, our visitor traffic increased exponentially. When around 2003 mainstream news media landed on the Web, however, we could not hold our position and could not attract new readers, given our lack of a definite brand, easy to recognize and understand by the general public.” Dominika Ahlrichs, former managing editor of Netzeitung
  5. 5. Challenge No. 2 – the economics of online ads In 2008, “[One million unique visitors per month] brings in revenues of one million euro; with two million visitors, we could gain three million euro in advertising alone.” Pierre Haski, co-founder of Rue89 In 2011, Rue89 regularly drew around 2 million unique monthly visitors, but generated less than a million euro in advertising revenue.
  6. 6. Survival is (a precondition for) success
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