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ISOJ 2008

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  1. 1. Aron Pilhofer, The New York Times Opinionated Data
  2. 2. Interactive News • Seven journalist/developers • News-focused, data-driven projects • “Web development at newsroom speed”
  3. 3. Interactive News Where we’re a little different: •Based in the newsroom •Run by (relatively nerdy) journalists •A news desk; not a software shop •Focused on journalism, not news products
  4. 4. Interactive News For example: •Clinton schedules •NFL Playoffs
  5. 5. Opinionated Data
  6. 6. (Un)opinionated Data
  7. 7. (Un)opinionated Data
  8. 8. • Sometimes works quite well, e.g. ChicagoCrime • What am I to understand from this? • What is the context of this? • Why should I care? (Un)opinionated Data
  9. 9. Throwing data online without context or analysis is what machines do, not journalists.
  10. 10. Opinionated Data
  11. 11. Biased Data
  12. 12. Slanted Data
  13. 13. Misleading Data
  14. 14. Opinionated Data • It’s about making editorial decisions • It’s about telling a story • It’s about providing context, analysis • In other words...
  15. 15. It’s about journalism
  16. 16. Opinionated Data Interactives should: •Steeped in context, analysis •Invite exploration and discovery •Provide a venue for sharing •Be portable! APIs everywhere •Data should be useful, not ubiquitous
  17. 17. Opinionated Data Examples •Ron Paul and Clinton vs Obama? •Buy or rent? •Faces of the dead •Election results and election results
  18. 18. Opinionated Data Payoff: •Hundreds of emails... •Bloggers stopped bashing us (for a day) •Super Tuesday: 72M page views in 48 hours •Biggest story of Super Tuesday? A map
  19. 19. Opinionated Failure
  20. 20. Fine for The Times, but.... • Doesn’t take huge, Times-like staff • Data is everywhere • Expertise is all over the newsroom, website • Just need to utilize it
  21. 21. Aron Pilhofer, The New York Times (212) 556-5849 AIM: pilhofer