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ISOJ 2009

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  1. 1. The New News Cycle and the Audience Rachel Nixon, Global News Director, NowPublic
  2. 2. The New News Cycle and the Audience •What is NowPublic? •The supply chain of news •The myths and reality of citizen journalism •How news organizations can make sense of it
  3. 3. Build the World’s Largest News Network Build the World’s Largest News Network Using a Crowd-Source Model Using a Crowd-Source Model Assuming That When News Happens Assuming That When News Happens Someone is There to Record It Someone is There to Record It
  4. 4. The New News Cycle
  5. 5. The New News Cycle
  6. 6. 1970 (circa)
  7. 7. The Old Supply Chain !!
  8. 8. The Old Supply Chain
  9. 9. The Old Supply Chain
  10. 10. The Old Supply Chain !!!!!!
  11. 11. 2010 (circa)
  12. 12. The New Supply Chain !!
  13. 13. The New Supply Chain
  14. 14. 90% of the time these people are not journalists.
  15. 15. The Evolution of the News Conversation
  16. 16. What does NowPublic want me to do today? RAW PACKAGED Citizen Journalism
  17. 17. RAW PACKAGED Citizen Journalism
  18. 18. Citizen JournalismCitizen Journalism
  19. 19. RAW PACKAGED Citizen Journalism Live Video
  20. 20. RAW PACKAGED Citizen Journalism NowPublic Library
  21. 21. RAW PACKAGED Citizen Journalism NP Library NowPublic Network Editors Witnesses Tech Site Tools Listening engine Staff Editors Story on NP Enterprise Solution Story on Partner 1 Story on Partner 1 Story on Partner 1
  22. 22. The Deputy is now walking out of the meeting The Capitol is being evacuated as we speak. Seas are calm now but there is great unease. The violence against foreigners is getting out of hand. Oil is at $127. Will keep an eye on it… People in this area don’t feel the same way as they do in DC. Gates on stage When Obama walked onto the stage you could feel the … Depleted Stocks His Holiness Day of Sadness Remarkable! Hilton on Fire! Global News Intelligence Network
  23. 23. Relationship with audience is different What Have We Learned? Content is already out there Citizen Journalists are just citizens The narrative structure has changed
  24. 24. 1. Cost of spot news coverage is out of reach for most organizations 2. Less reader engagement on news properties 3. Reliance on generic wire content 4. The “live” web is very complicated to navigate and utilize The Problem
  25. 25. Scan
  26. 26. Scan
  27. 27. THANK YOU