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  1. 1. The Use of Video Journalism and other types of Copyrighted Video in Teaching Journalism Prof. Loreto Corredoira & Rodrigo Cetina Presuel
  2. 2. Ways of teaching Journalism using video: • Studying online video journalism • Studying films about journalism • Using & Studying UGC
  3. 3. Online Video Journalism
  4. 4. Journalism and Film
  5. 5. User Generated Content
  6. 6. VOD channel for teaching Journalism: • We can use Film, Online Video Journalism, UGC and… o creativity • Its proper use can only improve the learning experien • We must protect ourselves from liability: • Make the User’s rules clear • Respect Copyright • Acknowledge Author’s Rights • European Copyright Law needs changes that better de which uses can be given to video by Professors and bet definitions of the concepts involved.
  7. 7. Thank you very much