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ISOJ 2010

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  1. 1. Investigation. Analysis. Conversation. Intelligence.
  2. 2. A Personalized News World • Newspaper comes to you. • TV comes to you. • Internet asked you to go to its sources. – That was worth it! They were good sources. – But it was still took away the passive consumption. • Now the best of all of it is coming back to you. But you can interact.
  3. 3. The Bundled Model • Traditional news sources compiled all news you supposedly needed. – Competition was to be best at presenting a package. – From Israel to stock quotes. – From sports to local news. – Get it all here!!! Not there! – A tremendous service. 1/26/17 3
  4. 4. The Bundled Model • So we were asking a newspaper to: – Perform what is an artistic, academic, intellectual exercise: journalism, photography and design – Perform a commercial activity: advertising – Perform an industrial process – Print, organize and produce a daily “book” – Distribute it – trucks – Oh and be a digital technology company too! 1/26/17 This is the footer 4
  5. 5. Something Happened • The internet. • You’re no longer dependent on what the bundlers brought you. • You could go look for the best sources on the news and information you wanted.
  6. 6. Unbundling of Content • Content was unbundled. – Better sources for news on stocks, Israel and sports. 1/26/17 6
  7. 7. Problems • You had to go to it. – Removed the leisure from news consumption. • Too Much!! • Killed subsidy that funded news operations – Ad inventory became near infinite, price plummeted.
  8. 8. Users Fought Back • Demanded ability to filter the fire hose. – Rise of aggregators. – People you could ‘trust’ to filter. – Drudge – Huffington Post – Your uncle • Companies responded to need to filter. – RSS  the return of passive but it was confusing.
  9. 9. It Started Coming Back to You • RSS allowed you to set up your perfect news page. • Theory: Others might be able to distribute news better than news source. • But it’s geeky=difficult
  10. 10. What Twitter Teaches Us • It’s not that Twitter is the answer. – The answer is what Twitter shows us. – We can now consume again, rather than seek. – Filter perfectly to our tastes – But people now punish publishers. – Not by changing channel or stopping subscription. – Simply ‘unfollowing.’ – You get unfollowed, you’re out!
  11. 11. Twitter • NYTimes: – At its best, the social medium is a perpetual, personalized news service about topics of your choosing — whether health care reform, tech news or the latest episode of “Gossip Girl” — filtered and served to you by people who care a lot about what you care a lot about.
  12. 12. Perfect News Sources: Bundled by You!
  13. 13. Challenge for Producers • We have to be something they want to bundle. • We have to decide who we want to include us. • We cannot duplicate. – They’ll punish duplicators. – Either be better or different.
  14. 14. • Mission: – To consistently deliver ground-breaking investigative journalism for the San Diego region. To increase civic participation by giving residents the knowledge and in-depth analysis necessary to become advocates for good government and social progress.
  15. 15. Investigative Success • Known around country for journalistic success. • Won’t cover anything unless – A. No one else is doing it. – B. Or we can do it better.
  16. 16. ‘Revenue Promiscuity’ • Generate loyalty and passion of users – Users to donors to participant members • Loyalty and Passion of Philanthropists – Realize without information, whatever else they support is compromised. • Build Corporate Memberships – Offer more than advertising. – Workshops, event presence. • Content Services – For profit distributors – Photostore • Contain Costs! – Don’t innovate, incorporate
  17. 17. Membership • Users to donors. • Donors to participant members. • Participant members to long-term supporters, advocates, mavens. • 1,080 members right now. – Goal is 10,000 by 2013
  18. 18. Philanthropy • Don’t support journalism. – Support information. – If you care about education, government, environment, housing, anything, you support information. • Aren’t unaccustomed to supporting public service enterprises. – Public broadcasters. – Museums. – Arts organizations.
  19. 19. Corporate Memberships • ‘Corporate’ could mean unions, nonprofits, steak houses... • Must convince them to support... • ...then offer service. • Not content but ... – Workshops. – Event sponsorships. – Web presence.
  20. 20. Content Services • NBC partnership. – San Diego Explained – San Diego Fact Check – Corporate sponsor on website. – Segment for tv. – Revenue from both. – Mission from all. – Dynamic, interesting resource. – Perfect.
  21. 21. Contain Costs • That’s the ultimate secret. – $1M, $2M comparatively not a lot. – Choose content/engagement innovation or choose technological innovation. – Can’t be both. – If content and engagement, must incorporate technology not innovate. – Imagine had we had an extra $1 million...