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ISOJ 2009

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  1. 1. The 10th Knight International Symposium on Online Journalism April 17, 2009 Diverse Business Models in Online Journalism – Are We Trying Hard Enough? Katie King, Creative and Development Editor MSN UK
  2. 2. MSN: Leading UK portal  29 M uniques Feb 09 (Comscore)  News, Cars, Money, Entertainment, Technology are in top three in category  25 plus channels  25% year-on-year page view growth  Emphasis on original content, social media and video  35 editorial staff  40 plus editorial partners
  3. 3. Information, community, conversation
  4. 4. MSN UK Ad-Funded Creative Solutions Engaging and informing users on behalf of our clients
  5. 5. Value for clients and MSN UK audience  Content, technology, promotion, SEO  Top quality editorial  Sophisticated performance metrics  Cross platform (mobile, Hotmail, Messenger, Spaces, Xbox)  Ability to target audience  Client specific solutions  Connect to audience through web 2.0 functionality
  6. 6. Embraced by UK news industry
  7. 7. Questions to contemplate What will be the future role of advertising agencies? Will the “chaos scenario” of decreasing ad spend play out?
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