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ISOJ 2007

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  1. 1. By Juanita Leon International perspectives on online journalism 8th International Symposium on Online Journalism
  2. 2. By Juanita Leon click
  3. 3. By Juanita Leon Small staff for a younger local audience  Staff: one editor, 3 reporters, one designer, 1 intern  We have an average of 350.000 users, 1.2 million visits and 5.8 million page views a month.  Each visit accounts for 5 page views, according to the last report of Google Analytics.  40 % of our audience is 35 years or younger  65 % live in Colombia, and 15 per cent in the U.S  56 % come to our page directly, while 20 percent come through Google and 10 per cent from El Tiempo.  Online revenues account for 15 % of the operation. 20 % of the revenue comes from Google ads, the rest from advertising.
  4. 4. By Juanita Leon Main debates around  Is Internet an opportunity or a threat? : from fear to hope  Editorial control  Scoops  Circulation  Sustainability  Should newsrooms converge? : easier said than done  Incentives for print journalists  Reeducation in a new way of thinking  How controlled should users’s participation be? Who is using who?  Comments, columns, articles, blogs
  5. 5. By Juanita Leon Where are we going? • Experiment with new narratives – Tell stories through interactive tests click
  6. 6. By Juanita Leon Where are we going? Use more humor, mash ups BRUTO WILLIS click
  7. 7. By Juanita Leon Where are we going? Use more galleries, graphics, video and audio IdArt=96603&IdMlt=86&Res=Alta click
  8. 8. By Juanita Leon The site as a platform to bring people together Chats with paramilitary and guerrilla leaders Where are we going? click
  9. 9. By Juanita Leon Users won the debate • More people are going online • Comments are the second most popular section. • Stories written with our users are the most popular. (Examples) • Se acabaron los paras: click
  10. 10. By Juanita Leon •Caida interactiva delucho: Users won the debate click
  11. 11. By Juanita Leon Museo virtual: Users won the debate click