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  1. 1. Indispensable?
  2. 2. Average Total Page Views News & Information Category Source: Nielsen//NetRatings NetView
  3. 3. Classification A: What is your gender? -- Q. B: What is your age group? – SES = Socio-Economic Status (based on income, education, occupation) Source: Online Publishers Association, Brand Affinity Study, Spring 2004 Male 54% Female 46% Overall Sample Demographics DK/NA 1% Low 8% High 46% Middle 45% Gender Age SES
  4. 4. Q. 30(A-J): Compare SITE and OFFLINE PROPERTY. Which of the two is…? BASE: Those who use offline property frequently/occasionally. Source: Online Publishers Association, Brand Affinity Study, Spring 2004 More useful Faster to find what you are looking for Easier to use Playing a more important role in your day More informative Online Properties Offer Functional Advantages…
  5. 5. Q. 32: Overall, if both SITE and OFFLINE PROPERTY were available to you at the same time at the same place, which one would you prefer to use? BASE: Total sample (N=25,852) Source: Online Publishers Association, Brand Affinity Study, Spring 2004 Overall, Slight Majority Prefers Online Over Offline Prefer offline property (45%) Prefer Web site (55%)
  6. 6. Offline Use FrequentInfrequent Segments Based On Online/Offline Brand Usage Frequency BASE: Total sample (N=25,852) Definitions: Frequent online use = Several times a week or more (Q. 3). Infrequent online use = several times a month or less (Q. 3). Frequent offline use = frequently/occasionally (Q. 20). Infrequent offline use = rarely/never (Q. 20). Source: Online Publishers Association, Brand Affinity Study, Spring 2004 Onliners Dabblers OnlineUse Frequent Infrequent Multi Channelers Offliners 29% 8% 51% 13%
  7. 7. Gender: 34% male, 66% female Age: 30% age 18-34, 70% age 35-54 Gender: 53% female, 47% male Age: 35% age 18-34, 65% age 35-54 Gender: 51% male, 49% female Age: 33% age 18-34, 67% age 35-54 Gender: 70% male 30% female Age: 40% age 18-34, 60% age 35-54 OnlineUse Frequent Infrequent Offline Use FrequentInfrequent Segment Profiles Multi Channelers OfflinersDabblers Onliners Source: Online Publishers Association, Brand Affinity Study, Spring 2004
  8. 8. Strongly agree Agree somewhat Neither agree nor disagree Disagree somewhat Disagree strongly I conduct more product research online than I would be able to offline 54% 33% 8% 3% 2% I connect and keep in touch with people online I would not be able to connect with offline 42% 34% 11% 8% 5% Sometimes I spend more time online than I planned to 41% 43% 10% 5% 2% I track financial/investment activities online more easily than I could offline 31% 23% 26% 10% 11% I am better informed in making health/medical decisions because I research these issues online 30% 36% 22% 8% 5% I keep current on news events online more than I would be able to offline 30% 33% 19% 12% 7% I often purchase things online that I would not have the time to purchase offline. 29% 35% 16% 12% 8% I feel more at risk conducting transactions online than offline 12% 29% 23% 25% 13% I plan my personal and social activities online during the weekday when I otherwise would not 5% 16% 30% 24% 25% • Adults with Internet access at work say nearly every major category of transaction and research is made simpler online.  Nearly two-thirds agree that they keep current on news events more online than they would without Internet access. Source: Netratings/WPNI: Working Women Online, Spring 2004 (Results shown above are from entire sample – male and female.) Benefits of Online Activity
  9. 9. % Of Internet Users Who Are 'Very Interested' Breaking News 64% Brief overview of world news 55% World news and developments 54% Politics and political coverage 28% General info/links to other sites 24% In depth analysis 23% Opinion and editorials 12% Recognized columnists/reporters 11% Source: AdWorks National Segmentation Study, Summer 2003 • More than half of all active Internet users say that they read news on the Internet. Among those who indicate an interest in online news, there are varying levels of interest by specific category of news.  General breaking news is widely sought after, with nearly two-thirds of online news readers indicating that they are ‘very interested’ in the genre.  In-depth analysis and editorial/opinion pieces are much less appealing to a mass audience – less than 25% of online news readers indicate strong interest in these areas. Interest in Specific Types of News
  10. 10. Attributes of a Good News and Information Site Source: M&RR Local Market Segmentation Study, Spring, 2004 (Results above refer to LOCAL Web users only.) • Community and transactional features draw more limited interest among local online news readers than do general news topics such as international news or political coverage.  Less than 20% of local news users feel it is important for a news Web site to allow you to buy and sell merchandise.  Video and audio features are not widely viewed as essential for a news Web site, although use of these features has grown steadily over the years. % of Local Web Users who Think Attribute Is Important Offers widespread sports coverage 26% Has recognizable columnists or writers 24% Helps you plan your leisure time 23% Incorporates video and audio throughout 22% Helps you feel connected to others and part of a community 21% Allows you to buy and sell merchandise 12%
  11. 11. It’s Still About Journalism • Continuous News • Use the Medium • Be More than the Paper
  12. 12. Is There a Business Here? • Advertising • Registration • Subscription Model • What about Google and Yahoo (Overture)

Editor's Notes

  • Continuous News
    Born of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal – Peter Baker.
    Totally ratified by Post newsroom with 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq
    Five full-timers; emphasizing early morning
    Use the Medium
    Live Online – Conversation with the Candidates
    Original Video – wins prizes
    Fun Stuff (veep-o-matic 2004)
    Entertainment guide (essential locally)
    Be more than the paper
    White House briefing
    NFL insider
    Howie Kurtz
    Cindy Webb
    All blog-type. Howell Raines, in May issue of Atlantic Monthly---
    “The Times image as a bastion of quality had become even more important as tabloid television, Britain’s declining newspaper values, and the unsourced ranting of Internet bloggers polluted the journalistic mainstream of the United States.b