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Dan Pacheco


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ISOJ 2016

Published in: News & Politics
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Dan Pacheco

  1. 1. Virtual Reality Storytelling
  2. 2. VR in Context 1436 – 1988: CHAPTER 1: CHAPTER 1: ONE WAY COMMUNICATION From Gutenberg Press to broadcast television.
  3. 3. VR in Context 1436 – 1988: ONE WAY COMMUNICATION 1988-1999: CHAPTER 2: INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION Words, images, audio all together. Interact with content.
  4. 4. VR in Context 1436 – 1988: ONE WAY COMMUNICATION 1988-TODAY: CHAPTER 2: INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION Words, images, audio all together. Interact with content. CHAPTER 3? EXPERIENTIAL VR, AR, gaming
  5. 5. What’s so new? Beyond the technology, what we’re doing is fundamentally different from any media before: • People can jump inside stories to experience them from a first-person point of view. • They can walk around, pick things up, and truly interact within the story. • “3D Consciousness Transportation.”
  6. 6. Four flavors of VR BYO phone / “casual VR.” Phone w/ headset Sitdown VR with gamepad Immersive walkaround with hands
  7. 7. Four flavors of VR 1. BYO phone, or “casual VR.” Google Cardboard Mostly 360 video
  8. 8. Four flavors of VR 2. Phone with dedicated headset Samsung GearVR 360 and some CGI
  9. 9. Four flavors of VR 3. Sitdown VR with Gamepad Oculus Rift Mostly CGI
  10. 10. Four flavors of VR 4. Immersive Walkaround, see your hands. HTC Vive CGI, photogrammetric video
  11. 11. But … could it be just more hype? Let’s talk about that.
  12. 12. Gartner’s Hype Cycle Trigger Peak of inflated expectations Trough of disillusionment Pleateau of productivity
  13. 13. Trigger: 1838, first stereocard. Charles Wheatstone in Upstate New York.
  14. 14. 1968: “Sword of Damocles” by MIT professor Ivan Sutherland.
  15. 15. 1995 Inflated expectations: Nintendo Virtual Boy
  16. 16. Disillusionment 20 years, back in research labs.
  17. 17. Enlightenment: Oculus, Google Cardboard
  18. 18. Is it for real this time? Pawculus Rift joke:
  19. 19. “AR/VR to hit $150 Billion by 2020”
  20. 20. How I got into this Nonny: “The Godmother of Virtual reality.”
  21. 21. My first big project • Gannett Digital / USA Today: Hired as a consultant to help with emerging technologies. • They wanted to be first among commercial news orgs to try VR.
  22. 22. Two approaches 1. Virtually recreate the scene of a story to use as the primary navigational aid.
  23. 23. 2. Transition into 360 videos of the same place. (Partnership with Total Cinema 360). Two approaches
  24. 24. Impeccable attention to detail “Transferred reality?”
  25. 25. Teaching the next wave of producers • In third semester of virtual reality storytelling, the first such class in a journalism program. • Focus is on both CGI scenes using 3D models and 360 video. • By May, over 50 students will graduate with VR experience. Many now want to work in VR.
  26. 26. Students are now shooting in 360
  27. 27. Coming next: AR and “Mixed Reality” Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap
  28. 28. THANKS! DAN PACHECO Peter A. Horvitz Chair of Journalism Innovation, S.I. Newhouse School, Syracuse University Principal, FutureForecast Consulting, LLC | | 303.465.5560 | @pachecod