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Claudia silva

ISOJ 2014

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Claudia silva

  1. 1. Cláudia Silva - @silvaclaudia01 Universidade Nova de Lisboa – UT Austin Portugal program Back to the Future of News: Looking for locative media principles in the pre-news era
  2. 2. Paris, France-1917 Austin,Texas 2014
  3. 3. Readers from the 16th and 17th centuries perceived news like a maze without consulting analog maps (Vittu, 1994)
  4. 4. • Kenny, Neil (2004). The uses of curiosity in early modern France and Germany. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Curiosity History Sense of Place Maps
  5. 5. Foursquare: a cabinet of spatial information
  6. 6. How does it affect journalism? Curiosity Break with the industry’s preconceived notions of what news should be From temporal actuality to spatial proximity spatial news as rare, exotic, collectable, hidden, select, small strategy to recreate a news reading habit in Millennials by engaging them with a physical location enhancing sense of place
  7. 7. Thank you!  Dr. Joseph Straubhaaar  Dr. Antonio Granado