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What is Performance Marketing ? This course aims to show that performance marketing is more than just buying media on a performance based model. It includes the Search Marketing and ends with wome thoughts on attribution modeling.

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Performance Marketing course at Solvay EMMA

  2. 2. Founder Pioneer of the SEM Market in Belgium (1999)  Google AdWords Qualified Individual Google Analytics Qualified Individual Who am I? An experienced multi‐lingual team Google AdWords Certified Partner Managing large accounts in Benelux  and Europe. 5 individually certified  specialists: AdWords Analytics  Microsoft  AdExcellence 2 Google Forums Top Contributors (AdWords & Analytics) Gérald Claessens
  3. 3. Performance Marketing Be Found Generate Sales SEA SEO Conversions !
  4. 4. Conversion Funnel
  5. 5. Performance main issues • CPM  CPC • CPC  CPL, CPA • Post View or Post Click ? • Cookie based, MultiTouch or Last Click ?  DATA (marketing)! Gérald Claessens
  6. 6. POE and Search AS INTRODUCTION
  7. 7. Paid. Owned. Earned. Opinions of friends and family,  word of mouth Opinions of surfers (blogs, forums, community networks,  etc ...) Press coverage Advertising in media (TV,  Internet, Radio, outdoor, print)  (e‐)mailings Promotional gifts, trade fairs Sponsored events Web Site, facebook page of the  brand Point of sale Catalogue or magazine of the brand P O E
  8. 8. POE impact on business Owned 36% Control content &  dist. Control message Drive traffic &  conversion Paid 32% Drive traffic &  awareness Broad reach &  scalability Track & measure ROI Earned 32% Credibility &  trustworthy Peer references Third‐party  influence
  9. 9. POE in SERP AdWords AdWords Natural Result News & Reviews
  11. 11. SEO Search Engine Optimization
  12. 12. Google Market Share Google controls 46% of online ad spendingBELGIUM: 95%
  13. 13. Google : 46% of online ad spend According to the 2010  overall figures for  Digital Ad Spend,  courtesy of Darren  Herman, of the circa $64 billion Worldwide 2010 Digital Advertising Revenues, Google is responsible for nearly half, i.e. $29 billion or  circa 45.7%.
  14. 14. Offline vs Online
  15. 15. Natural Results
  16. 16. Google Golden Triangle
  17. 17. Making Google Easy is Hard
  18. 18. Making Google Easy is Hard
  19. 19. Making Google Easy is Hard
  20. 20. Google was Blind … See Do not see Text Images Title Video URL Flash Alt Javascript Java Applet
  21. 21. The Spider
  22. 22. Keywords Research (1)
  23. 23. Keywords Research (2)
  24. 24. Keywords Research (3)
  25. 25. SEO Factors
  26. 26. Social Link Building On page Optimization Accessibility & Quality Content Start with the basics Unique Text Content Sitemaps Bot accessibility URL structure Error handling Keyword research Titles, Meta, URLs, H1, Copy, Internal anchor text Manual request & creation On site  Engagement features
  27. 27. On Page Optimization 1. Page Titles,  2. Url Parameters 3. Headers (H1) 4. Bread Crumbs 5. webcopy & anchor text links 6. Alt tags 7. Image optimization 8. Microdata (reviews) 9. Call 2 action 10. Etc…
  28. 28. Pictures Optimization
  29. 29. Links
  30. 30. Links are crucial
  31. 31. Link Building High Auth. Sites Brand Advocates & Social Media PR, Basic Social Media, Partnerships Niche Directories, Article Sites Blogs, Forums, Profiles General Directories, Organizations, Classifieds
  32. 32. Link Baiting
  33. 33. Summary Most Important Factors 4 SEO? 1. Content 2. URLs 3. Links 4. Social Networks
  35. 35. Search Display A Dual Network
  36. 36. Search Network Up to 3 links Up to 8 links Sponsorized Links
  37. 37. A Closer Look at the Ad Auction Ad Position is determined by... Ad Rank… which denotes ad position= … Relevance Quality Score is  determined by a  combination of factors,  including: • Click‐through‐rate on (clicks  divided by impressions) • Keyword and ad text  relevance • Landing page quality  Quality Score X Willingness to pay Max CPC is the highest € amount an advertiser is  willing to pay for one  click on their ad Max CPC
  38. 38. Example: Auction & Ad Quality
  39. 39. More Quality Reduces Price
  40. 40. Regional and Local Targeting Country, Regional, and City-level Targeting ◦ Reach customers searching for results in geographic areas you choose Customized Targeting ◦ Reach customers searching for results in an area you define Language Targeting ◦ Reach users searching in a specific language, wherever they are* *Marketer is responsible for translating ads into selected languages. Region City Radius Set borders
  41. 41. Endless Optimisation Right Traffic Building Performance  analysis Content  optimisation Keyword List1 Copy2 Landing Page 3
  42. 42. Campaign = Website Structure Clothing Sporting equipment Athletic shoes Home gym Tennis  Shoes Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad GroupAd Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group
  43. 43. You are in control Campaign: Clothing Message Audience Keywords:  tennis  shoes     tennis  footwear          shoes  for tennis tennis shoes  on sale tennis shoe                  adidas shoes       nike  tennis shoes “tennis shoes”  Example Ad Group: Tennis  Shoes Annonce Keywords Athletic Shoes
  44. 44. Metrics That Matter •Manage your keywords for overall profitability, not for quality score.
  45. 45. Landing Pages • First Impressions are Everything
  46. 46. Site Quality Guidelines
  47. 47. Search Display
  48. 48. Everything is (will be) Display
  49. 49. Fragmentation is an opportunity
  50. 50. The vision of Display by Google Planning, targeting & reporting BRANDING ! For the advertiser: Reach the user at the right time For the user: For the publisher:  Applies the“search” science to display “art” Monetization Serving and  formats
  51. 51. Display Search Awareness Interest Desire Action Buying Cycle Display covers the whole buying cycle
  52. 52. Google Display Network YouTube & the Google websites  Google Partners
  53. 53. Targeting Contextual  Placement Remarketing Where they are Where they have been Activity
  54. 54. Ad are linked to content Google use  keywords and  themes to  find the most  appropriate  content.
  55. 55. Remarketing OR RETARGETING
  56. 56. Remarketing 97% of new visitors do not convert after their first visits It’s possible to target those surfers through Google display
  57. 57. Remarketing ? 2 Page is tagged with the  remarketing Code  5 … and visit a website of  the nbetwork A new ad is displayed User surfs on  the website 1 3 Server collects the ids of all  the users User List • Cookie 1357 • Cookie 2468 • Cookie 9753 • … 4 Users keep on  surfing 6 Users clicks and  come back on the  website 2 Cookie 1357 Cookie 1357
  58. 58. Campaign delivery When the concerned users go on  our network, the customized ads  are shown to the relevant users.  Products data collect (thanks to a cookie) We memorize the products of the  users browsing / surfing on the the  partners sites Choice of the relevant strategy 1 Products consulted 2 Similar products to the products  consulted or placed in the basket   page of the site 3 Complementary products to the  product purchased Data collect Strategy Diffusion Dynamic retargeting : concept
  59. 59. 5 9 Dynamic retargeting : scenarios 500€ The user has seen a 46cm  TV on the  site Product recall Recommendations Cross selling The user has placed the TV in the  basket page but has not bought the  product.  The user has bought a 46cm TV 300€ 100€ We personalized the banners by   showing the products previously  consulted by the user. We personalize the banners with the  highlight  in the banners of  the   products from the same category  (TV size, price, brand, etc…) We personalize the banners by  highlighting additional products  In this case, it could be a DVD player  or surround sound system.
  61. 61. The phenomenon
  62. 62. YouTube in Belgium
  63. 63. YouTube vs TV
  64. 64. YouTube vs TV
  65. 65. •TrueView video ads are a family of formats that give viewers choice and control over which advertisers’ messages they want to see and when. •Viewers can choose to view your video ad or skip it if they're not interested. You pay only when they choose to watch your message. Engage by giving viewers the choice SKIP THIS AD? VIEW THIS AD?
  66. 66. Target who you want - and who wants you The opt-in nature of TrueView video ads provides natural targeting eliminating viewers who have already seen your ad or who are not in the market for what you have to offer. Only pay for views You pay only when viewers choose to watch your ad - not by the page impression - and our auction-based system helps you control your budget based on performance. Increase your video view count All views on TrueView formats are user initiated and are happening in the YouTube player. Meaning that every single view is increasing the YouTube view count of your video. Gain essential insights Track your performance with “AdWords for Video” and you'll know exactly which of your ads perform best, then adjust your campaigns for even greater success. Reach people who are primed to hear your message
  67. 67. Overview of TrueView ad formats TrueView  IN STREAM  TrueView  IN SEARCH TrueView  IN DISPLAY TrueView  IN SLATE User can choose to view or  skip your Pre Roll ad User can choose to click through  to view your video User can choose to view your  video while on relevant  websites User can choose to view your ad out  of three ads shown
  68. 68. TrueView In Stream (TrueView Pre Roll) HOW IT WORKS • Viewer experience: Ad plays for 5 seconds, then  viewers can choose to skip or watch the ad to the  end. • Advertiser experience: You are only charged if the ad  has been watched in full or for at least 30 seconds.  Ads play on YouTube videos of all lengths.  CREATIVE ASSETS • Video, no max length • Optional companion banner (300x60)  PLACEMENT • YouTube Watch Page • Partner videos only TARGETING • Keyword, Category, Placement, Demographic PRICE  • Auction, CPV (Cost per View) • You only pay for views, not impressions
  69. 69. TrueView  In Stream (Pre Roll) Copy length – Max 30sec Companion Banner – Optional, 300x60 Buying – Reservation or Auction Currency – CPM or CPC Remarketing – Not available Copy length – No max Companion Banner – Optional, 300x60 Buying – Auction Currency – CPV (Cost per View)  Remarketing – Available TrueView vs. Standard Pre Roll Standard In Stream (Pre Roll)
  70. 70. TrueView In Search (Promoted Videos) HOW IT WORKS • User experience: Viewers see your ad as they are  searching for or watching relevant videos. They can  click on your ad and will be directed to your Watch  Page to view it. • Advertiser experience: You only pay when people  choose to view your videos. All impressions are free.  CREATIVE ASSETS • Video, no max length • Just write a few sentences to describe your video  and you’re ready to go PLACEMENT • YouTube Search Page TARGETING • Keyword, Category, Placement, Demographic PRICE • Auction, CPV (Cost per View) • You only pay for views, not impressions
  71. 71. Affiliate Marketing YOUR RESELLER NETWORK
  72. 72. Affiliate Marketing?
  73. 73. Visitor The advertiser pays the  platform The platform pays the  affiliate publisher The sale is recorded  by the affiliation  platform The publisher receives  a commission Affiliate Publisher Advertiser Affiliation : How does it work? Affiliation Platform The visitor clicks on  the ad published on  the website of the  publisher and buys on  the advertiser's site.
  74. 74. Visitor Affiliate Network Publisher website Advertiser website 4. visitor makes a  transaction 3. Network stores  click information  and forwards visitor  to advertiser’s  website 5. Advertiser reports  the transaction 1. Visitor visits  publisher website 2. Visitor clicks on  advertising which  links to affiliate  network 6. Network matches  transaction to click  and credits  transaction to the  publisher Standard affiliate tracking
  75. 75. Global Methodology Monitor Conversions Results and ROI Networks Animation On‐going Control of the Affiliates Cookie and Script Set‐up Campaigns Tagging and/or Tagging Control
  76. 76. The last ad vs Reality The “Last Ad” Standard –Last Ad Clicked –Last Ad Viewed The Reality Campaigns reach consumers multiple times, across multiple channels, over extended periods of time $ $ $ $ $ Search Google Banner Yahoo Rich Media & Sponsorship MSN Banner CNet Banner Sky Sports $
  77. 77. Solution Only report transaction to network which referred last click Overview: 1) Tag all destination urls with the name of the affiliate network Example:  Google Analytics campaign tagging can also be used 2) Get the traffic source of the current visit from the url and store this information in a cookie on the visitors computer  cookie contains affiliate network of last click 3) On sales confirmation page report the transaction only to the network stored in the visitor’s cookie  affiliate which referred last click gets the commission
  78. 78. Result Visitor Affiliate Network A Affiliate Network B Advertiser website 5. makes transaction Publisher from network A Publisher from network B 1. clicks 3. clicks 6. reads cookie from visitor and reports  transaction only to network B 7. credits transaction 2. Visits website 4. Visits website 2a. sets cookie  ‘network A’ 4a. sets cookie  ‘network B’, overriding  previous cookie
  79. 79. Advantages  Lower the costs of the Affiliates Campaigns (up to 50% savings)  Keep the same volume of sales  Easy to implement  Only minor changes to existing affiliate tracking code necessary  No additional third party software necessary  Can also involve other traffic sources, e.g. emailing campaigns  Easy to customize to business requirements Examples:  Do not override old traffic source if second visit of user came via Google Adwords using a  brand search keyword or via an emailing campaign  Remove the cookie after the first sale to attribute only first sale to traffic source
  80. 80. Attribution HOW TO BE LESS WRONG?
  81. 81. Last click rules Last click drives decisions today Flawed, but simple
  82. 82. Why last click is often too late
  83. 83. People search and buy on different devices
  84. 84. People research online then purchase offline 35%of Belgian consumers have researched online before buying offline, in the past 12 months
  85. 85. Google Conversion Tracking Solutions
  86. 86. Google Attribution Solutions
  87. 87. Understand the customer journey How many days from the first  touchpoint do conversions take?
  88. 88. Understand the customer journey How many digital media touchpoints Do visitors have before converting?
  89. 89. Understand the media mix How many conversion paths does a  channel touch?
  90. 90. Attribution Modeling Last Click First Click Linear Based on the Position Time Decay Personalised My business is unique !
  91. 91. Attribution Models Display View Display Click Affiliation  Click E‐mailing  Click SEA Click Conversion 100% Display View Display Click Affiliation  Click E‐mailing  Click SEA Click Conversion 100% Last Click First Click Display View Display Click Affiliation  Click E‐mailing  Click SEA Click Conversion 100% First Contact
  92. 92. Attribution Models Display View Display Click Affiliation  Click E‐mailing  Click SEA Click Conversion 20% Linear 20%20%20%20% Display View Display Click Affiliation  Click E‐mailing  Click SEA Click Conversion 35% Time Decay 30%20%10%5%
  93. 93. Attribution philosophy
  94. 94. Attribution modeling
  95. 95. Almost there… You just need to TEST •Option 1 : pre and post-test •Option 2 : geo test
  96. 96. Performance Marketing is an endless process Be Found Generate Sales SEA SEO Conversions ! TEST ‐ ANALYZE OPTIMIZE