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  1. 1. People sell their knowledge and skills in every profession. The possibility of a slip-up is inherent in this pattern of dispensation of wisdom. When someone is working as a freelancer in any profession, however confident he is of his ability inthe field, he will be better equipped to do his job if he is armed with business professional liability
  2. 2. Freelancing encompasses a wide variety of jobs these days There arevideographers, graphic designers, interior designers, architects,photojournalists, marketers, writes, and photographers working asfreelancers today Inadvertent mistakes can creep up into the work of anyone of these service providers and if the disgruntled client makes a claimagainst them, they will be badly in need of professional indemnityinsurance for defending themselves in the court and paying the client ifhis claim is established Even someone like a social worker, who issupposed to be voluntarily helping others, is risking his neck when he isoffering that help
  3. 3. If a client felt that he was not in need of that help, the social workersrefuge, in order to defend himself, will be business professional liabilityinsurance The premium that a freelancer has to pay for his professionalindemnity insurance is influenced by different factors Since people areinto different types of freelancing jobs, the risk involved in each aredifferent
  4. 4. So the protection required, and accordingly the premium will also varyAnother factor that will influence the cost of individual professionalindemnity insurance is the annual turnover of the company in which thefreelancer is employed The cost of business professional liabilityinsurance will also vary based on whether the freelancer is workingthrough an agency or directly
  5. 5. The cost is bound to be lower for those employed through an agency Incertain industries in which freelancers are very much in demand, someclients may not even sign the contract unless the freelancer hasprofessional indemnity insurance Software development is one of thefields where those who give work can be quite insistent on the freelancerhaving business professional liability insurance
  6. 6. Freelance medical writers are also another vulnerable category wherethose who use their services prefer to have those with professionalindemnity insurance than those without one Authors and article writersmay also ideally have professional indemnity insurance, even thoughthey are not catering to the needs of a specific client Authors proclaim inthe front page of a work of fiction that the book is not based on any reallife character and that everything written there is a figment of imagination
  7. 7. But everybody is not satisfied with these claims and people often go tocourt with charges of libel and defamation against an author Even wherethese charges have no merit at all, the cost of defending himself againstthese charges can be substantial for an author Without businessprofessional liability insurance, he may find it very difficult to cope withthe demands of such a situation
  8. 8. The insurance companies, which give business professional liabilityinsurance, do not always compensate the claimants in the same way Incertain cases the complainant may be paid cash by way of compensationwhile in another case a damaged item may be replaced or repaired Theinsurance company providing the professional indemnity insurance willdecide on the method of settlement based on the merits of each case
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