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  1. 1. I love bread makers! This is the reason whyI'm looking at the Zojirushi BB-HAC10 bread maker. This is a lovely mini bread maker ideal for the smaller family. As it is only my husband, my sister in law and I in the house, the little 1 pound loaf it bakes is just the right size. We can have freshly baked homemade bread every day, without any waste.web site
  2. 2. There is something very satisfying in making your own bread I think it goeshand in hand with the age old concept of bread as "food " If you have enoughbread, you have enough food I know it is not a nutritionally sound concept, butnever the less, I am sure that is how most people feel One thing that is veryimportant when you are looking at a bread maker is the size of the machine
  3. 3. Not all of us are so fortunate to have big kitchens and if the machine is too bigit will only end up stored away in a closet somewhere This little bread makerwill not end up in a closet It is very compact and it will give you no excuse notto have fresh bread on the table every day! Now you may be wondering howdifficult operating the machine is The good news is, it is very easy Eventhough it is programmable with a 13 hour delay timer, it is still easy and even achild will be able to handle it
  4. 4. Fresh bread every day also means more scope to experiment I dorecommend that you keep to the recipes as they are at first until you know yourbread maker a little better Once you are familiar with it, the fun time ofexperimenting comes Use the given recipes as a guide and let yourimagination run wild
  5. 5. Another thing to keep in mind is that if the bread you bake is not completelyto your liking, it is possible to make small changes to your recipes until theyare just perfect You have to keep in mind that flour and yeast are not alwaysthe same and than may influence your bread Do not allow this to put you offEven if the first few loaves you bake are not perfect, you will very soon get thehang of it
  6. 6. When you are changing a recipe, keep in mind how it my influence the otheringredients in your bread For instance, if you add raisins to dough made withyeast, you may web site have to reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe astoo much sugar will make the bread rise too much Other ingredients mayinfluence the amount of liquid you have to add Do not let me scare you withthese precautions
  7. 7. It is only if you feel like experimenting when it becomes important At first,while you are following the given recipes to the letter, you will have an edibleproduct every time It is only when you are ready to start experimenting when itbecomes important So, for fresh bread every day, have a look at the ZojirushiBB-HAC10
  8. 8. web site