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  1. 1. If you decide to attend college, either online or on campus brick-and-mortar traditional, is to change lives.find accredited online colleges.a star tuition agency
  2. 2. You have to take control of your future by deciding to improve your skills,develop your intelligence, and challenge yourself to achieve great successUnfortunately, a large amount of work you do to get into college and then findways to pay for it could put a damper on a new phase of your life But youshould not feel overwhelmed because there are as many resources that canhelp you answer all your questions There are more ways to find funding foryour college education than ever before, but before you take advantage of thisway, its a good idea to build a basic understanding of the financial aid process The most important thing to know about the cost of college is that you do nothave to be a millionaire to go to college, nor do you have wealthy parents tofund your education Although there are many sites that will provide you with
  3. 3. the cost of "average" of higher education in America today, you have toremember that there really is no standard rate
  4. 4. It all depends on the college you decide to attend and how much you arewilling and able to pay Some students choose a college is very expensive,hoping that the schools reputation and the connections they make are notgoing to help them land jobs paying higher when they complete their degreeOthers need more attention to cost now, not because of the potential of futureresults The truth is that you can get a college education is great at any size orcollege costs - it all depends on what you put into your education through yourwork, internships, and networking This is a step in the college should considerto manage the process and gather all the ingredients needed to successfullysecure a college-funding package Gather the Basic Financial InformationGather your personal income tax information for the last year and your parentstax information if they will contribute towards the cost of your education
  5. 5. This information is important because it helps the federal government and thecollege you want to attend to determine what type of financial aid you mayqualify to receive After that, fill out the Free Application for Federal FinancialAid (FAFSA) form This is a free application from the office of Federal StudentAid from the United States Department of Education, which administers federalgrants, low interest student loans guaranteed by the federal government, andwork-study program The FAFSA will be accessed by all the schools you applyto, so a one-stop shop that saves time and prevents you from having to fill outfinancial forms with a more colleges each Every student, no matter what theirfinancial background, have to fill it There are different deadlines based onlocation and year, and because financial aid is often the "first-come basis,first-served basis," if you miss the deadline, you may find yourself withoutenough money to sign up
  6. 6. Think about your potential career after college and how much you can earneach year This will give you a ballpark figure of how much money you can
  7. 7. afford to pay the student loan payments, in addition to the cost of livingChances are that you will need to take a student loan even if you are eligiblefor Pell Grants or other forms of assistance Research Different Types ofFinancial Assistance * Scholarship Most private sources of fundingscholarships offered by the university, alumni who have a particular interest incertain types of academic programs, and private organizations based oncriteria such as ethnicity, location, field of study, level of academic skills, etcFor example, there are scholarships for tall people, one for Short a star tuitionagency student named after the famous actor Billy Barty, scholarships for fansof Star Trek, and even one sponsored by the National Potato Industry
  8. 8. Scholarships are a valuable form of assistance, because they do not have tobe paid back Most colleges offer assistance in finding a scholarship, but youcan also search online at sites like Scholarship com, or ask a local librarian forassistance * Grants Usually awarded based on financial need (which is whyyou should have your tax information is available), the grant should not be paidback The most famous is the Pell Grants awarded grants by the federalgovernment, but there are other grants available
  9. 9. Check out High School Grants Database to find the grants you may qualify foraccording to the field of ethnic studies, gender and other categories * Federalloan The loan is a contract between you and the lending agency, and must bepaid when you leave college, even if you have not completed a degreeFederal loan program guaranteed by the federal government and generallyoffer lower interest rates and longer repayment terms Types of federal loansinclude Perkins Loans Federal Direct Stafford Loans, and PLUS loans that canbe taken by parents One important thing to remember about the feasibility ofthe loan is not restricted to two-and four-year college students
  10. 10. Students in trade and technical schools are also eligible for federal studentloans * Private Education Loans Also known as "alternative loans," is offeredby private financial institutions and is based on your credit standing Theseloans often have higher interest rates than federal loans, and they should onlybe used if you have exhausted all forms of financial assistance Typically,students take a personal loan to cover other costs that can not be paid byother sources of assistance Complete Picture of Your Financial Aid Now thatyou have a big picture of how to start, its time to make the best financialdecisions for your future
  11. 11. Contact the Financial Aid Office at your school elect Speak directly with thefinancial aid officer at the university you have chosen to investigate further,and find out if any of the schools offer special scholarships in differentprograms, the Honors program, or through local associations or alumni Makea cost comparison chart that includes all the information about your schoolcheck, to provide a snapshot of all your data Remember to include the costcomparison chart you are not included in tuition, such as textbooks, labmaterials, travel expenses, room and board if you decide to live on campus, orrent if you plan to live off campus or have moved to a location new to theschool offers a useful list of university fees should be considered in yourcalculations Decide whether you need a personal loan or not
  12. 12. You may need the money more than what is available through financial aid,grants or scholarships This problem is increasingly common for universities tomake budget cuts and tuition increases Students, even those with bad credit,can apply for loans through private banks, credit unions and other financialinstitutions, but sorting through all the information that can be confusing Somelending institutions more virulent than others and impose high interest ratesand offering short-term where you can pay back the loan without incurring apenalty Loan Analyzer is offered which compare loans by APR, pay-backtime, and interest rates, to help you find the best deal for the amount you wantto borrow If you feel determined to take the online college decision, should nothesitate to take a decision soon and get experience for your online educationStart a great adventure that will change your life while improving your future
  13. 13. a star tuition agency