Facebook Is Biting Businesses, But You Can Bite Back


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As Facebook continues its efforts to make money and provide users with the "best" user experience, businesses are getting hit hard. Reach and engagement numbers have taken a beating, and some Facebook page administrators are at a loss about what how to grow their pages (other than pour money into advertising and promoted posts).

It's time to go back to the essentials. Join Eric Highland as he digs into Facebook's algorithm, Edgerank, which determines how many people your Facebook page updates will reach. Discover actionable methods that work for pages with 500 fans, 1,500 fans and 100,000 fans, based on how users behave on Facebook and what they really want to see. There are no short-cuts to growing a Facebook page in the current environment, but Eric will show you that it's possible and it can even be fun.

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  • Large ranking change, designed to reduce spam complaints from users. They used spam reports at an aggregate level to find pages or apps generating a lot of spam reports, and decreased their reach. Added personalized attempts to reduce presence of posts that people are likely to complain about. If you never like, comment on or share a post from a page, Facebook makes that page less likely to show up in your feed. Median reach is 16% as of October.
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  • Facebook Is Biting Businesses, But You Can Bite Back

    1. 1. By Eric HighlandFebruary 20, 2013 @erichighland @knektion @theaustinot #BeAUSOME
    2. 2. 2012 Changes Promoted Reach IPO: Posts: change: May 18th September May 22ndPromoted posts for pages: MayPromoted posts for profiles: October
    3. 3. Reach Change:Providing a Better User Experience September algorithm change was designed to reduce user spam complaints Decreased reach of pages and apps that were generating lots of spam reports Spam controls became more visible to users Increased importance of user engagement with pages (equating engagement with relevance)
    4. 4. Getting Along With theNew & Improved FacebookUnderstand the conflict… Traditional Social Broadcast Engagement Media Media
    5. 5. Let’s Talk EdgeRank
    6. 6. What Else Can Influence Your Reach:Negative Feedback
    7. 7. The Types of Facebook Posts Text Photo Link Video App
    8. 8. Beware: Facebook TreatsPost Types Differently Reach  Text posts – big reach  Photo posts – medium reach  Link posts – smallest reach
    9. 9. Post Types Receive Different Levelsof Engagement from Fans Engagement  Photo posts – big engagement  Text posts – medium engagement  Link posts – smallest engagement
    10. 10. PTAT Facts: People Talking About This 100,684 likes 3,976 talking about this 4% PTAT PTAT: The number of unique people who have created a story about your page
    11. 11. Comparing PTAT: Texas Hill Country  117,745 likes  171,869 talking about this  146% PTAT A story is createdwhen someone likes your page, posts to yourpage, likes, commen ts or shares one of your page posts, answers a question youposted, responds to your tags your page in a photo, checks in at your location, or event, mentions recommends your location. your page,
    12. 12. Comparing PTAT: The Austinot 4,550 likes 6,077 talking about this 134% PTAT
    13. 13. Comparing PTAT:Disabled American Veterans Austin 195 likes 2,676 talking about this 1372% PTAT
    14. 14. Expanding Reach & Engagement:Encourage Photo Uploads Create reasons for fans to upload photos to your page
    15. 15. Expanding Reach & Engagement:Spend Time on Page News Feed Q: How did you find us? A: From you commenting on another page I like Comment as your page Like other’s comments
    16. 16. Expanding Reach & Engagement:Be Intentionally CommunicativeIn real life, you don’t build relationships with a person by being passive and looking on from the sidelines.
    17. 17. Expand Reach & Engagement:Find Big Fish in Your Niche Who can you partner with to expand your reach? Opportunities are endless, especially for online publishers  Look for people and organizations that you can help  Tell people you’re talking about them  Connect with the big fish Don’t be afraid to make an ask through a Facebook message, email or phone call “Train” your online partners to look for your content and share it
    18. 18. Wrapping UpRemember:1. Social Media is social.2. It’s about engaging, not broadcasting.3. Build affinity.4. Understand the reach & engagement of different post types.5. Build relationships.6. Reach out to pages with strong PTAT – look for the big fish in your niche.
    19. 19. Stay in Touch @EricHighland @Knektion Facebook.com/Knektion @theAustinot Facebook.com/theAustinot