CPG Marketing data integration white paper


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Marketing Performance Management: CPG Data Integration whitepaper by Kneebone Inc.

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CPG Marketing data integration white paper

  1. 1. Information Technology Consumer Packaged Goods Kneebone Cross-Marketing Performance TechnologyKneebone 3.0 is a Software Platform built exclusively for marketing that integrates and automates data collection and delivery from allmarketing data sources. Kneebone is purpose-built for marketing performance management. Kneebone offers a suite of Software as aService (SaaS) Applications designed to provide marketers with the capability to analyze, visualize, collaborate and plan resulting inbetter decision making.The Client: This client is a multi-national consumer packaged Challenges: To integrate all relevant marketing information in agoods company with many Brands crossing multiple lines of seamless way to give a single view of sales and marketingbusiness. Kneebone was used to track and model all brands across initiatives.two lines of business. A major need was to also track and model Success: For the first time, the client could track and plancompetitor brands. The project was restricted to a single national marketing campaigns against a live unified view of sales data.division of the company. Marketing Data Sales DataAll Media Events and Spend: All Coupons: AC Nielsen: Weekly SKU- Walmart: Regional and TV/Radio Spots  Coupon Details Level sales data collected by Metropolitan SKU-Level Print Inserts with vendor  Coupon Redemptions Region, Channel, and Brand weekly sales data. To be Outdoor Descriptors for Client and combined with AC Nielsen Online and Social Media Flyer Coop: Competitor products. sales data for a complete Direct Mail  Flyer Details view.  PDF Flyer Images This is the main dataset forAll data is date stamped with the client and will be fully Shipments: All SKU-Leveldistributions and spend. All data is date stamped with base lined for both client and date-stamped shipments from distributions and spend. competitor sales tracking. Client to Stores. ConditionsIndices: All Index conditions Weather: All weather data is Consumer Feedback: All Online: All online conditionsare date-stamped and can be date-stamped and aligned conditions are date-stamped are date-stamped and haveoverlaid with all other data. with Client regional and have a tree descriptor and key web site page descriptors definitions. type hierarchy. and referrers (Google etc,) Stock price  Average Temperature defined. Consumer Price Index  Total Rain Fall  Consumer feedback  Total Snow Fall  Call to consumer TFN  Web Site Activity  Consumer complaints  Web Site Referrals
  2. 2. Media Data: The client provided permission for their Media Walmart: The client passes on their Walmart data to Kneebonevendor to send standardized order Insert reports to Kneebone. for inclusion in the platform. The data is in Excel cross-tab formatKneebone is experienced with all of the standardized media and adheres to the Walmart calendar year definitions. Kneebonereporting systems including DDS, AdTrak, and Fumius. has custom ETL processes to clean and normalize the data into the client’s fiscal year definitions and use the same terminology as allThe reports come in Excel format and include all print and other sales and marketing data in the platform (AC Nielsen etc.).broadcast spot and ad level details with insert dates, distributions,and costs. Coupon Data: A third party vendor manages coupon program for the client. Kneebone receives detailed PDF reports on couponKneebone has developed automated ETL processes for cleaning details and redemptions. Kneebone has custom ETL process to ripand normalizing media data. This is a very important function since data from these reports, clean, and normalize it into the commonmedia data is typically freely entered and contains many variations client platform.and misspellings for the same entity. Flyer Coop Data: The client uses online service that collectsUnlike consultative or statistical modeling approaches to details on all flyers on a national basis for all brands and allmarketing performance management, Kneebone uses granular competitive brands. The data includes all aspects of the flyer date“per event” marketing data. We don’t just capture aggregated and duration, the region and channel, the product, price point, andspending against media classifications; we capture each and every special offers.event to the individual TV spot or print ad. Hence, as an addedbenefit, the client can now use Kneebone as a record of their The data also includes scanned images of individual flyer pages.media purchasing without having to go through the vendor for Kneebone custom ETL processes to download data and assembleevery report. concatenated Flyers. The flyer images are visible within Kneebone and can be downloaded in their assembled state. The flyer data isAC Nielsen: The client provided a license to access their Inf*Act repurposed to become useful within a broader context.OLAP national sales data for all brands. Kneebone pulls the datafrom a multi-processor server based installation and ports the data Shipments: The client provides all SKU-Level date-stampedinto our custom AC Nielsen ETL process where it is cleaned, shipments to Stores. These shipments are modeled for historicalnormalized and combined with all other data resident in behaviour and base lines for them can be used in predictive supplyKneebone. modeling.Now the client can see instantly data that used to take hours to Conditions: All conditional data is date-stamped and provided incompile from desktop reporting applications. Moreover, they can a classification hierarchy enabling it be overlaid with all other data.see it in conjunction with other sales data (Walmart) and all Conditions of note include:marketing events and conditions. And the AC Nielsen data is nowfully base lined with learned history that can be used in forward  Stock price & Consumer Price Indexlooking analytics. This repurposing of existing data is a huge  Average daily temperaturebenefit of the Kneebone platform.  Total daily rain & snow Fall  Consumer feedback calls to call center Online: Kneebone has automated ETL tools to extract data from a variety of Online Analytic system including Google Analytics, Proximity and raw web logs. All online data is date-stamped and has key web site, page, and referrers (Google etc,) defined.  Web site daily site and page activity  Web site daily referrals When a URL is used in a marketing event (print, Online, etc.), activity on the URL can be attached to the event as performance and full base line technology on on tap. 322 King St. W., Suite 400 Tel: 416 599-4001 Toronto, ON Fax: 416 637-9300 Canada M5V 1J2 www.kneebone.com