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Pln for the ceo


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Published in: Education, Career
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Pln for the ceo

  1. 1. PLN for the CEO #PLN Why and How-to for Executives Kneaver Corp
  2. 2. Foster #PLN in your organization  Individuals gained to be always reachable, networked. – Like enterprises gained from globalization – It’s here to stay, better do with it.  Benefits – – – –  more vibrant knowledge accelerated innovation, motivated personals valorised outside knowledge. Your company becomes a place of exchange, lively, attractive, challenging. Copyright 2013 Kneaver Corp
  3. 3. Why   Break Knowledge Silos Motivate Talents – Mastery, Network, Communication   Access outside resources (and Free !) Be a “social learning” place – not just a work  Reputation of a place “open, social” – attract talents Copyright 2013 Kneaver Corp
  4. 4. Definition     A personal network of people at various places to whom we can go to ask, learn, get advice. Now on Social Media, anytime, anywhere. There is so much to know today that a single person can’t cover it all. Networking is a multiplying factor of accessing Knowledge. It must be reciprocal to be sustainable. Copyright 2013 Kneaver Corp
  5. 5. Notes  The network cross organization boundaries. – It belongs to the individual, build from encounters in School, previous work, relatives.    It happens both at work and at home, private realm. It’s voluntary, it can’t be forced, abused. People may have different roles: – knowers, curators, facilitators, questioners. Copyright 2013 Kneaver Corp
  6. 6. It is so new ! No  – Guilds were a place to share ideas back in 1200 – Artisans share Knowledge when they work nearby – Still true when your workers go for a coffee outside – – – – – Books based on practice Communities of Practice (CoP) Conferences Forums Quality circles Copyright 2013 Kneaver Corp
  7. 7. Do      Flag your IP as shareable or protected or use your discernment. Before was don’t share, everything is secret unless specified Allow employees to go out of the building to ask for help, ideas. Accept that sometimes they will also reply. It may happen outside of work Trust. Trust is the base. PLN implies private calls and private emails. Copyright 2013 Kneaver Corp
  8. 8. Risks & Remedies  Some IP may incidentally exposed. – Be prepared to accept it – Flag what is strictly not shareable. – It happens already everyday.  Some talents can be hunted and leave – Already possible on LinkedIn – Recognize and give them attribution to retain them  Time can be lost, distractions – We are in 2013, soon 2014  Copyright 2013 Kneaver Corp
  9. 9. Don’t  Be pushy – “Ask your PLN about ..” : Leave it to the person do decide when and why asking. – “Did you have answers from your PLN, how many?”: Respect privacy, PLN members are voluntary, they react if they will.  Be overlooking – “But this is not for us, you work for others!” Allow some time for others inside your own facility – “May I have a look, it’s interesting” Respect privacy as you wish PLN members do for your own. – Ask who is in one’s network. Be clear who to avoid for your concern. Copyright 2013 Kneaver Corp
  10. 10. Conclusion    Embrace the change. The sooner, the better. Be a first mover. Prepare to thank the PLN. Give credit, extra benefits in autonomy, dedicated time, financial rewards, training budget. Remember to take into account people’s PLN when evaluating their work. Allow time and recognize contributions. – Maintaining a PLN is a continuous, non visible task. It doesn’t come granted. Copyright 2013 Kneaver Corp