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The fourth industrial revolution is knocking at your door


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Remember Arnold from The Terminator? The killer Cyborg? Well, that doesn't seem like a distant future anymore. We are on a brink of an Industrial Revolution. Get ready.

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The fourth industrial revolution is knocking at your door

  1. 1. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is Knocking at your Door
  2. 2. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • The fourth Industrial Revolution will have at its core the concept of a smart factory, where machines are self- configured and optimised to perform highly evolved and complex tasks so as to manufacture better goods at lower costs.
  3. 3. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How will Industry 4.0 benefit manufacturing? • Experts say that Industry 4.0 will benefit companies that have shifted manufacturing onto a digital platform • According to a study on the fourth industrial revolution taken up by PwC, manufacturers are looking at an 18 per cent increase in efficiency and a 14 per cent rise in savings, come 2020. The study involved 235 German firms. • The disruptions that will most likely drive the manufacturing sector’s shift to the digital platform include the skyrocketing of data volumes, connectivity, touch interface, augmented reality or AR, cutting edge robotics and 3D printing
  4. 4. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Manufacturers who use IoT solutions can benefit from speedier decision making – this is because devices are all connected, and data can help individuals to make timely and smart decisions • Industry 4.0, include huge quantities of data available to companies, this will help them evolve new business models and boost revenues. • With Industry 4.0, the consumer will transform into a prosumer as well – production will soon be a consumer’s onus. The gulf between the consumer and producer will shrink like never before.
  5. 5. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Impact on other sectors • Industry 4.0 has the potential to revolutionize not just manufacturing and industrial production, but also bring massive changes in sectors such as biotechnology • Other areas in which Industry 4.0 can make an impact, as per the discussions at the World Economic Forum are healthcare, education, financial solutions and services, and mobile communications.
  6. 6. © Knct Lab | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Likely challenges • One of the biggest challenges is cyber security and the other challenge is that of high-speed connectivity/Internet. • Governments will have to boost connectivity as connected devices will be everywhere. • No matter what the challenges, Industry 4.0 is knocking at your door, and companies need to gear up and welcome the guest warmly!
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