Orlando florida


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buena descripcion de unos de los lugares mas visitados

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Orlando florida

  1. 1.   The city of Orlando is the headquarters of the county of Orange and it is central city of the metropolitan area of the same name, as well as head of the well-known region as Central Florida INTRODUCTION
  2. 2.   is the sixth bigger city of Florida a nd the biggest non coastal city. It is also the head of the third bigger metropolitan area of the state, behind Miami-Fort Lauderdale yTampa-San Petersburgo
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  4. 4.   Orlando has a subtropical climate and the city generally offers pleasant temperatures with an annual stocking that the 22° C is about, especially during the months of December to February when there is also low humidity. Climate
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  6. 6.   it covers a surface of more than 100 kms. squares and it is to the south of the city of Orlando  it includes more than 30 hotel complexes, 4 parks of amusements of enormous dimensions, 8 golf fields and 3 aquatic parks.  The costs are quite high WALT DISNEY WORLD
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  8. 8.   SeaWorld is entirely dedicated to the marine world and it allows the visitors to participate in diverse attractions like for example the shows of whales and dolphins, to pass below enormous sharks and to be beside really incredible animals SEAWORLD
  9. 9.  they also develop interesting political educational for the protection of the environment and the conservation of the marine species
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  12. 12.   it is since there a very important place they carry out the elaboration of movies and other which entertain us and they occupy a great place in our times  universal studios is divided in different sectors: UNIVERSAL STUDIOS
  13. 13.   San Francisco's area offers shows based on the films Earthquake, Shark and Bitelchús; while in Hollywood area, the show is denominated Terminator 3-D.
  14. 14.   On the other hand the New York area, includes shows based on the denominated film the Vengeance of the Mummy and Twister.  while the Expo Center, offers amusements based on Men in Black and Return to the Future.
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  17. 17.   they will be been able to mount to the best Russian mountains known up to now in fringing RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT
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