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Handout (Influencing Others: To Do What They Are Supposed To Do)


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2012 ASTD MS Annual State-wide Symposium

Breakout Session 1 by Wanda J. Freeland, S.M.A.R.T. Performance Solutions.

June 14, 2012. The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park Campus.

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Handout (Influencing Others: To Do What They Are Supposed To Do)

  1. 1. Influencing Others: To do what they are supposed to do! Wanda Freeland, SPHR 228.355.0156**Affiliate of Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness (CMOE) 1
  2. 2. Why people don’t do what they are supposed to do. 1. I don’t know ____ to do. 2. I don’t have ____ to do. 3. I was never ____ not doing it. 4. Not __________/__________6..I ____ do it. for doing it.7. I _____ do it. 5. Don’t have ______/________ to do it. 5% 5% Low 90% HighPerformers Average Performers Performers2
  3. 3. 12Q At the Summit (A feeling like no other!) Sense of achievement; clear focus; being the best you can be everyday! Camp 3 (How can we all grow?) = Want to make things better; source of innovation 12. Over the last year, I had opportunities to learn and grow. 11. In the last six months, I spoke with someone about my progress. Camp 2 (Do I belong here?) = Do my values match company’s and co-workers 10. I have a (best) friend at work. 9. My co-workers are committed to doing quality work. 8. The mission or purpose of my company makes me feel like my work is important. 7. At work, my opinions seem to count. Camp 1 (What do I give?) = Individual perceptions of contribution/Other’s perceptions of contribution 6. At work, there is someone who encourages my development. 5. My supervisor (or another) seems to care about me as a person. 4. In the last seven days, I received recognition or praise for good work. 3. At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day. Base Camp (What do I get?) = Basic Needs 2. I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work. 1. I know what is expected of me at work. 3*Adapted from Gallup Organization’s First Break All the Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman.
  4. 4. Coaching: A Definition An interactive communication processbetween members of the organization (leaders to team members, Peers to Peers, team members to leaders) aimed at exerting a positive influence. Coaching enhances the motivation,performance, awareness, and development of another person. Coaching is an ongoing process for building a partnership for continuous improvement. 5
  5. 5. Veterans Boomers Gen-X Gen YPersonal 1922 - 45 1946 - 64 1965 - 80 1981 - 2000Characteristics Respect for Authority; Optimism; Involvement Skepticism; Fun; Informality Realism; Confidence;Core Values Conformers; Disciplined Extreme Fun; SocialFamily Traditional; Nuclear Disintegrating Latch-key Kids Merged/BlendedEducation A Dream A Birthright A way to get THERE An incredible expenseMedia/Com Rotary phones; One Touch-tone Cell phones; Call Internet; Picture phones; to one; Write a memo phones; call me me anytime email; text messaging anytimeDealing w/Money Put it away; Pay cash Buy now; Pay later Cautious; Conservative; Earn to SPEND! Save, save, saveWorkplaceCharacteristics Hard work; Respect Authority; Workaholics; Work Eliminate the task; self- What’s next/; multitasking; Work ethic/Values Sacrifice; Duty before fun; efficiently; crusading causes; reliance; want tenacity; entrepreneurial; Adhere to rules personal fulfillment; desire structure/direction; skeptical tolerant; goal oriented quality; question authorityWork is An obligation Exciting adventure Difficult challenge; a contract Means to end; FulfillmentLeadership Style Directive; Control Consensual; Collegial Ask why; challenges others TBDCommunication Style Formal; Memo In person Direct; Immediate Email; Voice Mail; TextFeedback/Rewards No news is good news; Money; title recognition Immediate; Personal Meaningful work; now Personal satisfaction freedom bestMessages that Motivate Your experience is You are valued; you are Forget the rules; Do it your You will work with bright, respected needed way creative peopleWork and Family Life Ne’er the twain shall meet No balance; work to life Balance Balance 6
  6. 6. Trust* Linking Reviewing Confronting Mentoring Choosing 5% 90% 5% 7 *CMOE©
  7. 7. Order and Frequency12345678 8
  8. 8. Coaching Continuum Worksheet Termination SuccessCounseling Performance DevelopmentTermination Behavior Performance 5% 45% 45% 5% LOW AVERAGE HIGH 9
  9. 9. Elements of Due ProcessEmployee Employer- Must understand - Be consistent in expectations & actions; follow through consequences w/consequences- Given opportunity - Be appropriate to to respond offense - Have right to change- Allowed reasonable policies at any time time to improve - Ensure “Final Incident” has sufficient documentation *101 Sample Write ups. Paul Falcone 10
  10. 10. Additional Workshops/Resources Workforce Development Solutions Principles of Performance Leadership© – Coaching for Performance/Development© (CMOE) – Coaching for Counseling/Termination – Coaching for Conflict Resolution © – HUDDLE Up! Best Part of a Supervisor’s Day! © – Other workshops upon request Wanda Freeland , SPHR • Certified Senior Professional Human Resource by the Society for Human Resource Customer Service Management – World Class Customer Service ©(Internal) • Certified Hospitality Department Trainer (AHLA) – World Famous Customer Care ©(External) • MBA & Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Pinciples of Performance Management© • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner – Moving inexperienced workers to experienced workers and DISC trained. in 90 days or less; new employee/department • Certified Wilson Learning & CMOE orientation, workflow process mapping, job analysis, etc. • Former ACT WorkKeys® Job Profiler • Experience: hospitality/casino, banking & – Employee Engagement Survey© industrial operations – Custom designed work position training 228.355.0156For more information and additional workshops and workforce development solutions, go to our website 11 (An Affiliate of Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness